Corporate Events in Prague

Discover Walks offers the best corporate team events in Prague. Book Now!

There are good reasons for corporations to pick Prague for their corporate events. Our job is to bring the fun and inspiring spirit of Prague to these corporate events.

Our tours also take the context into account: we tailor your guided tour to make it relevant to your meeting’s objectives and to your company’s culture.

Below are some of the corporations that use our tours. They call on us because our tours are not lectures. We make sure a time with us is a moment for everyone to relax and bond and enjoy each other as people.

We can put together activities for a full day, or in-between functions, or on the way to your gala dinner – we will help put (or keep) your guests in the right mood. Because of our uniquely large resources, we can accommodate corporate groups of any size.

Corporate Event Rates in Prague

Our rates are very competitive against most corporate event options, starting at €12/per person (minimum charge of €150 applies).

To book your corporate tour, send us an email: private.prague(at)

Corporate Events in Prague

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