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By Ian

Barcelona Embraces Burger Mania in Gastronomic Extravaganza

If you thought you were just going to go to Barcelona and leave hungry, think again! This Catalan capital has some delightful news for you. Barcelona is a true food haven, boasting numerous restaurants and dining spots scattered throughout the city, ensuring you’ll never go unsatisfied. Well, that culinary abundance is set to reach new heights as Barcelona currently hosts The Champions Burger, […]

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By Ian

Michelin Keys Opens Doors To Barcelona’s Hotel Scene 

Barcelona is not only renowned for its appealing architecture, ranging from numerous Gothic-style buildings to architectural masterpieces, but it is also celebrated for its culinary prowess.  This aspect has not gone unnoticed, as the MICHELIN Guide has recognized over 15 hotels in the city and awarded them the coveted MICHELIN Keys. The MICHELIN Key concept is a novel distinction introduced by […]

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