Top 5 Fromagers in Montmartre


Make sure to read our article Top 10 Things To Do in Montmartre before you start walking around Montmartre. This article covers you the best places to visit and gives you some great advice to make the most of your Paris trip.

Cheese and Paris go together like an old French love story; add some wine to the mixed and you’ve got a love-triangle that few of us would object to buying into.

Montmartre is a walking district. It is the suburb built into the hillside that is best explore by foot due to the natural incline and winding roads. While walking these streets you’ll be blown away by the abundance of cafes, bakeries and fromageries en route to the summit.

Like many things in Montmartre, the craft of cheesemaking is seen as an art. It is taken very seriously in these parts as it is around the rest of France and as a result, Montmartre has some of the best fromagers in all of Paris.

Whether you’re looking for fine cheeses to take home from your travels as edible souvenirs, or simply on the hunt for something to enjoy for lunch today, these top five fromagers in Montmartre aim to please.

1. Fromagerie Lepic in Montmartre

20 rue Lepic

You simply cannot imagine the variety of cheese available in the compact little shop. The Fromagerie Lepic is one of the most loved fromagers for the local people who call Montmartre home; a visit here actually guarantees you’ll eat cheese exactly as the French do.

No one in Fromagerie Lepic speaks English, but the elaborate display makes communicating with the clerks quite easy; simply point and taste as you go along.

Fromagerie Lepic – by Fromagerie Lepic – Uploaded by them

The Fromagerie Lepic is the closest fromager to the I Love You Wall . This is a popular attraction in these parts and next to the wall there are picnic spaces and bench seating where one can enjoy a baguette & cheese lunch in the Parisian sun.

Don’t visit without at least tasting their sheep’s milk cheese that they bring in fresh weekly.

2. Chez Virginie in Montmartre

54 Rue Damrémont

Chez Virginie is one of the oldest fromagers in the Montmartre area. It has been part of this neighborhood since 1900, and under ownership of Virginie since she inherited the business from her father.

Virginie is a cheese master. She even managed the cheese caves that are built underneath the fromagerie where most of the store’s produce is made on site.

Chez Virginie – by Chez Virginie – Uploaded by them

Virginie is usually in store and happy to interact with and educate visitors on the different cheeses and techniques used to create each one. The environment is always light yet professional; you are offered a true cheese journey from the minute you walk into the fromagerie.

While here, take time to consider the long history that this store holds in the district of Montmartre and how important it has been to the people of this town for so many years.

3. Butte Fromagère in Montmartre

32 Rue des Abbesses

I love stopping by Butte Fromagère en rout to or from a free guided walking tour through Montmartre! The store is conveniently located on the main Abbesses street, right by the Abbesses metro stop.

Once inside, you’ll be treated by the staff to the most generous sample portions of each of the cheeses compared to any other fromagerie in Paris. The fromagers here simply want each customer to taste and enjoy all of the cheeses, regardless of if they end up purchasing each one or not.

Butte Fromagère – by Butte Fromagère – Uploaded by them

There is usually always someone in store who can communicate in both English and French, so no one is left out of the educational side of each cheese.

What a lot of customers at Butte Fromagère like to do is walk by Au Levain d’Antan after making their cheese purchase. This is a Montmartre bakery just a few doors down that sell delicious baguettes to pair with your cheese.

From here you have an abundance of landmarks within close proximity in which you can enjoy your feast including: the steps of the Sacre Coeur, the Place du Tertre or the Montmartre Cemetery.

4. La Claque Fromage in Montmartre

49 Avenue Trudaine

If you are visiting Paris from somewhere where cheese isn’t a very celebrated cuisine, then the variety of cheeses in the Paris fromageries will likely overwhelm you at first.

For people who wouldn’t know their brie from livarot, I suggest you pay the fromagers at Le Claque-Fromage in Montmartre a visit first.

La Claque Fromage tasting platter – by La Claque Fromage – Uploaded by them

Instead of having to blindly choose your cheese, you can take advantage of their tasting platter that they offer for just €30. You’ll receive generous tasting portions of 14 different types of authentic French cheeses as well as a basket of French bread & topping options such as cranberries and walnuts.

It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Parisian cheese culture and quickly separate those that you like from those that you don’t. If you choose to take any home with you, Le Claque-Fromage will wrap and seal each one to be suitable for traveling.

5. Fromages et Ramage in Montmartre

22 Rue Ramey

The fromagers at Fromages et Ramage are one of the few in Paris who will expertly pair wines to your cheeses for you right there in store. Customers are encouraged to make use of the in-store and street seating to dine in with their purchases.

Should you desire to take your cheese home/ travel with it, the fromagers here will also wrap them properly to make for easy handling. You can also purchase a variety of French wines from them as well.

Fromages et Ramage – by Fromages et Ramage – Uploaded by them

The staff are fun and quirky, always looking to connect with customers and give them the best wine and cheese pairing possible.

Note: the trading hours at Fromages et Ramage are different every day of the week. There are also days where they close for a few hours in the afternoon before reopening later on. Be sure to check their website before you show up unannounced to avoid disappointment.