Our Recommended 4 Star Hotels in Paris


If you travel often you’ll know that very often in world class cities, the jump between four and five star accommodation isn’t a very noticeable one. It’s like that in Paris, and the 4 star hotels maintain a very close standard of quality and experience to some of the surrounding 5 star institutions.

The most notable thing about the 4 star hotels around Paris is that they tend to embrace slightly more weird and wonderful interior concepts compared to the consistently classic and elegant natures of the 5 star competitors.

Beautiful Paris Hotel – by Dylan Mullins – Unsplash

In each of the arrondissements you’ll find 4 star hotels making use of unusual themes to bring their establishments to life. From 1920s French cinema, to futuristic casuals, to art deco like you’ve never seen it before — 4 star living takes more risks than other luxury hotel brands that tend to keep things more classic.

What follows are our most recommended 4 star hotels in Paris — each with their own unique flair to make your stay in the city of lights a little more memorable. Be sure to note the neighborhood of each as they all have something different to offer your stay as well.

1. Hotel Off Paris Seine in Paris

86 Quai d’Austerlitz

The preconception of this hotel went under much fire and debate as to whether or not it would be able to see success. Fast forward a few years, and the Off Paris Hotel is the cities first floating accommodation on the Left Bank side of the Seine River.

The boat/hotel is a hybrid space that floats on the river just 2km from the Notre Dame Cathedral. The communal area runs through the centre of the boat, and is lit by the natural light of the sky and city — here you’ll enjoy the hotel lounge deck and pool area. The rooms run on either side of the central panel.

Hotel Off Paris Seine – by Hotel Off Paris Seine – Sourced from their website

The interior of the hotel rooms are as modern as they come, with clean, new-age designs in everything from the lamp shades to the guest stools.

Being part of the Seine, you can imagine that the views from this hotel are quite something. Viewing Parisian sunsets from the Seine are day excursion boat tours that people pay to experience — having this for the duration of your stay isn’t something you’ll soon forget.

2. Hotel Westminster in Paris

13 Rue de la Paix

The epitome of antique design, the Hotel Westminster is situated in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris not far from the Paris Opera.

This area is alive with 4 and 5 star hotel accommodation to suit just about every taste and budget.

The Westminster plays into the era of home decor that has come and gone as the generations have. The antique flair of the hotel makes you feel like you’ve entered a parallel universe where yesteryear is suddenly your reality — and it is oh, so, relaxing.

Hotel Westminster – by Hotel Westminster – Sourced from their website

What is it about hotel rooms made up of half wallpaper, half wooden panels that makes for such charm and comfort?

The bar/lounge at the Westminster is where I like to enjoy a glass of wine on the odd occasion. It features rich green hues next to dark wood finishes; and you feel like you’ve rolled into a time warp of 1920s/1930s Paris.

If you’re going to do a free guided walking tour while in town, the 2nd arrondissement is a great place to stroll around due to its close proximity to some of Paris’ unmissable attractions.

3. Hotel Petit Moulin in Paris

29 Rue de Poitou

Most people prefer to stay in the Marais neighborhood when they visit Paris. This is usually cease of its central location and the authentic French flair that the streets hold, making one’s time in the city notably more memorable.

In the heart of Le Marais is a very small, very beautiful little hotel called the Petit Moulin. Featuring only 17 rooms, this boutique hotel was designed by Christian Lacroix inside of an old bakery that was in business during the reign of Henry IV.

Each room is unique and was decorated by the designer himself. The hotel prides itself on having unfathomably comfortable beds and impeccable service — and reports from past guests seem to confirm this whole heartedly.

Hotel Petit Moulin – by Hotel Petit Moulin – Sourced from their website

I always say that Le Marais is the best place to stay particularly if this is your first visit to Paris. There is much to do and much to see, without being overly bombarded by crowding that some of the other tourist districts bring.

The Hotel Petit Moulin is nearby the famous Picasso Museum which holds thousands of works by the celebrated artist. You’ll find it just two block south of the hotel.

4. Mama Shelter in Paris

109 Rue de Bagnolet

Who said 4 star living couldn’t be quirky and bizarre? Mama Shelter Paris is a youthful, hip establishment in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Similar to the neighborhood in which it exists, the hotel is an up and coming, fresh take on modern hotel living. Despite not being central to anything at all, the hotel is fast becoming one of the favorite places to stay for tourists entering the city.

This has a lot to do with the wacky, cool theme that the hotel embodies in every part of its inception. From the rooms to the on site pizzeria and cocktail lounge, everything at this hotel drips with casual yet edgy comfort.

Mama Shelter Paris – by Mama Shelter – Sourced from their website

To give you an example of what to expect, every room at Mama Shelter features the newest iMac televisions, concrete walls and superhero masks. It makes no sense and it’s wonderful.

Being on the outskirts of the Paris centre, you’ll have to travel to get to the major sites within the city. The hotel is near enough metro stations to take you into Montmartre and Menilmontant within minutes. One thing you can do from this hotel is walk to the iconic Pere Lachaise cemetery’s eastern entrance.

5. Relais St. Jacques in Paris

3 Rue de l’Abbé de l’Épée

Another neighborhood not to miss during your visit to Paris (and one worth properly touring, at that) is the Latin Quarter.

