Top 10 Recommended Hotels in Montmartre


Make sure to read our article Top 10 Things To Do in Montmartre before you start walking around Montmartre. This article covers you the best places to visit and gives you some great advice to make the most of your Paris trip.

You’ve arrived in the heart & soul of Paris, the whimsical district of Montmartre — and now you need somewhere to stay!

In comparison to other neighborhoods in Paris, Montmartre is relatively small. One can walk most of this magical village in under a day, seeing most of the sights and landmarks along the way.

In accordance to its size, Montmartre is not overly saturated with hotels and hostels. Rather, there are just a handful of well run and usually family owned establishments amongst a lot of apartment blocks; many of these operate as Airbnbs.

Again unlike Paris, Montmartre is not run by luxury hotels either. The hotels in this area operate in the two, three and occasionally four star region, with a five star once in a blue moon.

If I were to recommend anyone a hotel in Montmartre it would be one of these.

1. Hotel Regyn’s Montmartre in Montmartre

18 Place des Abbesses

The Hotel Regyn is the most ideal hotel in Montmartre for individuals traveling with a lot of luggage, or children, as it is situated right next to the Abbesses metro stop. You’ll be able to both get to the hotel and travel back to the airport without walking very far for transport.

Hotel Regyn’s Montmartre – by Hotel Regyn’s Montmartre – Sourced from their website

I always say the Hotel Regyn lives on the absolute borderline between vintage and kitsch. It’s the perfect balance of French tradition meets grandma’s flat. Then again, I am partial to interesting wallpaper, those who are not may find this hotel to have drifted onto the kitsch end a long time ago.

The top floor has a beautiful panoramic view over Montmartre. As far as reasonably priced hotels in Montmartre go, and in Paris for that matter, this one is up there with the best.

Did I mention the I Love You Wall is practically your back yard? J’aime ça!

Average cost per night: €100

2. Hotel Particulier in Montmartre

76 Rue des Tournelles

Remember I mentioned that once in a blue moon, 5 star hotel? This would be it.

The Hotel Particulier is an exquisite establishment tucked away in the suburban cul-de-sac  of the Montmartre hill, one block from the Montmartre Museum. The old 19th century  townhouse was turned into a hotel only recently; one can barely notice it from behind the overgrown trees in the summer.

To put it simply: when celebrities come to Montmartre they stay at the Hotel Particulier.

Hotel Particulier in Montmartre – by Hotel Particulier in Montmartre – Uploaded by them

The interior of the hotel is designed to give the feel of an exclusive gentlemen’s club from back in the day, with undeniably femme elements in the mix to even out the playing field. The effect is one of class, elegance and timeless design. This extends from the communal areas right through to the rooms.

The hotel bar is another talking point of the Hotel Particulier. People come from all over Paris to enjoy a cocktail in this retro 1920s speakeasy style bar. Also a wonderful, private place to meet with a Tinder date that you may not be so sure about yet.

Average cost per night: €300

3. Terrass Hotel in Montmartre

12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre

I believe the number one question heard on free guided walking tours through Paris is “where can we watch the sunset from here?”.

The Terrass Hotel in Montmartre would be the place. As the name suggests, the hotel is famous for its expansive terrace area at the top of the building. Guests and visitors can make use of the floor for the purpose of relaxing with a book, enjoying a sundowner or simply waiting for the sun to set over the village.

Terrass Hotel in Montmartre – by Terrass Hotel in Montmartre – Uploaded by them

The terrace view extends through to the Eiffel Tower, so by night guests are able to view the hourly light show that takes place.

Rooms are modern and functional. There is breakfast served each morning however you are also within walking distance from some great Montmartre cafes should you want to head out for brunch instead.

Average cost per night: €170

4. Hotel Josephine in Montmartre

67 Rue Blanche

Hotel Josephine sits on the foot of Montmartre hill near the cabaret strip of this iconic neighborhood. In the true cabaret spirit, Hotel Josephine have incorporated old black and white imagery from Montmartre’s heyday on the walls throughout their hotel.

The rooms and communal areas appear to be stuck in the 20s and 30s, but not in a bad way! Staying here is a bit of a timewarp as to what life may have been like during the years when the Pigalle strip ruled the Bohemian movement.

Hotel Josephine in Montmartre – by Hotel Josephine in Montmartre – Uploaded by them

Guests are invited to a light breakfast each morning. Being at the foot of the hill you’re also in prime position to join a walking tour up to the Sacre Coeur. They usually leave from the strip, close to where the Little Train of Montmartre is .

The cabaret era was a glorious time in Paris. To be able to revel in it every evening when you return to your hotel isn’t something often experienced in the city — and with the Moulin Rouge a few meters away it’s even more prominent.

Average cost per night: €120

5. Montmartre Residence in Montmartre

1 Rue Durantin

Also a stones throw from the Abbesses metro station, the Montmartre Residence is a charming little 4 star hotel.

There is nothing about the interior of this hotel other than a few sketched picture frames that suggests one is in the heart of Paris; and for some people that is preferable. Being able to escape the chaos of the city each evening to a space that is both simple and neutral.

Perhaps hotel is not quite the right word for this establishment. In addition to individual rooms, the hotel offers two and three bedroom apartments for rent as well; equipped with kitchens and study spaces.

