Our Recommended 5 Star Hotels in Paris


When traveling amongst the European royals its often nice to enjoy your stay as close to royalty as possible. Hotels around Paris know this, and many have capitalized on delivering the royal treatment when it comes to tourism and where to stay.

Generally, hotel quality in Paris is zone specific. The nature of the district you are in will largely determine how many stars the average hotel in that area has.

For example, the further away from the city centre you get the less fancy the accommodation becomes. Areas such as Menilmontant and Oberkampf offer great yet affordable places to stay for people coming into the city.

Paris Hotel Skyline – by Paul Dufour – Unsplash

The Champs-Élysées, however, is considered prime real estate when it comes to old Paree, and accommodation here will set you back a fair amount.

If you want to live like the royals for a few days, then best you do it properly. There are more 5 star hotels in Paris to choose from than there are blades of grass in the Tuileries Gardens.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, the point being luxury living isn’t hard to find once you arrive in the city of lights. Here are our top recommendations for 5 star hotels for your trip to Paris.

1. Hotel Le Royal Monceau in Paris

37 Avenue Hoche

The Arc de Triomphe proudly stands on Place Charles de Gaulle. A short walk away is the parc Monceau. Between these two attractions is a 5 star hotel fit for a queen; the name itself contains the word royal.

Hotel le Royal Monceau is a beautiful hotel featuring 149 room and suite options. They begin at general units and work their way up in elegance ending with the famous Presidential Suite.

Hotel Le Royal Monceau – by Hotel Le Royal Monceau – Sourced from their website

This area of Paris is well known for being a prime spot in terms of Haussmann architecture, commissioned by Napoleon III many years ago. The hotel is an example of this, and within walking distance is another Haussmann classic; the Jacquemart-André Mansion.

It doesn’t get more French elegant than this. While the hotel will set you back a couple of hundred the amenities and experience are all worth it. There is even a library and movie theatre on the premises!

2. Hotel Juliana Paris in Paris

10-12 Rue Cognacq Jay

The 7th arrondissement actually has a lot to see, though it is so often left out of conversation when it comes to the districts of Paris. Home to the iconic Invalides property, the 7th is more culturally driven than a lot of the adjacent neighborhoods.

Right on the left bank of the Seine, Hotel Juliana take’s its place as a wonderful 5 star hotel in Paris. It’s understated and well placed on one of the quieter avenues in the 7th. You feel isolated and private, in spite of being just a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars.

Hotel Juliana – by Hotel Juliana – Sourced from their website

Hotel Juliana is not as glitzy as some of the other 5 star hotels around the city. The interior is simple and classic, you feel more at home and less aware of being a guest in an establishment — if that makes sense.

The breakfast buffet at Hotel Juliana is reason enough to book this hotel alone. Fresh croissants and pastries first thing in the morning, as you sip on a pot of tea overlooking the Paris skyline. Quite exceptional!

Perhaps the best part about Hotel Juliana is being so close to the Seine and being able to walk the banks during sunset, without ever being too far from home.

3. Maison Souquet in Paris

10 Rue de Bruxelles

This is one of the favorite hotels in all of Paris. Located right in the heart of Pigalle, Maison Souquet is a poetic example of Parisian up cycling at its finest.

The building used to be the location of one of the most bustling brothels in all of France back in the day. After the risqué elements of bohemian era quieted down, many buildings in Paris became completely vacant.

Maison Souquet – by Maison Souquet – Sourced from their website

The building that now houses the Maison Souquet hotel, was one of them. The hotel is within walking distance from the legendary Moulin Rouge, anther prime spot in the heyday of Pigalle’s tumultuous past.

The once brothel was converted into a hotel like you’ve never seen it before. In attempt to keep to the Belle-Époque ambiance the interior is dark and moody. Wood is used throughout and the furniture is ornate, to say the least.

Maison Souquet is not a large hotel, and staying here feels very personal. You are also within walking distance to some of Paris’ hottest nightlife. The Pigalle strip contains everything from bars to restaurants, cabaret to peep shows — you’ll probably spend less time in your hotel room than you intended.

4. Shangri-La in Paris

10 Avenue d’Iéna

A name in hotels that you’re probably quite familiar with; the Shangri-La of Paris can be found in the very heart in the 16th arrondissement.

For everyone who values skylines and views, this is the 5 star hotel that delivers. It is often described as a “royal beauty” and staying here is comfortable since the space only caters to 54 rooms.

Shangri-La is on the Right Bank, almost on the bank of the Seine. In its immediate surroundings it is circled by museums and points of cultural interest. You’ll see many a free guided walking tour go by.

Shangri-La Paris – by Shangri-La Paris – Sourced from their website

The terrace bar of the hotel is what brings in the most visitors. The deck has one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower in the whole city. On Bastille Day, the city of Paris hosts the only fireworks display on the grounds of the Tower. Shangri-La is the best seat in the house for this event.

There are also two Michelin star’d restaurants within the hotel itself.

5. Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris

25 Avenue Montaigne

The Plaza Athénée hotel was originally built in 1909 and renovated quite recently in 2014. It is the epitome of French luxury.

