Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Paris


If you’ve ever had a free roaming night on the town in Paris it’s likely at some point in the evening you wandered on into one of the many boutique hotels that the city has to offer, and the hotel bars that come with them.

Boutique living has been a sought after trend across Paris ever since Napoleon III commissioned Haussmann to take over the aesthetic of Paris in 1853. While the exteriors of the buildings began to change and grow, the people realized they could do the same on the insides too.

Many of the renovations made during this time are still seen throughout the city today. The 1st, 4th and 6th arrondissements are prime examples of districts that hold that “Parisian flair” we all know and love.

Saint James – by Saint James – Sourced from their website

The changes to the Parisian infrastructure during this time put the city on the map for tourism. People from all over the world wanted to visit Paris — and when they did they needed places to stay.

Boutique hotels offered the people an alternate, creative means to accommodation. Instead of being just another guest in a packed hotel building, your stay was now more isolated and your space carefully curated, usually to a central theme.

Paris is home to some of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the world; and not all of them will break the bank. They range all the way from 3 star vicinities right through to luxury accommodation. Here are 10 of the best:

1. Hôtel Regina Louvre in Paris

2 Place des Pyramides

In 1900, during many of the changes to the central city, the Hotel Regina was purchased by a wealthy French family who built the hotel into the old Royal Stables of the Louvre. The hotel is owned by the same family to this day.

Hotel Regina is located just a few steps from the Louvre museum. It is in the heart of Paris’ museum and fashion district and the interior of the hotel matches this. Being of 5 star quality, boutique living doesn’t get much better than this.

Hôtel Regina Louvre – by Hôtel Regina Louvre – Sourced from their website

All of the furniture inside the Hotel Regina are period pieces. It is a truly transportive space that manages to maintain a calm, restful space even at its 98 room capacity.

Your stay includes access to the daily buffet breakfast which incorporates both continental and traditional French dining. There is also a beautiful terrace where dining is offered in the summer or on suitable days.

2. Relais Christine in Paris

3 Rue Christine

Another 5 star gem in the heart of the Saint-Germain des Prés district, Relais Christine is built into an old 13the century private residency.

This is a small hotel, and each of the rooms is tastefully decorated with a classic touch.

Because this space was once a private home, the hotel is able to offer access to their beautiful garden and terrace space. It is not common for hotels in Paris to have garden access so this is a welcome advantage.

Relais Christine – by Relais Christine – Sourced from their website

There is also an impressive fitness center on site which makes the Relais Christine a sought after lace to stay for fitness fiends. 

In terms of location, Relais Christine is central to almost everything in Paris. You’ll be within walking distance to Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay, The Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens.

The hotel also offers the option of a convertible car rental should the need arise. This is at additional cost to guests.

3. Hotel Daniel in Paris

Hôtel Westminster

Built into one of the actual Haussmann architectural premises of the 1900s, the Hotel Daniel is one of the most well known boutique hotels in the world.

The space is beautiful and has an apartment-like feel to each of the suites. While the exterior could not be more typically Parisian, the interior of the hotel and the rooms is Asian inspired. This is on account of the Lebanese owners having spent a lot of time traveling through Asia.

Hotel Daniel – by Hotel Daniel – Sourced from their website

The rooms are striking yet charming. If you’re a fan of old wallpaper you’ll be blown away by what they have done throughout the space; think orchids and flowers galore!

The 8th arrondissement is considered higher-end in the greater scheme of Paris. From Hotel Daniel you are just a short walk from the historic Champs-Élysées and all of the luxury shopping you can imagine.

4. Maison Souquet in Paris

10 Rue de Bruxelles

In a very different part of town we come to one of my favorite boutique hotel concepts in all of Paris. Pigalle is an interesting place to be once to realize the magnitude and the history that hides behind the still-standing walls of the buildings.

Maison Souquet is a boutique hotel built into the old property of one of the earliest brothels in Paris. The designers of the space have managed to hold on to the plush, opulent nature that the brothel once embodied.

Maison Souquet – by Maison Souquet – Sourced from their website

The suites are meticulously tiled, draped in velvet, strategically moodily lit and filled with old artworks. Each room is different to the next, with its own ornate furniture and period pieces.

The whole experience of staying at Maison Souquet is transportive to a time when sex and sleaze ruled Paris — but in a good way!

If you aren’t able to actually stay at this hotel, make time to at least enjoy a drink in the hotel parlor when you find yourself with some time to spare in Pigalle.

5. Saint James in Paris

5 Place du Chancelier Adenauer

Like something out of My Fair Lady, the Saint James hotel in the Chaillot neighborhood to the west of the city is an incredible solution to boutique living.

The Saint James is said to be the closest experience that the public can get to living inside an actual historic chateau. The building itself is an old chateau featuring a garden and driveway to match. Inside, plush dining areas, rolling staircases and even a full fledged library.

The rooms in the Saint James range from classically ornate all the way through to outrageously kitsch (but still classy, somehow); leopard print wallpaper paired with red velvet bed covers has never looked so good!

