How to find English speaking movies in Paris


Do you want to know how to find English speaking movies in Paris? You’ve been in Paris for too long, our terrible French accent annoys you and you really want to offer your ears a sweet and delicate English or American accent for 2 hours? Well, Paris might offer you a break from the French language! You’re very lucky we love your accents!

Where can I watch English-speaking movies in Paris?


How to find English speaking movies in Paris

In order to find English speaking movies in Paris, you have to know that we have a lot of cinemas that broadcast English-speaking movies in Paris, because Parisians actually like to read subtitles! For us, it’s one of the best ways to learn how to speak English!

Every English movie with subtitles will be labeled as “VOSTFR“, meaning “original version with French subtitles”. So, if the movie is an English movie it will be in English. If it is a Spanish movie, it will be in Spanish! Most of the time those movies are during the evening because children are not able to read subtitles, and also because most of the time they go to the cinema during the day. You can also find “VOSTFR” movies in independent cinemas, such as Studio 28 located in the Montmartre neighborhood, but also Le Champo in the Latin Quarter.


Going to independent cinemas is actually the best! For instance, Studio 28 opened its doors in 1928 and has been broadcasting the greatest cinema classics since then! If you’re a cinema lover, you absolutely need to go see a movie in an independent cinema in Paris! Movies are always in their original version and they are much more cozy and romantic compared to the big cinemas like MK2, Gaumont Pathé or UGC. Independent cinemas will provide the most charming and incredible cinema experience!

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Check the closest cinemas


There are plenty of cinemas in Paris! You will surely find one close to you! To know where to find the nearest “VOSTFR” movies, I really recommend you the website or the mobile app Allociné, it will show you the cinemas around you and you will be able to see if the movies are labeled “VOSTFR“, meaning “original version with French subtitles”. With this website, you can also pick a movie and see where it is being aired.


The website and the mobile app are pretty simple but they are in French. So, I will give you a few tips so you can use them:

To properly find the closest cinemas that are broadcasting English-speaking movies through the website, you need to type the “arrondissement” (ex:75001) you’re currently in. Then, you will have a list of the cinemas around you. You need to click on the cinema you want to go to and the website will give you the list of the movies that are being aired at the moment and their time schedule. You will be able to see if the movies are English-speaking or not!

For the app version of Allociné, click on “à proximité” and then it actually works the same way. Pay attention to one thing, sometimes the movie is simply labeled “VO“, instead of “VOSTFR” but that is exactly the same thing!

You now know how to find English speaking movies in Paris. We all know French is a great language and it is one of the most sensual languages in the world! But if you want to go to the cinema during your stay in Paris, it’s better if you understand what the movie characters are actually saying! Going to the movies is very typical of Parisian lifestyle! Parisians love everything about arts and culture

. To watch a movie classic in an Parisian cinema is one of the best things to do while in Paris! So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about how to find English-speaking movies in Paris and that it has been useful! See you soon in Paris!

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