Top 5 Bed and Breakfasts in Paris


Years ago, when traveling first became an accessible form of recreation for people around the world, two things were certain: wherever you went, you needed a bed… and you needed breakfast.

The era of the original “bed & breakfast” is on its way out. We are currently in the reign of the Airbnb generation; which offers a slightly different living experience to the accommodation of the past.

Hotel Particulier Montmartre – by Hotel Particulier Montmartre – Sourced from their website

There are still, however, a lot of people who enjoy the comforts that a traditional bed and breakfast offers while traveling. While accommodation in Paris is largely hotel or Airbnb based, there are still a few notable B&B’s around the city who welcome guests on the daily.

Usually bed and breakfasts are smaller establishments when compared to the bigger hotel chains. They offer a more intimate living experience and more of the comforts of home that can get lost in mainstream hotels.

Here are five of the best bed and breakfasts on offer today in Paris:

1. My Open Paris in Paris

35 Rue de Lyon

A five minute walk from Paris’ Gare de Lyon, this beautiful bed and breakfast is located inside of a preserved 200 year old building.

The B&B prides itself on being a bit of an “oasis in the heart of Paris” and I must agree. The paved courtyard is overgrown with plant life and features a variety of places to sit — making it the perfect getaway when you need a break from the city.

My Open Paris – by My Open Paris – Sourced from their website

The space is comprised of studios and apartments that are separate from one another and fully self catering. Each morning, guests are invited into the communal dining area to enjoy a spread of traditional French breakfast.

This bed and breakfast is located a short walk from the Bastille district of Paris. A historic part of town with beautiful monuments, plazas and points of interest .

2. My Home For You Luxury B&B in Paris

10 Boulevard Poissonnière

A gem in the 9th arrondissement, My Home For You is a wonderful little B&B located inside of a building that dates back to 1875.

The B&B takes place inside of a renovated apartment space where each of the rooms are divided into separate accommodation. The interior has an antique, French flair and is so charming it makes your heart ache just looking at it.

My Home For You – by My Home For You – Sourced from their website

Each suite is designed individually to reflect a unique atmosphere and theme. Each one also has its own en suite bathroom and additional facilities. The owners of the B&B live on site as well.

Each morning a gorgeous, light breakfast of traditional French pastries, cheese and fruits is served in the dining area for guests to enjoy. After that, however, you’re on your own when it comes to food for the day — meals can’t be prepared inside the apartment but there is always access to coffee and tea making facilities.

3. Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris

Pavillon D, 23 Avenue Junot

This next B&B has been my personal solace whenever I’ve felt the need to disappear from Paris for just a few hours. The Hotel Particulier is a unique space situated in an old townhouse, hidden on a suburban farm road in Montmartre.

The house is easy to miss thanks to the tress that tower over the driveway. The greenery extends through the grounds and behind the house guests enjoy the hotels gardens that provide a sanctuary from the chaotic city on the outside.

Hotel Particulier Montmartre – by Hotel Particulier Montmartre – Sourced from their website

Each room in the hotel was decorated by a different contemporary artists commissioned to do the work. Breakfast is served to all guests each morning and ranges from French cuisine to regular continental breakfast foods.

A short walk up the suburban pathway and you’re suddenly in the heart of the Montmartre and Pigalle neighborhoods. An electric part of Paris with so much to see, a free guided walking tour would be the best way to cover both of these areas in good time!

4. La Chambre Parisienne in Paris

8 Rue du Delta

In attempt to create a safe B&B space for the LGBTQIA+ community, a French/German couple named Bernd & Grégory transformed their Haussmann style apartment into an inclusive living space. Together they welcome guests to Paris, and invite them into their home.

La Chambre Parisienne – by La Chambre Parisienne – Sourced from their website

The guest room overlooks a beautiful garden courtyard. This B&B is located at the foot of Montmartre hill and a stones throw from all of the attractions that Montmartre and Pigalle have to offer.

Each morning, you’ll enjoy a full breakfast experience with the couple before heading out to start your day on the town.

5. La Villa Paris in Paris

33 Rue de la Fontaine À Mulard

La Villa is the ideal B&B for anyone who enjoys staying out of the city center when traveling. Located in the south of Paris in the 13th arrondissement, La Villa houses guests in an old mansion from the 1920s.

Despite being out of the central districts, the 13th is home to many bars and restaurants and has an enticing nightlife that is vitally free of intense tourism characteristics. Here, you’ll dine, drink and mingle as the locals do.

La Villa Paris – by La Villa Paris – Sourced from their website

Every morning at La Villa guests are treated to a delicious breakfast spread that can be enjoyed in the dining area or the terrace.

If Airbnb is yet to draw your interest, and mainstream hotel living is really not your thing, then the B&Bs of Paris have got you covered. Enjoy the comforts of home even when your actual home is many, many miles away. Welcome to Paris!

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