The hotel is well located and near to all avenues of access to the city center, without being central to the chaos. Directly behind the hotel is a large park area with walking routes and grass areas on which to laze.

6. Hotel Des Grands Boulevards in Paris

17 Boulevard Poissonnière

Taking things down in budget, let’s explore a boutique hotel that won’t be so harsh on your pocket. The Hôtel des Grands Boulevards is an affordable space that doesn’t compromise of quality or elegance.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette and Versailles, each room features a four-poster bed and ornate draping to set the scene. Most of the furniture is reworked and made from notable aged wood.

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards – by Hotel Des Grands Boulevards – Sourced from their website

The building itself dates back to the French Revolution. There is even a secret garden on the property that only guests can gain access to.

The staff at the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards have been receivers of much acclaim over the years. The hospitality and service once inside the space is compatible to many of the 5 star hotels in the city.

The street on which the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards sits is lined with theaters and interesting museums; just a minutes walk from the hotel you’ll come to the Grevin Wax Museum of Paris.

7. Le Narcisse Blanc in Paris

19 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg

If you’ve yet to walk the Pont Alexandre III from the Right Bank through to the left, you’ll have to do so soon! Undoubtably one of the most beautiful bridge walks one can do in the city of Paris.

Coincidentally this walk will also leave you on the doorstep of another gorgeous little boutique hotel on the Left Bank called Le Narcisse Blanc.

This hotel shies away from the typical period themed spaces we’ve come to expect from these vicinities in Paris. Instead, Le Narcisse Blanc takes a fresh spin on interior design and keeps things very simple; cream and pink simple.

Le Narcisse Blanc – by Le Narcisse Blanc – Sourced from their website

The entire interior of the hotel revolves around a tasteful palette of light pink, cream and gold. It is modern without being overtly so. All of the furniture is functional yet aesthetically very pleasing, making the hotel a warm and inviting environment.

Walk the bridge to this hotel and then keep going. As you get further south you’ll come to some of the most prevalent historic parts of Paris such as the Invalides district. If you’re not confident in your ability to explore these sites alone, consider a free guided walking tour to take you through the space!

8.  Hôtel Square Louvois in Paris

12 Rue de Louvois

The Hotel Square Louvois is a gem of the 2nd arrondissement. Before living in Paris, this is exactly what the Parisian hotels that lined the streets looked like in my daydreams.

The hotel is only just outside of the 1st arrondissement, so you are still within walking distance of the Louvre, Tuileries and other attractions of this tourist hub.

The space is clean, calm and welcoming. Most of the interior and communal spaces of the hotel are entirely monochromatic.

Hôtel Square Louvois – by Hôtel Square Louvois – Sourced from their website

The hotel gains much of its popularity in the fact that it features a full indoor swimming pool for guests to make use of year round. It is not common for boutique hotels to feature swimming facilities; again why this premises is somewhat of a gem.

Guests are well taken care of at the Hotel Square Louvois. Every morning a full breakfast buffet is served and every afternoon between 4pm and 6pm a sweet treat of pastries and teas and chocolates is on offer.

9. Hotel Design Secret de Paris in Paris

2 Rue de Parme

The Hotel Design Secret is located between Opera and Montmartre, just a short walk south of the beautiful Montmartre cemetery.

All of the rooms and suites are entirely soundproof. They are also each individually decorated to the theme of a notable Persian landmark somewhere in the city. The Moulin Rouge inspired room is my personal favorite, even the shape of the windows were crafted to make one feel as thought they are sleeping inside the windmill itself.

Hotel Design Secret de Paris – by Hotel Design Secret de Paris – Sourced from their website

The hotel features state of the art sauna, hammam and fitness facilities. Each morning breakfast is served for all guests and by night guests are invited to enjoy a homemade cocktail in the hotels signature bar area.

The Hotel Design Secret is a favorite amongst travelers to Paris. The rooms are perfectly on theme without crossing that line where themed decor becomes childish and forced.

10. Hôtel du Petit Moulin in Paris

29 Rue de Poitou

Our 10th and final boutique hotel in this roundup is the spot that competes with Maison Souquet as my personal number one boutique hotel in all of Paris.

The Hôtel du Petit Moulin is located in the 3rd arrondissement just a block away from the Picasso Museum of Paris. The hotel was built into two old 17th century buildings and happens to be the first hotel ever designed by Christian Lacroix.

The building was once an old bakery, so space is limited and the hotel only offers 17 rooms to the public.

Hôtel du Petit Moulin – by Hôtel du Petit Moulin – Sourced from their website

Each one is meticulously decorated in elegant yet somewhat quirky French interiors. The furniture is 60s inspired and of baroque nature. It is a beautiful space and worth spending even one night in if you can.

In terms of location, this is where I would recommend all first timers to Paris base themselves from the start. Le Marais is a vibrant town with easy connection to all the major sites and landmarks.

Boutique living has never looked so good, right? Throughout Paris these hotel gems fill the gaps in old outdated buildings, keeping the historical infrastructure of the city alive for years to come. Book now!

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