Reunions and celebrations

Celebrating your wedding in Paris, with guests from all over the world to look after?

Treating your best friend to a special event for his Big Three-O?

Getting your Erasmus mates together in Paris?

Looking to show your girlfriends a good time before you say yes at the altar?

We like it when your guests gasp: “waow”. After all we live here, we hold our own celebrations here. We know what can bring out a “waow”.

Just see for yourself. We have hosted Erasmus class reunions. We have renewed vows. We have organized marriage proposals. Walked with hen parties. Held games and devised programs for school mates. Thrown birthday events. And looked after large wedding parties.

For our biggest wedding, the bride was Spanish, the groom was German. They were getting married in Paris. The bride and groom needed a little private time before their after-wedding reception. They had 80 guests from all over the world, that spoke many, many languages. Some knew Paris already, others didn’t. A lot of the guests had never met. We were asked to keep everyone entertained and engaged, and to help break the ice between the guests.

We met everyone at city hall right after the exchange of vows. We brought 8 guides in. We gave each guest the choice of several tour circuits – and guiding languages. Some groups hit the tourist must-sees, for photos of the Paris they were eager to discover. Other groups stepped off-the-tourist-path into hidden gems guests never imagined existed. As it was Summer and warm, we added beverage stops at scenic spots. Eventually we brought everybody back together for the afternoon reception.

What we put together for that fellow’s 30th birthday, we simply will not tell you. Sorry…

Renewal of vows: an older Australian man with a terminal illness was taking his last trip with his spouse of 35+ years. She asked us to help surprise him with a renewal of vows. We advised on the location – he picked Montmartre. We found a notary public with good English to celebrate the event. We brought the flowers and the photographer the bride asked for. And we threw in chilled Champagne – what’s a party without Champagne. Ever since then, the wife sends us a thank you card each and every year.

Corporate party of the year. The founders of a start-up that shall remain nameless asked for our help to celebrate their buy-out by Microsoft. They brought all their staff of 35 from London to Paris for a celebration. We advised, we explored options and budgets, and we then organized the event from end to end.

They did it all: lunch at the Michelin restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower, night-time bike ride, food hunt at Mouffetard. The private jet out of London and the hotel are the two things we did not involve ourselves with.

And so, as you can see, we enjoy turning holidays into celebrations. And you will be happy with the prices we come up with, too.

We have the knowledge and the personalities for your celebration! If you contact us via email at with your request, you’ll hear back from us quickly. You see, we like reunions and celebrations.