Best Lesbian Bars in Lisbon


*Originally published by Natalie on March 2022 and Updated by Vanessa R on May 2023

Lisbon has a place for everyone, no matter where your interests lie or how one chooses to identify. The LGBTQ+ scene is ever-expanding, and there are different places throughout the city where communities gather. 

Here are the top lesbian bars in the city center, all packed with beautiful people and a ton of fun!

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The Best Gay Bars in Lisbon

Finalmente Club in Lisbon

Finalmente is the oldest gay venue in all of Lisbon. Founded way back in 1976, this spot is open seven days a week, with the very generous operating hours of 6am to 6pm — twelve hours of magic, at your service. 

Finalmente is a hub for freedom of expression and nightly drag performances; it unites the LGBTQ+ community in this way. It is a space in which queer rights are fought for, and activism takes center stage (most of the time). 

Finalmente Club in Lisbon – by Finalmente Club – Uploaded by them

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The drag shows only start at 3am every evening (morning), so if you’re looking for a place to enjoy loud music, flowing drinks and excessive socializing, come anytime from opening!

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO SUNDAY – 6pm to 6am
ADDRESS: R. da Palmeira 38, 1200-313 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Restauradores

Bar 106 in Lisbon

No matter your orientation or interest, Bar 106 is open to you. This bar has never taken on one distinct niche, so it tends to attract individuals from all walks of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The staff are well trained in making sure that everyone that walks through the doors is safe and looked after. Any predatory acts are taken very seriously, and law enforcement will be brought in when necessary. This is a space for people to explore radical freedom of expression, if they so desire. 

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I love that the drinks here are affordable, there is a different event on every night, and sometimes there is even live music to which to dance the night away. 

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO SUNDAY – 7:30pm to 2am
ADDRESS: R. de São Marçal 106, 1200-422 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Restauradores

Friends Bairro Alto in Lisbon

Bairro Alto wouldn’t be complete without a great place for the queer community to gather. For some reason, Friends Bar has naturally become this space. 

This is a low-key bar and the inside is actually much smaller than you might imagine. This doesn’t stop the energy from being the highest of most bars in Bairro Alto. The irony is that so many people are drawn here by the energy alone, even if a gay bar isn’t what they were necessarily seeking. 

Friends Bairro Alto in Lisbon – by Friends Bairro Alto – Uploaded by them

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The staff know how to make a vibe; the music that they play and drinks that they mix leave little room for sorrows to creep in. This is the opposite of a bar where people come to drown their sorrows! 

Friends is open every day of the week, but I personally love it here on a Thursday evening. 

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO SUNDAY – 6pm to 2am
ADDRESS: Travessa da Água da Flor 17, 1200-339 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Rossio-Lisboa

Posh Club Lisbon in Lisbon

This spot just west of Bairro Alto gets a myriad of mixed reviews, and I think this has a lot to do with what night you decide to visit on. Posh Club could well be one of the best gay clubs in all of Portugal, but you need to keep an eye on their social media so you know what’s potting. 

Posh Club Lisbon in Lisbon – by Posh Club Lisbon – Uploaded by them

What I mean by this is that there are some events held here that tend to attract a much younger LGBTQ+ crowd, and then there are those intended for the more mature queer. The younger nights can be underwhelming if you’re in the upper age bracket, though it is always wonderful to see the youth expressing their truest selves. 

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One thing to note about this bar is that it is not appropriate for people who hate cigarette smoke. It becomes a bit of a hotbox soon after opening, and there is very little ventilation on offer. 

OPENING HOURS: Friday & Saturday – 11pm to 6am
ADDRESS: R. de São Bento 157, 1200-821 Lisboa, Portugal

Shelter Bar

According to the owners, who include Max Trovarelli, who is still running the old business and selling prints online between mixing cocktails, the former old print shop is now a cosy pub where you can “meet your friends for drinks and make new ones.” In the centre of gay-friendly Prncipe Real, Shelter is a lively, laid-back place where you can unwind with a special drink or craft beer after work. Wine and Italian bar foods are available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

OPENING HOURS: monday-sunday -6pm to 2am
ADDRESS:R. da Palmeira 43 A, 1200-312 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Cais do Sodré

Finalmente Club

You’ll enter Finalmente through a small door and find yourself among a crowd of enthusiastic people who are there to watch drag shows—and nothing else. With special nights devoted to promoting Lisbon’s burgeoning drag talents, Finalmente has been enticing the LGBTQ scene with lip-sync performances since 1976.

It has been described as an exciting place with unexpected exciting experiences, the show usually starts pretty late so if you’re there to watch the show then go when you’re well rested. 

OPENING HOURS: monday-sunday -11:30pm to 6am
ADDRESS:R. da Palmeira 38, 1200-313 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Restauradores station


The oldest (and by far the biggest) gay club in Lisbon has been operating since 1981, bringing with it many great nights and tales to share. Two dance floors and a resident DJ are features of the club in Prncipe Real.

Many of Portugal’s top drag performers, including Lexa Black, Marge Mellow, Sylvia Koonz, and Rebecca Bunny, perform there as well. Its obvious that you need to visit Trumps!

OPENING HOURS: monday-sunday -11:45pm to 6am
ADDRESS:R. da Imprensa Nacional 104B, 1250-127 Lisboa, Portugal
TRAIN STATION: Rato station