Within walking distance from the Champs-Elysées, its not unlikely that if you’ve been to Paris before you’ve stopped to marvel at the exterior of this building. The green and red fauna & flora that cover most of the exterior makes it recognizable to most passers by.

Hotel Plaza Athénée – by Hotel Plaza Athénée – Sourced from their website

It is an architectural wonder, boasting 200 rooms and a plethora of amenities within its walls.

The centre courtyard of the Plaza Athénée is what draws in the visitors from all over the world. If you’ve ever browsed Parisian forums it is likely you’ve seen it photographed before. The courtyard is overgrown from floor to sky with greenery, in between the foliage bright red shade canopies peek out; the contrast of the green and red is quite something.

The Plaza Athénée is also home to the impressive Dior Spa that you can make use of during your stay. Despite being such a large hotel, the staff are careful to care for each individual guest as best they can.

6. Hotel Alfred Sommier in Paris

20 Rue de l’Arcade

This is a relatively new addition to the Parisian 5 star hotel scene. The Alfred Sommier Hotel opened its doors not long ago in 2018.

It can be found in the Madeleine district of the 8th arrondissement. It’s not far from the famous Galeries Lafayette Haussmann which is shoppers paradise.

The hotel is an old mansion, and is French elegance delux. Because the space was once a home, there is a gorgeous private garden attached to the hotel that guests are encouraged to make full use of.

Hotel Alfred Sommier – by Hotel Alfred Sommier – Sourced from their website

There is also a bar in the garden that serve wonderful sundowners and snacks to all guests.

If you enjoy pastimes such as shopping or wandering museums then this hotel is perfectly located. The neighborhood is busting with both of these elements and all within walking distance from one another, saving on the need for transport .

7. Le Bristol in Paris

112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Le Bristol has been a part of Parisian landmark history since its founding in 1925. A few years ago it made waves on the big screen, being where Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris was filmed.

Politicians and the Paris elite have been known to frolic amongst the walls of Le Bristol. This is likely due to the hotel being so nearby the Élysée Palace where the President and First Lady live.

Le Bristol – by Le Bristol – Sourced from their website

The inside of Le Bristol is like a dream. Clean, white and gold finishes, polished marble, eccentric yet classic chandeliers —  c’est manifique!

A stay at Le Bristol will set you back a couple of thousand. It is one of the finest 5 star hotels in all of Paris.

8. Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme in Paris

5 Rue de la Paix

The building in which the Park Hyatt exists was one of the first palaces in the city of Paris. It is now an impressive 5 stat hotel, not far from the Louvre Museum and Tuileries Gardens.

This is about as central to the main Parisian tourist attractions that a hotel can get. It is far enough from the crowded ones to maintain a sense of originality, yet close enough to everything for walking the city to be a perfectly viable option.

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme – by Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme – Sourced from their website

The Park Hyatt is classic and understated when it comes to design. The interior has a mature, 20s vibe to it with wooden finished and beige walling.

There are three restaurants within the hotel vicinity. Pur is one of them, and offers guests the chance to enjoy fine French dining during their stay. The private spa of the Park Hyatt is also worthy of a visit.

9. Hôtel Ritz in Paris

15 Place Vendôme

Quite literally one minute from the Park Hyatt, the Ritz Hotel of Paris also calls the 1st arrondissement home.

The Ritz hotel chain is one that is known and trusted around the world. Their name holds the epitome of 5 star luxury when it comes to worldwide accommodation.

Spa at Hôtel Ritz – by Hôtel Ritz – Sourced from their website

The Ritz Paris is no different. They are perhaps best known for their state of the art spa facilities, to which both tourists and locals book to attend year round. You can get some great deals here as a couple so if you’re not going to be staying at the actual hotel it’s still worth looking into for a session.

The dining terrace of the Ritz is like a scene from a fairytale. It is shaped like a greenhouse and made entirely out of glass. You’ll be able to dine in here year round, immune to whatever weather is occurring outdoors.

10. Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris

31 Avenue George V

Another one of the first ever French palaces, George V is today home to the Four Seasons Hotel of Paris over in the 8th arrondissement, not far from the Arc de Triomphe.

It is a grand hotel, with the ability to fill up to 244 rooms for full capacity. In spite of its size, the hotel remains notable peaceful on one of the quietest streets in this arrondissement.

Le Cinq is the hotel restaurant and holds two Michelin stars behind its name.

The room decor was done with attention to detail. The finishes are clean, captivating and, well, French.

Just a five minute walk from the Champs-Elysées, the Four Seasons George V is another well located hotel in Paris managing to avoid the crowded tourist streets without becoming un-central.

Four Seasons Hotel George V – by Four Seasons Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

No doubt choosing a hotel in Paris can be overwhelming, even more so when your options are all of a 5 star nature. Take our advice and always use your preference in area to narrow down your search.

If you like museums, stick to the 1st arrondissement. If you enjoy unique shopping and street life; the 4th is where you belong. If luxury is your vibe then the 8th arrondissement will capture your heart.

5 star living awaits you in Paris!

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