Our Recommended 3 Star Hotels in Lisbon


The 3 star accommodation industry in Lisbon is a competitive one. It would seem that the 3 star hotels around the city are well aware of the stiff competition between the properties and as a result each one pushes the boundary between 3 and 4 star right to the threshold.

This is good news for travelers to Lisbon; and if you’ve ever engaged in conversation with anyone who has visited here its not unlikely that they mentioned having been impressed by the affordable yet quality full accommodation options.

Browns Downtown Hotel – by Browns Downtown Hotel – Sourced from their website

When choosing affordable accommodation options it is wise to select ones that are closer to the city center. This saves you on transport as well; leaving more time, and money, to explore the city and splurge on excursions.

While in Lisbon you’d be best staying in either the Chiado or Baxia districts; this would keep things right in the heart of the excitement. Barrio Alto is a great area for those who value nightlife over day activities.

Here are our recommended 3 star hotels in Lisbon.

Hotel Convento do Salvador in Lisbon

Rua do Salvador 2B

The location of this first hotel couldn’t get more ideal. It is situated in the historic Alfama. If sightseeing is your thing then you’ll be pleased to know that Hotel Convento is a mere six minute stroll from the São Jorge Castle, the Sé Cathedral and the National Pantheon.

Hotel Convento do Salvador – by Hotel Convento do Salvador – Sourced from their website

The cobblestone streets in the Alfama make entering the hotel a fairytale affair. Once inside you’ll get to see the courtyard of the Hotel Convento which features a large central swimming pool and beige concrete.

All of the art inside the Hotel Convento comes from contemporary Portuguese artists. Your stay at this hotel includes daily breakfast. 

Average Cost: €120

Feels Like Home in Lisbon

R. Barros Queirós 47

True to its name, the Feels Like Home Hotel in Lisbon really is one of the best three star facilities in the city.

The hotel is situated in the Rossio Square, which makes it central enough without being constantly in the heart of tourism in Lisbon. This place offers a good balance between being near to attractions as well as nightlife; Barrio Alto is a 12 minute walk away.

Feels Like Home – by Feels Like Home – Sourced from their website

Each room inside this hotel has been thoughtfully done. Instead of generic, repetitive furniture they have opted to go for unique pieces with homey touches within the space. It’s refreshing to enjoy a hotel stay where you aren’t constantly aware that you are in someone else’s space the entire time.

The hotel provides complimentary tea, coffee and treats to all guests 24 hours a day.

Average Cost: €90

Browns Downtown Hotel in Lisbon

R. dos Sapateiros 73

Browns is the hotel for the working professional who needs to have access to strong WiFi and suitable electronics for the duration of their stay. The hotel features a full work station with Mac computers and is available to all guests 24 hours a day.

The hotel is centrally located and areas such as Barrio Alto and Baixa Chiado can be reached within 15 minutes by foot. It’s also wonderful to be within walking distance of the Tagus .

Browns Downtown Hotel – by Browns Downtown Hotel – Sourced from their website

Did I mention that the interior of this hotel is oh, so stylish? Think dark wood and leather; attention to detail and no expenses spared. The space is chic and balanced — it’s not surprising the hotel has the ratings it does.

Average Cost: €140

Be Poet Baixa Hotel in Lisbon

Rua Augusta 220

The Be Poet Baxia Hotel is a light and somewhat quirky space situated in the heart of Lisbon’s old historic town. The hotel has opted to make use of clolor and light in any way possible in order to curate a fun space for guests to enjoy.

A continental buffet breakfast is served to all guests each morning. Once you’ve eaten you can head straight to the street to start your day; you are in walking distance from almost every worthwhile part of Lisbon’s city center. You’ll notice thanks to all of the free guided walking tours going through the streets.

Be Poet Baixa Hotel – by Be Poet Baixa Hotel – Sourced from their website

I enjoy the size of the Be Poet Baxia a lot. It’s a relatively small hotel built into one of the old town buildings. Thanks to its size, hotel staff are able to provide focused hospitality on all guests, to the point where they will even greet you by name. Little things like this go a long way in three star accommodation.

Average Cost: €120

Chiado 44 in Lisbon

Rua Horta Seca 44 2ºesq

Charming, hospitable and central; the Hotel Chiado 44 is one of the best kept, three star secrets in Lisbon.

The interior of the hotel rooms is what first caught my eye. It’s a modern space without losing that touch of home — similar to a well curated college dorm room, that would be the best way to put it!

What guests really come to this hotel for, however, are the little turquoise balconies that jut out of each suite, overlooking the city below.

Chiado 44 – by Chiado 44 – Sourced from their website

The hotel is surrounded by many bars and restaurants. The staff are well equipped to help organize all excursions you may want to take part in during your time in Lisbon.

In terms of location, the Chiado 44 is situated in Misericordia and is around 1km from neighborhoods such as Ribeira and Rossio. Central without being too central… if you know what I mean.

Average Cost: €100

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