This is an exciting part of town that never seems to sleep, sort of the Manhattan of Paris if you will. Right between the Jardin du Luxembourg and Paris’ Botanical Gardens you’ll find the Relais St. Jacques Hotel within walking distance from each.

Relais St. Jacques – by Relais St. Jacques – Sourced from their website

This 4 star hotel reminds me of going for sleepovers and grandma on the weekend when you were growing up. Everything is both beautiful classic yet undeniably kitsch all at the same time! Think ancient wallpaper and salmon pink finishes wherever you look.

Don’t get me wrong — the Relais does granny chic perfectly. This is a comfortable, understated hotel where you feel more at home than you thought you would; being in a foreign city and all. There is something very homey and welcoming about the space which isn’t always the case with luxury accommodation.

6. Hotel Daniel in Paris

8 Rue Frédéric Bastiat

Another tiny boutique hotel in Paris’ 8th arrondissement, Hotel Daniel features just 26 rooms within its walls.

The hotel is central to many of the main Parisian attractions that you’d hope to be within walking distance of during your stay. Hotel Daniel is perfectly placed in a wedge between the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees and the exquisite Musée Jacquemart-André a short walk north.

Hotel Daniel – by Hotel Daniel – Sourced from their website

The interior of the hotel is cosy and classic French. The use of wallpaper is extensive, which makes each room into its own unique bubble of design. There is also a 24 hour concierge service which means you’ll never be wandering blindly without someone to help.

The nature of the building is compact, so don’t expect the biggest rooms to be on offer. Hotel Daniel is the perfect place for solo traveler or couples to enjoy their time in Paris.

7. Vice Versa in Paris

213 Rue de la Croix Nivert

Kitsch takes on a new meaning in the Vice Versa hotel in Paris. Fork shaped rugs, cupcakes for chairs? You heard right. This entity exists in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and makes use of the seven deadly sins to comprise its seven stories of hotel rooms.

Vice Versa Hotel – by Vice Versa Hotel – Sourced from their website

The forks and cupcakes are naturally part of the gluttony floor; cake themed rooms create a wonderland that is highly popular with one’s inner child. When booking, be sure to mention the sin with which you would like to connect your stay and Vice Versa will accommodate accordingly.

The communal area is comprised of an all-white lounge, I suppose making this heaven or hell of some sort (depending on how partial you are to white feathers as decoration)?

8. Hotel Jules and Jim in Paris

11 Rue des Gravilliers

Jules and Jim was a Truffaut film made in 1962. The Jules and Jim Hotel is a bit of a themed boutique that portrays hints from the romanic drama throughout.

It is endlessly cool and can be best described as relaxed & stylish all at once. The centre courtyard of the hotel doubles as an art gallery and hosts exhibitions at various intervals throughout the year.

The Jules and Jim hotel is in Le Marais despite not being the usual style of hotel you’d expect from the district. Naturally, it is central to everything and the hotel even offers rides on their exclusive Venetian taxi boat.

Hotel Jules and Jim – by Hotel Jules and Jim – Sourced from their website

If you can, ask for a room with a balcony; the views of the Sacré-Cœur from the Jules and Jim hotel are unbelievable.

The Jules and Jim Hotel is found on the same road as the Hotel Petit Moulin that I looked at earlier! 4 star luxury really does reign supreme in Le Marais.

9. Hôtel des Academies et des Arts in Paris

15 Rue de la Grande Chaumière

The streets of Montparnasse in Paris are known to hold some of the oldest tales of art and culture from the past centuries. The bars and galleries in this neighborhood were frequented by the likes of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and Edith Piaf.

In the spirit of these creative pioneers, the Hôtel des Academies et des Arts pays homage to the legends by embodying the works and flair of each one within the hotel design. There is even an exclusive cinema room where you can enjoy video footage of the collective artists.

Hôtel des Academies et des Arts – by Hôtel des Academies et des Arts – Sourced from their website

If you are partial to art and intellect, then the Hôtel des Academies et des Arts is where you’ll find your slice of Parisian home. The space itself is contemporary yet classic — a concept hotel that has managed to maintain the fine line between originality and over baring.

10. Le Pigalle Hotel in Paris

9 Rue Frochot

Pigalle is a district for the carefree, risqué individuals who seek a memorable experience of Paris and the years gone by. Often described as the hipster hotel, Le Pigalle Hotel is central to all the flamboyant, arty hangouts and clubs that the district has to offer.

Neoclassical decor meets vintage furniture in this hotel and just like on the streets of Piaglle, anything goes. There are even hand picked vinyl collections available in the upgraded suites for guests to make full use off during their stay.

The Le Pigalle Hotel you will no doubt be out of your comfort zone, but in the best way possible. It brings the nature of the district into the walls of a 4 star accommodation — and does so perfectly.

Le Pigalle Hotel – by Le Pigalle Hotel – Sourced from their website

The weird and wonderful concept living that the 4 star hotels of Paris offer are unlike other cities in the world. The floating hotel is prime example of this, taking guests off of the Parisian streets entirely for the duration of their stay.

Where else in the world are you going to choose your favorite deadly sin and live in a suite tailored to reflect it in the most whimsical of ways?

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