Paris with kids


Every day. Rain or shine. At the time of your choice

Travel plans can change, we apply a FREE CANCELLATION policy. Consult our T&C.

What's in our tour?

This private tour is designed to show you Paris’ great must-sees in ways that engage every member of the family. Every kid and every grown-up.

This tour starts at your hotel.

Your first stop is at Panthéon – the highlight of the Left Bank, and the tallest building of Paris. Until a certain Eiffel tower came along…

From Panthéon, we explore the Latin Quarter, Sorbonne university – maybe your kids will study in Paris some day?! and the Cluny Museum – home to the Unicorn.

You see Notre Dame, you hear about the Great Fire of 2018, or about the Liberation of Paris from the Nazis. Your route takes you by Sainte chapelle, and by the prison of Queen Marie-Antoinette before she fell to the guillotine.

You spend time crossing Paris’ famed bridges, and walking the UNESCO heritage parapets of the River Seine. Paris’ most romantic bridge is also a great photo opp for the whole family, with the Eiffel tower and the Louvre in the background.

The finale of Paris with Kids takes you to the Louvre. Hear what happened to Napoleon right where you are standing, or find out how the Mona Lisa was stolen.

After the tour, your guide (by now your kids’ Paris friend) can direct you to the Eiffel tower for an ultimate stop. If you want to use the Fun Boat, ask your guide!

This tour includes “play stops”. A trampoline that’s good for young kids, or special photo spots for Insta fans, the haunts of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc.

So we can see more, this walking tour does not spend time going inside each building.

Paris with kids - The Best Things to Do

  • Top Paris highlights: Panthéon, Sorbonne, Louvre, the River Seine, Notre Dame
  • A route and commentaries tailored to the age and interests of each child present. With fun stops suited for the kids
  • A guide who enjoys, and has been further trained in, engaging kids and teens
  • A guided tour that everyone in the family will enjoy – for once

Where and when?

Private tour, every day, rain or shine, at the time of your choice. 3.5 hours

At guest’s request, guide can meet at your hotel in central Paris, or downtown outside Panthéon.

Why take this tour?

So everyone in the family has a good time enjoying Paris.

HOT DAY SPECIAL: We walk in the shade as much as possible and every tour makes frequent stops for water.


This is our premium, family-friendly private walking tour of Paris.

Price starts at €412. Booking is required.

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3.5 hours of private guiding, with a guide with expertise and training in hosting families with children

Tailoring of the tour according to the age and interests of each participating child

Many Paris must-see landmarks: Panthéon, Sorbonne, River Seine, Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle and Louvre

Public transport (this tour does not include a car)

Other information

Guide meets you at your hotel or in downtown Paris, as you wish. Look for our distinct pink vests

Rain or shine. Travel plans can change, we apply a FREE CANCELLATION policy. Consult our T&C.

Visit Paris with your kids


Our “Paris with kids” private tour begins at your hotel in central Paris, or at the Pantheon in the heart of the Latin quarter, as you wish. Look for the guide in a pink vest.


Every day, run or shine, at the time of your choice

Metro station

Your hotel

Additional information

All tours are in English. We walk rain or shine.

Paris with Kids ends at le Louvre. Closest metro is Louvre-Palais-Royal. Guide can also easily advise how to go to the Eiffel tower.

Look for our distinct pink vests

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