Catacombs of Paris

Skip-the-line Small Group Guided Tour

2 hours / from €79

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What's in our tour?

Explore the Paris Catacombs and the bones of the 6 million Parisians resting underground.
Thanks to your guide, skip the long lines. Access the entire Catacombs.

Find out why in a city known for its cemeteries, these skulls and bones are piled up underground by the millions.

And learn how Paris has handled the dead over 2,000 years.


  • Reconnoitre the Paris catacombs from end to end
  • With our guide, get full access to all the exhibits, including Gilbert’s grave, the crypt, and the water reservoir.
  • Find out when and why Napoleon moved the dead of Paris underground.
  • Skip the long lines

Where and when?

For preservation’s sake, access to the Paris catacombs is now highly restricted. Catacombs are one of the hardest places to access in Paris.

Explore Paris’ underground ossuary – a riveting landmark.

You go down a spiral stairwell and into a cool, dark and silent world. The skulls and bones of 6+ million people are neatly stored, man-high, against the walls. You run into occasional artefacts, and into the lone remains of visitors who got lost there.

With your guide, you access all the rooms and all the artefacts.

Your guide also provides the context. Why the name catacombs for this ossuary? What were these galeries initially made for? How are these galeries so intimately connected to some of Paris’ greatest landmarks over ground? What problem were the Catacombs the solution to?

Why take this tour?

The Catacombs are situated 130 steps below ground (with another 83 steps up to exit).
Inside temperature is a constant 14°C or 57°F, please dress warmly.

Catacombs are situated underground, through tunnels and small rooms. Not advised for young children, or for people with conditions (heart, nerve or respiratory conditions), or for people subject to claustrophobia.


from €79

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Other information

Access is highly restricted, please present yourself 15 minutes before start. Catacombs do not grant late access or refund in case of late arrival.
No cloakroom and no restroom


1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris


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Metro station

Metro Station: Denfert Rochereau, line 6 or 4 or RER B

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