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You love your home city, and you’re a native? Become a City Guide!!!


Hiring free-lance guides now for the on-going season! 

You work in the arts / journalism / music / social media. Or you’re transitioning to a new profession. Or you’re a student. It always works, you can apply.


5 top reasons to work as a City Guide

#1 – A hero’s job

You show your home city around to small groups of visiting guests

#2 – Flexible missions

You pick your own schedule
Good side income so you can develop your personal project

#3 – Good money

You’ll make €20 average per hour

#4 – Good for the CV

Grow your confidence, your leadership skills, and your proficiency in English

#5 – A great learning experience

You can start from scratch. Our guiding training program is the most extensive in the trade – and it’s free.

As a certified guide, to learn new tours, and new ways to guide. We do classical educational tours. But for the most part, you will run experiential tours, food walks, alternative tours etc.


Interested? Send us your Resume along with a cover letter to