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The 10 Best Private Tours in Paris - Discover Walks Paris

We are Europe’s #1 for private and custom walking tours. We know what makes a good guided tour. Here is our selection of the best private tours in Paris.

Some tours bring you to the must-see landmarks - the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, Le Louvre and Versailles. Other tours introduce you to hidden gems of Paris. That is the beauty of a private tour. It takes you straight to what you want to see and do. You skip lines. You save time. And the tour focuses on you and on your interests. Here comes our selection.

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Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Left Bank, Right Bank. Plus secret places and hidden gems – Paris has more to offer than you can ever have time for!

A private tour helps you select what to see and what to skip. How to schedule your day. How to save time and get around the lines.
You also want two different programs if this is your first time to Paris, or you visit every year.
A private tour helps you sort out all of this.

So what makes for a good private tour in Paris?

A good private guide is a personality, likable and attentive. With inside knowledge of the city. With a communicative passion for her/his home city. A top guide is also a local well connected to the city.
A good private tour in the city of lights matches you with the guide that’s right for you. It runs at the pace that you like. It takes you to the places you will enjoy. It starts and it ends at spots that are convenient for you. And it takes care of the logistics for you.

What does a private tour cost in Paris?

A private tour for Paris starts at €150. A private guide should cost less than one night in your hotel, less than dinner for 3. Some people will argue that you will get way more out of a private tour than out of yet another dinner!
Customized tours in Paris tend to cost more when they require special knowledge or complex planning, or you ask for privileged access. Request your private tour in advance if you can help it.
All the private tours we present here put no mark-up on the museum and attractions tickets that they buy for you.
We are proud of the selection we present here. Let us know your thoughts!

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