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What's in our tour?

Do you like food – good food? Do you like to get to know a country’s culture through its food ? then the Paris Food Tour might be right for you.

On this extra-small-group tour, you will binge on select French foods. You will meet some colorful locals. You will get to know Paris from the inside, and of course you will eat well.

You will explore Montorgueil and Les Halles, the so-called “belly of Paris” for the past 800 years. Your guide is a food lover with a knack for good stories. S/he is also a local with plenty of insider’s insights to share.

We munch all along the way, and towards the end we sit down for proper eating.

We meet at the entrance of the pedestrian district of Les Halles. Rue Montorgueil, also known as “movie-perfect Paris”, is a historic food market street. It features butchers, bakers, fish stores, cheese mongers, oyster stands, and specialty stores. It is very picturesque, and Saint-Eustache church glitters in the distance.

Our group is extra-small, so your guide inquires about what each guest wants to eat and explore. Your guide also provides anecdotes to illustrate how much food matters to the French.

Our first stop is generally the bakery that “started the baguette revolution” on Sept. 13, 1996. Later we’ll visit another bakery – to compare and contrast the art of baguette-making.

The format of the tour varies depending on the season and on the wishes of each group. But we’ll always sample plenty: cheese of many types, cold cuts, pastry, local fruit, and baguette of course. Your tour also includes a glass of wine or a soft drink.

We enter historical buildings. We run across centuries-old food signs and window shops. We visit award-winning food stores, and we chat with engaging purveyors.

You’ll discuss the role of food in French culture – in matters of politics, business, and romance. At the end of the tour you will know how your favorite specialty is made, and how to pick cheese (and the wine to go with it).

We make several stops to sample the foods we’ve just picked, to discuss them, and to decide what to eat next. Like every proper food lover, we will make room for seasonal local produce.


  • ample samplings of select French foods
  • fun facts about French food and culture
  • small group, 2 hours, all in English
  • face-to-face time with a passionate expert in French food

Where and when?

Our Paris Food Tour runs at 9.30am, rain or shine. It lasts a comfortable 2 hours.

We meet at the cross of rue des petits carreaux and rue Réaumur, under the green arch. Closest metro is Sentier (line 3)

Closed on Dec. 24 & 25 only.

The tour ends near metro Les Halles, in central Paris, close to the Pompidou Center.

Why take this tour?

For samples of your favorite French foods, and of French foods you don’t know yet.

And for the people you’ll meet along the way.

See more of our food tour with this blogger video


Our Paris Food tour is €60/adult (or US$65) discounted to €50 for kids 17 and under.

For an extra €15, you can include a ticket to the French Wine Experience, all inclusive with a glass of wine. The Wine Experience is a self-guided discovery of Wine Making. It runs in “Caves du Louvre”, a cellar of the 1600’s open 7 days a week.

Other information

This Paris Food Tour is wheelchair accessible

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We meet at the cross of rue des petits carreaux and rue Réaumur, under the green arch. Closest metro is Sentier (line 3)


At 9.30am every Thursdays and Saturdays

Metro station

Closest metro station: Sentier (line 3)

Additional information

Average time 2 hours
Average number of guests 9

We require a minimum booking of 2 people on this tour

The Paris Food tour ends near metro Les Halles, in central Paris, close to the Pompidou Center

Our food includes :
tour guide
all food and drink samplings: full-course menu and drinks

Tour does not include :
gratuities for the guide (optional)
foods or drinks guest chooses to buy separately

Look for our distinct pink vests

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