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Discover Walks offers the best local guide led, free walking tours Paris has to offer. We do over 100,000 walking tours a year, so we know the formula for putting together a great tour.

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Our selections are based on authenticity, guide quality, value for the price, and overall guest enjoyment. Explore our walking Paris city tours that explore the art, food, landmarks, and more exciting destinations in the City of Light.

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How to choose the right free walking tour in Paris for you

Picking a tour is basically balancing three things time, money and you (or your group).

Planning what you do in Paris is greatly affected by the number of days you have in the city. The average tourist spends only three nights in Paris (hotels are quite expensive, so most people try to keep costs down.) Most overseas visitors spend 4 to 5 nights, giving them a bit more time. Below are some ideas on how to plan to use Discover Walks to make the most of your time.

Paris can be an expensive city, but many of the cities highlights are free (Notre Dame, the view from Montmartre, and the special feeling on Pont des Artes to name three). The five-star restaurant can set you back a week’s pay and more – but a delicious bakery sandwich can be quite reasonable. Discover Walks runs the gambit from the very economical ‘free’ – tip only free walking tours, to our flagship Best Day Ever customized premium tour of Paris.

You and your companions are the most important ingredient. We have guests who spend three days in the Louvre and Orsay and one day with Discover Walks and feel they got the best of Paris. We have others who never go inside a museum, take all seven of our neighborhood tours and feel they really know Paris (and are ready to move here). If it is your first trip to Paris, we have many ways for you to get the most of your visit. And if you have been to Paris several times, we have many more tours to expand and personalize your visit.

One-Day Visit (read this even if you are coming for more days as this gives ideas you may want to spread over more time)

High Budget: We have many guests who come from London just for the day. They arrive at Gare Nord train station at 9:30 in the morning and leave after dinner. Most often they book our Best Day Ever Tour. Our guide meets them at the train station and is with them all day as we sweep through Paris in grand style – if they want, we get them reservations for dinner someplace special (the most popular right now is Restaurant Jules Verne at the top of the Eiffel Tower – great dinner and a view no one forgets.)

Mid/Low Budget: Many other guests with only one day want to get a feel of the city. We recommend first doing a neighborhood tour like our Right Bank Tour. In 90 minutes the Discover Walks guide has them feeling like a Parisian, helps them find a good local bistro for lunch. These guests often stroll past a couple of iconic sites, go inside one they especially want to see Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre, Orsay, Rodin, Picasso museums, and end up having dinner in trendy Marais or one the many places in Montorgueil or in St. Germain. If you really ‘need’ the top of the Eiffel Tower, Orsay, Louvre, Picasso we recommend you buy ‘skip-the-line’ tickets 30 days in advance. We have many of these special tickets as part of our tours and as a service with our private tour guests.

Two or More Day Visit

With two or more full days in Paris, you can start to focus a bit more on the things you like. First time? You can get see all the major landmarks and enjoy a couple of them. Been here before? You get to do more in depth and off-the-beaten-track experiences.

To immediately enjoy Paris, get a feel for the city and become comfortable with it, we suggest doing a Discover Walks tour early on your first day. Your Discover Walks guide will treat you like an invited guest, a friend, who is visiting their city. During your time with them, they will not only tell you about what you are seeing but explain why things are the way they are in Paris. Our most popular tours are Impressionists (which includes museum skip-the-line tickets), our Food Tour, Best Day Ever, and our neighborhood Private Tours. — Our most popular free walking tour paris/tip only tour is Montmartre, but they all get rave reviews – so we suggest you pick one that covers something that interests you – Right Bank (for major landmarks and good orientation), Marais (to see old Paris Mansions, quaint streets and trendy new Paris), Notre Dame (the cathedral and central island of Paris), Left Bank (blend of students, art and bohemian life), St. Germain (the river, old money, art and Hemmingway) and Hidden Gems (the surprising gems in the neighborhood next to the Louvre).

Why Discover Walks is Passionate about Paris Tours

More than two-thirds of the people who take one Discover Walks tour decide to take a second one (and very often a third and fourth). We are thrilled by this as it shows just how much they enjoyed it and they give Discover Walks their top choice for spending their precious time in Paris.

We love Paris. Showing you our city is a real treat, and we will treat you the best we know.