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Born in a half-french and half-german family, Alice spent her early childhood in Jordan and Morocco before moving to France. She is convinced that mixing cultures is truly enriching. That’s
why she loves Paris: a cosmopolitan city where you meet people from everywhere !
Paris is a big city, but full of cosy areas. In one word, it is magic : even after years spent taking strolls in this city, there are still spots yet to be discovered !
Alice passionately studies philosophy at the Sorbonne University and loves learning new things.

She knows a bunch of funny stories about French famous people, and makes her tours funny as well as enriching. If you want to discover Paris with a local who will show you both the historical and the trendy Paris: here she is !

Take part in one of her Latin Quarter tour and you will do more than just getting in touch with the spirit of this area: you will become a true left-banker!

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