Top 5 Tips When Choosing the Best Airbnb in Montmartre


Despite the 18th arrondissement being considerably “out of the city center” of Paris, it is still one of the more south after neighborhoods for accommodation when visiting the city.

Montmartre’s rich history and artistic flair makes it an appealing place to settle into for both short and long term stays in the French capital. It’s location sees cost of living slightly lower than more central parts of the city, and everything worth seeing is either within close walking or public transport distance .

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The rise in popularity of Airbnb options around Paris can make it overwhelming to choose the right one for your stay. I’ve seen my fair share of Montmartre Airbnb’s, enough to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the matter.

To keep it simple, there are a few things one should keep in mind when booking a place in Montmartre. Location is important; but so is accessibility, convenience, hospitality and privacy. If you value any of these things — read on! This is how to choose the best Airbnb in Montmartre…

1. Take Montmartre Hill Into Consideration

When a suburb is built on and around a giant hill, this needs to be kept in consideration. Hillside neighborhoods usually boast glorious views of the city below, but aren’t always the most suitable infrastructure for travelers with physical disabilities or mobility restrictions.

If you are traveling with small children, elderly individuals or someone with a physical injury then navigating your way up and down the hill just to get home everyday can prove problematic.

Rolling streets of Montmartre – by Riggwelter – Wikimedia Commons

When looking to book your Airbnb, be sure to request the exact location of the property before making the booking request. This will allow you to see the precise street address of the home so that you can assess it in relation to the hill and how much incline walking will be required at minimum.

Some of the Montmartre Airbnb properties are located significantly higher than those situated closer to Pigalle and the lower regions. The Airbnb platform won’t specify this until you request to see so — helpful hints to save you carrying a three year old up a cobblestone mountain.

2. Locate the Nearest Metro Stations

Another important point when looking to book an Airbnb in Montmartre is to take note of the nearest metro station to the property in question.

Because of the steep incline of Montmartre hill, the metro stations are limited and most Airbnb’s will require a walking period once you get off the train. Naturally, you’ll want to be as close to a metro station as possible to gain easy access to the rest of the city.

Abbesses Metro in Montmartre – by Vlad Shtelts – Wikimedia Commons

If an Airbnb host has not specified the closest metro, simply send them a message and ask for more information.

The Pigalle and Anvers stops would be the most idea metro stations near the bottom of the hill. As you move up, Abbesses is the station with the highest access point.

If your Airbnb is not near any of these then you’ll need to make use of the bus system once you arrive in Montmartre, which is fine but will also add additional travel time to your schedule each day. The busses run all over the hillside and throughout the inclining streets.

3. Be Clear on Your Budget

You can find some pretty snazzy places to stay in the Montmartre area. Many of the old 18th century buildings are still standing in this district, and the apartments within them have been newly renovated to incorporate more modern living.

In my experience of Airbnb in Montmartre I’ve found that the price of rental seems to have little effect on the quality of the home. Even the more affordable places in Montmartre are kept up to a very impressive standard of living and cleanliness; which makes spending copious amounts of money on accommodation here quite pointless.

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Montmartre seems to have Airbnb options to suit every budget. Unlike areas such as the Champs-Élysées or Trocadéro, midrange to cheap Airbnbs are available and easy to find.

4. Beware of Busy Tourist Attractions

Try keep in mind that Montmartre is home to many famous tourist attractions iconic to the city of Paris. Amongst the rolling streets you’ll find the historic Scare Coeur Basilica, the Montmartre Cemetery, the famous I Love You Wall and cafes that have made Hollywood film debuts such as Café des Deux Moulins and La Maison Rose.

All of these attractions bring in thousands upon thousands of visitors every day. As you can imagine, this creates a lot of foot traffic through the nearby streets of the landmarks. Montmartre is one of the most popular neighborhoods for free guided walking tours in Paris.

Airbnb in Montmartre – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website

Hoards of people coming through here everyday makes the nearby Airbnb properties susceptible to noise and less privacy. Be sure to look at your home’s proximity to the major attractions and whether or not you think your peace and quiet will be compromised.

Two or three blocks between each attraction and your Airbnb should be sufficient space to ensure you can still enjoy a quiet cup of tea on the balcony after a full day of excursions.

5. Always Read the Reviews

As with booking the best of anything, always, always read the reviews attached to the property profile that you are looking at.

Find the best Airbnb in Montmartre will be much easier if you have the past experiences of people to compare with one another. These are generally the best indications of exactly what you can expect from both a property and a host.

Airbnb in Montmartre – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website

If there are any issues of cleanliness, security concerns or general poor hospitality then you’ll be made aware of them through reviews before you make the mistake of booking this particular home in Montmartre.

Airbnb in Montmartre is a competitive industry at the moment with all homes trying to compete for the best rating possible. It is unlikely you’ll find anything with notable issues, but taking all of the above points into consideration will still do well to help you find the best one!

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