Paris Night Tour

evening stroll from the Louvre to Saint-Germain

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What's in our tour?

Our Paris Night tour shows you the city of light when you ought to see – all lit up after dark. Tourists are gone, and you have the city to yourself.

The goal of this Paris night tour is sheer pleasure. Your guide is a true Parisian, and we aim to show you Paris at its magical best.

Expect surprises and changing atmospheres as we jump from one side of the river Seine to the next.

We meet at Le Louvre’s famed Glass Pyramid, by the horse statue. An unexpected grand vista awaits us, with opportunities for spectacular photos.

We make our way through the courtyards of the Louvre palace. The special illuminations reveal invisible details, and your guide is full of anecdotes.

We arrive at the Seine for yet more views. The D’Orsay Museum, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the islands are all in sight. You and the guide can linger along the banks.

Time comes to cross your way to the French Academy. We pick our favorite bridge to cross over.

Your guide engages you in conversation. What happens after dark, what do Parisians like to do at night, what is the night-life like, what are good places to go?

All of a sudden, an invisible door transports you into yet another atmosphere. Saint-Germain is the district of exclusive architecture and sophisticated night-life.

For a while, you explore a dream-filled section where no tourists go. Then, our finale takes you to Paris’ most popular night-time district: Odeon. When the tour ends, the night is still young…

To see more on this night tour, we do not spend time going inside each building.


  • the great Paris landmarks all illuminated – the Louvre palace, the River Seine, romantic bridges, passerelle des arts, Académie française etc.
  • the fun of the Paris Left Bank at night
  • your guide: a fun, enthusiastic local resident to explore hidden corners of Paris
  • memorable photo ops that will capture the best of your visit to Paris
  • native guide gives you insider’s tips on things to do in Paris at night – bars, restaurants, events etc.
  • small groups, you get a lot of face-time with the guide

Where and when?

Every Tuesday and Saturday at 7pm

Why take this tour?

Our Paris night tours is a fun alternative to yet-another-dinner-and-back-to-the-hotel night.

To treat yourself to Paris at its glittering best.

Good for your last night in Paris. Or your first. Or any night…


This Paris Night Tour is €30/adult (or US$31), discounted to €20 for kids 18 and under. Free for children under 7.

Booking is mandatory. Free cancellation policy up to 24 hours before the tour.

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You can book the Paris Night tour as a private tour from €125, depending on group size and tour duration. Private tours are nice for families and for groups of friends.

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At the Louvre Museum, by the Horse statue next to the glass pyramid

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Every Tuesday and Saturday at 7pm

Metro station

Closest metro station: Palais Royal musée du Louvre (line 1)

Additional information

Group Tour : €30 / US$31
Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Average number of guests 6

Ends near metro Odéon

Look for our distinct pink vests

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