Montmartre Residence – by Montmartre Residence – Uploaded by them

For families traveling with children, the Montmartre Residence would be the best form of accommodation after an Airbnb apartment.

All rooms and apartments have full access to the communal spaces. There are also various spa treatments that can be ordered to your room such as massages and hair dressing.

Again, being so close to the Abbesses station gives travelers an easy way in and out of the city each day should they choose to venture out into greater Paris.

Average cost per night: €250

6. Le Relais Montmartre in Montmartre

6 Rue Constance

Le Relais Montmartre is classed as a 3 star hotel, however I find the amenities and service here on par with most of the four start hotels in the neighborhood.

The hotel is tucked in a quiet side street just east of the Montmartre Cemetery. The building itself is as old as the village in which it lives; some of the rooms in the le Relais are built into the old attics.

Rustic French countryside is how most describe the interior at the le Relais. Another Montmartre hotel that is finding the absolute tipping point between beautiful and kitsch. 

Le Relais Montmartre – by Le Relais Montmartre – Uploaded by them

The Relais Montmartre courtyard is really where all the fuss should be. The courtyard is outdoors yet features an open fireplace. In the cooler months this is a beautiful spot to gather around as you drink tea and eat croissants with fellow guests of the hotel.

In the summer, enjoy the sun out here while escaping the bustling Montmartre streets outside of the hotel walls. The hotel is one road above the Café des Deux Moulins; the diner cafe in which the French film Amelie was filmed.

Average cost per night: €150

7. Hotel du Beaumont in Montmartre

3 Rue Lepic

At the foot of Montmartre hill there is an old building that was once one of the most opulent brothels in the suburb. This was back then Pigalle was Paris’ red light district. The building has since been revamped into an equally as opulent, five star hotel — one of the most luxurious in Paris. It is called Maison Souquet.

Further up the hill, we find the Hotel du Beaumont. It is comparable to the “poor mans Maison Souquet”. Bold, rich furnishings; wine colored drapes all over the place; old stone walling; gold print carpeting across the floors.

Hotel du Beaumont in Montmartre – by Hotel du Beaumont – Uploaded by them

It’s the opulent, brothel hotel on a budget. It’s a tiny building that actually shares a wall with the Moulin Rouge. There are only 19 rooms available in the establishment and breakfast is served daily.

From the Hotel Beaumont you are in prime location to either head south into the rest of Paris or being exploring Montmartre from the ground up. The latter can be done in just a few hours by foot, leaving ample time for the rest of the attractions that sit on the main strip at the hill’s edge.

The Hotel du Beaumont is a laid back, no frills (just kidding, many frills) solution to affordable accommodation in Montmartre.

Average cost per night: €120

8. Timhotel in Montmartre

11 Rue Ravignan

There are a bunch of Timhotels situated around the city of Paris. The best one is right here in Montmartre, tucked in a small cobblestone square called Place Emile Goudeau.

Timhotel Montmartre gets you right in the centre of the action in Montmartre without costing you your life savings. The rooms are simply and modern furnished; some of the balconies boast views of the towers of the Sacre Coeur peeping over the village.

Timhotel in Montmartre – by Timhotel – Uploaded by them

There is breakfast daily at the Timhotel however it is situated on the same road as one of the best cafes in Montmartre, la Bossue. Head west and you’ll find it. They do a Sunday brunch buffet that you’ll have to book in advance for but it is well worth it!

From there Studio 28 is right across the road for whatever age old film they are showing that day! As I said, Timhotel gets you right into the thick of Montmartre living.

Average cost per night: €120

9. Résidence Blanche in Montmartre

I recommend the Residence Balance to any travelers who are on a budget and also don’t want to have to walk very far to get to public amenities. The hotel is situated right on the Blanche metro station; you’re out of Montmartre just as fast as you’re into it.

This hotel is a bit of an ode to the Moulin Rouge back in its prime. There are images of the cabaret through the ages all throughout the public spaces in the hotel, it feels somewhat like a museum for the famous landmark at times.

Résidence Blanche – by Résidence Blanche – Sourced from their website

The Moulin Rouge is nearby, so making a night out while in Montmartre is as easy as simply walking outside. There is no breakfast served at the Residence Blanche but there are ample cafes and restaurants in the surrounding streets.

Average cost per night: €100

10. Déclic Hôtel in Montmartre

17 Rue Duhesme

The Declic Hotel is probably the most unusual hotel in all of Montmartre — there are hotels built into brothels here, so that is saying a lot.

The owners of the hotel are obsessed with photography. In addition to large print works throughout the space, the hotel also specializes in arranging photographic shoots for guests while they are staying here.

Déclic Hôtel – by Déclic Hôtel – Uploaded by them

To make things even more on brand, there are 18 standard rooms and 9 bigger suites. Each of the suites is equipped with its own photographic studio space with cameras, photo booths and paparazzi lenses. These are all connected to tablet devices on which guests can play around with the works they create.

Its trés strange but a lot of fun I imagine. If you’d like a photographer to come to your room they will organize this as well, complete with props, costumes and makeup. Welcome to Montmartre.

Average cost per night: €120