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Top 10 Paris Private Tours

There are lots of Private Tours in Paris. We have selected the best Paris private tours for this list.

Why listen to us? -- We give over 100,000 Discover Walks tours every year. We know what makes up a good tour. These are the best private tours in Paris.

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Your best day in Paris private tour

(3 votes)

( 5 /5 / 5 )
available every day
  • Experience the monuments that make Paris so great, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame
  • Enjoy an itinerary planned around your interests by our local experts
  • We deal with all the logistics for you, including complimentary transportation
  • Explore Paris with a born-and-raised local guide
  • See why we are Europe’s #1 company for custom private tours
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paris street art tour

Street art tour

(7 votes)

( 5 /5 / 5 )
from 2.5 hours / €150
  • A guided tour to learn all about Street Art – an onward evolution
  • The best walls of Paris with often artists in action
  • Learn about the most famous Street Art artists and their influences
  • Walk the secret Paris that regular tourists miss
  • Face-to-face with a passionate and fascinating guide expert in Street Art
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Paris in two days premium tour

(3 votes)

( 5 /5 / 5 )
available every day, rain or shine
  • Content and pace are tailored to who you are and what you like to see & do
  • Our guides – over 45 of them; passionate, knowledgeable, personable, professional, and fun, born-and-raised Parisians. We match you with the right guide for you
  • We plan the whole two days with you – with your wish list, and our additional suggestions
  • We stay with you the whole time you need us – a knowledgeable, friendly and caring Parisian for you to lean on
  • We start and end where and when you want. The tour can be spread across more than 2 days
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Photo Workshop in Paris

Photography Workshop In Paris

FROM 2.5 HOURS / €150

Audrey will help you discover some of the Parisians’ favorite sites and landmarks, hidden gems and secret spots.
Depending on the neighborhood or the monument you want to explore, she will design a personal walk including great photography options.
Focus on the architecture, street photography, portraits, or even flowers!

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Caviar and Champagne tour in Paris

Paris Caviar and Champagne Private Tour

2H30 / €125/PERSON
  • The Paris of beauty and luxury – jewelry and watches, perfume and leather goods, high-end hotels
  • Napoleon’s column, the Sun-King’s plaza, Concorde and Champs Elysées
  • Coco Chanel, César Ritz, Napoleon and Louis the Sun-King – the men and women behind it all
  • A private guide, in English, for a 90 minute private tour
  • Generous caviar and champagne private tasting, with a host
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jewish paris tour

Jewish Paris Tour

(2 votes)

( 5 /5 / 5 )
from €150
  • 800 years of history, and some great present-day foods
  • gripping tales and history facts
  • hidden gems you could never find without a guide
  • a private guide, for plenty of face-time but also for what interests you the most. More religion, less religion, more history, or more present-day France, it’s up to you
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Discover walks private tour of Notre Dame

Private Tour – Notre dame

90 MIN / 125€
  • Understand what exactly happened, and how the church roof could go up in smoke in just 90 minutes
  • Obtain the most recent information on the on-going investigation
  • Get guided to the best available vistas on the progress of Notre Dame
  • Receive an insider’s insight into the formidable re-construction project: a spire 96-meter high, a frame of 1,300 oak trees, a roof of 210 metric tons – and just 5 years to complete it all
  • Stand where you can experience the spiritual force of Notre Dame
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Dark side of Paris - our walking tour

Dark Side Tour of Paris

2.5 hours / 165€
  • To look at Paris from a very different angle
  • To bust a few legends and myths, because reality is far creepier and interesting
  • For goosebumps lovers
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Customize your Half Day in Paris

(3 votes)

( 5 /5 / 5 )
  • You do & you see more. Best use of your time
  • The program is perfect for you. Our on-the-ground experts make sure of that
  • You have your guide with you at all times: a warm, caring, educated and enthusiastic local Parisian
  • we start and end where and when you wish
  • up to 3.5 hours of guiding
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