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We’re thrilled to have held over 100,000 walking (and cycling) tours in Europe and surrounds, so adding Amsterdam to our inventory was the next logical step in ensuring we can accommodate travelers no matter where they are heading.

Why take a free walking tour in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is both vast and petite at the same time. Buildings are compact and streets are narrow, so exploring on foot is the most effective mode of movement, despite the many bicycles that you’ll have to dodge along the way! That said, there is so much to see, but it remains absolutely doable with the help of a guide who knows the lay of the land. Paired with budget-conscious excursions and strategic routes, you’ll soon uncover every hidden gem that the Dutch capital has to offer.

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I Am Amsterdam

This statement will make a whole lot more sense once you’ve explored the city on a private tour, be it on foot, boat or bike.

Amsterdam creeps under your skin without you even realising, and pretty soon you’re on the last leg of your holiday and already planning your return. Some unmissable sites, all included in Amsterdam walking tours, must be the charming canals, exploration of the Jewish influence and, of course, the infamous Red Light District. Then there is the lesser known, such as the all important Van Gogh Museum, and even the Amsterdam countryside that many travelers are remiss to ignore while in the area.

The Dutch are easygoing, and while they love having visitors in their city, they also love when said visitors mind their manners and treat their public facilities and workers with respect. One of our favorite excursions is our culinary walk through the Jordaan district in Amsterdam; a hub for food and fun!

Discover Amsterdam like a local, with a local; let our guides take you on a Dutch adventure that you won’t soon forget.

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