Group & School Walking Tours

Making your private tour a special moment

At Discover Walks we take pride in re-inventing our private tours every time, so as to cater to the specific interests of each group. We will give your party a personalized welcome.

We are also aware we can be “the face of Paris” and we will make sure to share our love for Paris with our guests.

Basically our ambition is to make your tour a HIGH MOMENT of your stay in Paris.


The price of a private tour is based on duration:

  • For a 90 minutes tour of a neighborhood: from €145
  • For a 3 hours custom tour: from €269.

Because we want our tours to be a moment of dialogue and exchange between guide and guests, we advise capping group size to 20 guests, and to 18 for schools.



We remember fondly our school guests :