Top 5 Cafes in Montmartre


Make sure to read our article Top 10 Things To Do in Montmartre before you start walking around Montmartre. This article covers you the best places to visit and gives you some great advice to make the most of your Paris trip.

Cafe culture makes up a large portion of daily life on the hill in the 18th arrondissement.

Montmartre is a hub for artists, tourists and freelancers; this puts cafes in high demand. Safe, cozy spaces where the people can flock for good food, free wifi and perhaps a glass of wine or two once the sun goes down.

La Maison Rose, Paris

La Maison Rose, Paris by Anyul Rivas – WikiCommons

For this roundup I wanted to focus on some of the lesser known cafes in the area. Too often the spotlight is placed on cafes such as la Maison Rose and Café des Deux Moulins that have the longest standing history within this neighborhood.

Both worth seeing but not the place to be if you’re avoiding crowds. Here are the top 5 cafes in Montmartre worth a visit next time you’re in the 18th.

1. The Hardware Societe in Montmartre

10 Rue Lamarck

Inspired by Australian brunch culture (which is probably the single most competitive brunch scene after Paris) The Hardware Societe has a branch in Melbourne and right here in our beloved Montmartre.

What to expect? Warm drinks, exceptional food and long lines on weekends.

The Hardware Societe is the cafe hangout of choice for the residents of Montmartre and Parisian locals. While the tourists head west of Montmartre to the famous cafes mentioned above, the locals know where to avoid the crowds; unfortunately in doing so they create crowds of their own.

The Hardware Societe – by The Hardware Societe – Uploaded by them

Get here early if you’d like to take part in brunch. The Hardware Societe makes the best Eggs Benedict in Montmartre. Their French Toast is also decadent, to say the least.

The cafe is a short walk east from the Sacre Coeur.

Average cost: €20

ADDRESS: 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France

2. Le Petit Moulin in Montmartre

17 Rue Tholozé

If you were to leave the Montmartre Cemetery near Dalida’s statue and tomb, and walk toward the Montmartre Museum a few blocks away, you pass by le Patit Moulin en route; it is very hard to miss.

Le Petit Moulin is probably the epitome of cafe dining in Paris. The exterior looks like a bright witch house built into the cornerstone of a regular building. It is constantly being repainted in quirky animations. Once inside, you’ll find it hard to succumb to le Petit Moulin’s charm.

le Petit Moulin – by le Petit Moulin – Sourced from their website

Interestingly, this is an evening cafe in Montmartre. This is unusual to the area but a welcome addition to the nightlife. They only open their doors at 5pm and serve their cafe menu through until 11pm.

Enjoy a glass of wine over a cheese and sausage platter before venturing out into the rest of Montmartre’s nightlife scene. The historic Studio 28 cinema is on the same block as le Petit Moulin.

Average cost: €25

ADDRESS: 17 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris, France

3. Soul Kitchen in Montmartre

33 Rue Lamarck

While chaos looms at la Maison Rose near the westside of the hill, one block north is the Soul Kitchen. This cafe is the brainchild of three female friends with a passion for people and food who saw a gap in the market in Montmartre.

There are few cafes in this neighborhood with a vegetable-heavy menu. Vegans and vegetarians don’t necessarily struggle in Montmartre, but finding an abundance of options is easy either.

Soul Kitchen – by Soul Kitchen – Uploaded by them

At South Kitchen the menu take value in fresh, plant based ingredients with meats and cheeses thrown in here and there. They also offer wonderful fresh juices and smoothies. There is something for everyone in this cafe.

In the winter you’ll find me here for their soup almost thrice a week.

The cafe itself is charming as anything, with plants, chalkboards and bright colors throughout. Since it is situated just behind the Sacre Coeur down the back end of the hill it’s an ideal spot to stroll to after your free guided walking tour up to the church.

Average cost: €15

ADDRESS: 33 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France

4. La Bossue in Montmartre

9 Rue Joseph de Maistre

The fact that la Bossue is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays is the bane of many Montmartre resident’s existence. Their clientele consist of regular diners who have been coming to this cafe for years.

On they days they are open you’ll likely wait a few minutes for a table. La Bossue is a cafe run with traditional French cuisine. I enjoy la Bossue most for breakfast, but they are open until 7pm allowing for lunch and early dinners.

La Bossue – by La Bossue – Sourced from their Instagram

The day you really want to visit is a Sunday. Every weekend, la Bossue puts on an elaborate buffet spread for brunch. Dishes range from savory to sweet and it is €24 to participate. Booking for this is somewhat essential; you’ll be in the street for an hour or more without it.

Average cost: €20

ADDRESS: 9 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris, France

5. Le Bal Cafe in Montmartre

6 Impasse de la Défense

Berry pancakes are a sign of a cafe worth a closer look. Further down Montmartre hill we find le Bal Cafe, a loved spot for the Pigalle and Montmartre residents of Paris.

Le Bal is best for brunch and late lunch. This is when the cafe is at its most vibrant. The dishes are fresh and creative; you’ll also be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages with your food if you so desire.

La Bal Cafe- by La Bal Cafe – Sourced from their website

The food is wonderful, but there aren’t many options for vegan and gluten free diners aside from a salad or two. The cuisine is French with a twist of Austrian — as far as I know this is unique to Paris, and especially to Montmartre. The chef himself is Austrian which explains the interesting take on regular dishes.

There is a classic English breakfast available for those who aren’t in the mood to experiment with new flavors so early in the day.

Another one of those Montmartre cafes that takes a break over Monday and Tuesday; don’t show up expecting a brunch experience!

Average cost: €20

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday TO SUNDAY – Times vary between seasons
ADDRESS: 6 Impasse de la Défense, 75018 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Place de Clichy