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What's in our tour?

You’ve heard wonders about Le Marais, but you wonder how you can do the area justice and explore it in-depth?

You care about Jewish history. You are curious how Jews lived through World War II and the German occupation. You doubt what it’s like to live as a Jew in Paris today.

Our Jewish Paris Tour is a tale of survival and inspiration, of persecution and liberation. German occupation and the Holocaust. The Dreyfus Affair. The French Revolution. Napoleon.

We tour Jewish Le Marais, a colorful and vibrant area where past and present talk at every corner. You will run into innovative fashion, food and elegance. As well as against old stones, heritage, and time-honored traditions.

Your tour starts outside Notre Dame, where the Church conducted persecutions against Jews. Yet the sculptures on the Cathedral also feature… a Jewish wedding! You find out why.

You walk past Hôtel de Ville and the venue of the trial of the Talmud in the 1200’s. Your first major stop is the Shoah Memorial. honoring 72,000 Jews who died in the hands of the Germans during World War II.

We walk picturesque medieval streets Jews have occupied for some 800 years. You observe shops, street names, yeshivas and synagogues. all testify to a deep-rooted Jewish culture.

Your host recalls the points – high and low – of Jewish life in France. The history includes “Jewish emancipation”, mass anti-semitism, the Dreyfus affair. But also the many successes of many Jewish families in fields from business to art and politics. And the rise of support for a national Jewish homeland.

You also discover Paris: hidden gardens, old landmarks, appetizing foods, and local gossip.

Your guide also debunks pre-conceived ideas. Do you know that 400,000 Jews live in France today? Do you know all the things Jewish you can explore in Paris?

Our tour ends on place des Vosges. Paris’ most elegant architectural ensemble is also a landmark of Jewish Paris.


  • 800 years of history, and some great present-day foods
  • gripping tales and history facts
  • hidden gems you could never find without a guide
  • a private guide, for plenty of face-time but also for what interests you the most. More religion, less religion, more history, or more present-day France, it’s up to you

Where and when?

Jewish Paris is a private tour. It runs at the time of your choice, every day, rain or shine.

We meet outside Notre Dame Cathedral, by the huge horse statue. Closest metro stop is Cité (line 4).

Closed on Dec. 24 & 25 only.

This private walking tour ends near Metro stops “Les Halles” and “Hôtel de Ville”, in central Paris.

Why take this tour?

To explore, to learn, to free yourself of wrong ideas. And to have a great family in one of Paris’ most inspiring districts.


Jewish Paris is a private tour. We offer 2 options:
90 minutes for €150. and 3 hours for €240.

Other information

This Paris Jewish Tour is wheelchair accessible

jewish paris tour


We meet outside Notre Dame Cathedral, by the horse statue.


Private tour available every day, at the time of your choice

Metro station

Closest metro station: Cité (line 4)

Additional information

Your choice of 2 durations: 90 minutes or 3 hours.

This tour ends in the district of Marais, near metro Saint-Paul.
Look for our distinct pink vest.

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