Top 18 Hair Salons in Lisbon


*Originally published by Ira on October 2022 and Updated by Vanessa R in September 2023 and Updated by Beatrice J in May 2024

Lisbon attracts a significant number of tourists each year due to its ancient history, culture and beautiful architecture. You will surely want to look good while you visit the different attractions and museums and go shopping in Lisbon. Without a doubt, it is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and you will meet many people and make many friends.

haircut in Lisbon

haircut in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

We bring you the Top 18 places for an awesome haircut in Lisbon, for a tourist coming to Lisbon, which is useful if you want to look great according to the trends of the capital of Portugal. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

18. Chérie Coiffure

The go-to place for everything hair-related is Chérie Coiffure in Lisbon. You’re in for a treat at this salon, which features a skilled staff of hairdressers and a warm, laid-back setting. They have the ability to achieve any look you want, whether it’s a contemporary style, a classic haircut, or a brand-new colour. You may leave the salon with a smile on your face and a gorgeous new hairstyle because Chérie Coiffure is all about making you feel and look your best.

17. Eclipse Hairdressing

18 Hair Salons in Lisbon

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Due to its dedication to excellence and variety of unique features, Eclipse Hairdressing in Lisbon stands out. They not only provide skilled haircuts and styling, but they also have a focus on revitalising hair treatments and cutting-edge colouring procedures. Their commitment to providing individualised consultations, which guarantees that each customer has a customised experience, sets them apart.

Every visit to the salon is a pleasant experience thanks to the calm atmosphere and dedicated employees. For a really remarkable experience, Eclipse Hairdressing blends professionalism with a dash of luxury, whether you’re looking for a traditional appearance or a cutting-edge style.

Located at: Calçada do Carmo, N 25 Sobreloja esquerda, 1200-090 Lisboa, Portugal

16. Jean Louis David 

If you’re in Lisbon and in need of a great haircut or a brand-new hairstyle, stop by Jean Louis David. They have a very talented team over there who are truly skilled at doing their magic with hair and scissors.

Also, the staff is quite kind and the environment at the salon is always relaxing. Thereby, Jean Louis David is the place to go whether you’re looking for classic fashion or something a little more bold. You won’t regret treating yourself to a makeover, so do it now!

located at: Av. Duque de Ávila 46, 1050-053 Lisboa, Portugal

15. Griffe hairstyle

In 1985, Helena Vaz Pereira, owner of Griffehairstyle in Lisbon, started pursuing her love of hair. Her education began in Portugal, and over the years, she has taken a number of courses at prestigious worldwide academies including Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Mahogany, Rizzos, Longueras, and Sebastian International.

Helena Vaz Pereira frequently takes part in Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisboa. She frequently works with a number of fashion designers, including Lara Torres and Storytailors.

LOCATED AT Rua da Atalaia 63 1200-043 Lisboa, Portugal

14. 244 Venida

The 244 Avenida salon is a place where you can unwind while still feeling the vitality of the city. It is situated on Avenida da Liberdade, one of the main and most cosmopolitan avenues in Lisbon.

It is a cosy setting where you can expect to receive a special and individualised service from the knowledgeable staff at 244Avenida. The 200 square metres exclusive and one-of-a-kind 244 Avenida salon in Lisbon also hosts fashion and artistic events.

located at Avenida de Liberdade 244, 2º 1250 – 149 Lisboa

13. Anton Beill 

Totally devoted to fashion and beauty, Anton Beill Hairdressing. As one of the top salons in the globe, they are known for continuing to develop trends in the hair industry.

You’ll be in awe of the stylists’ level of professionalism. If you’re in Lisbon, you shouldn’t miss this salon. Anton Beill, a director and creative visionary, is a force to be feared. If you have seen his work, you will realise that he is a pioneer in the field and that his salon is a reflection of his enthusiasm.


12. Metrostudio

Since 2006, Metrostudio has maintained Lisbon’s streets’ stunning appearance. Each and every person who enters their doors is treated with devotion and enthusiasm by their highly trained stylists. You can count on leaving Metrostudio with a smile on your face if you enter.

They also feature one of the most exquisitely original salon interiors you will find in any city, right down to their custom salon chairs. Metrostudio is a very unique experience that you do not want to miss, and experiencing it would make a vacation to Lisbon unfinished.

LOCATED R. do Crucifixo 120, 1100-185 Lisboa, Portugal

11. Slash Creative Hair Studio

The greatest stylists Lisbon has to offer can be found at Slash, a very unique salon that also houses an art gallery and a picture studio. You will emerge from this upscale salon a self-assured, stunning individual who knows who she is. However, due to Slash’s amazing atmosphere, you might not want to leave afterwards.

In addition to hair, they also do cosmetics by appointment. Therefore, we heartily advise visiting Slash Creative Hair Studio if you want to appear gorgeous while visiting Lisbon. After seeing Slash, it makes sense that the salon has a picture studio. If you end up on the cover of VOGUE, don’t forget to congratulate your stylist at Slash.

LOCATED AT R. De Dona Estefânia 87A, 1000-153 Lisboa, Portugal

10. Ana Domingos

Has it happened to you that hairdressers fail to understand the idea of the haircut you want? Most of the time they end up doing a very different haircut than you expected.

Ana Domingos is a hairdresser where the customer becomes an artist and tests all his creativity.  In this way, the user can customize her haircut and select interactively the color and the style. In other words, the clients become designers of their looks. 

The owner, Ana, is a professional and a beautician. She also does photo depilation, massages, and skin treatments with many years of experience.

At Ana Domingos, you can let your imagination fly paying a moderate price.

located at A. Almirante Reis, 174

It is close to the estátua of Fernão de Magalhães, where you can take some selfies of your new ‘do’.

9. Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros

Maria Lourenço in Lisbon

Maria Lourenço in Lisbon, sourced from their site

Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros is a place with a unique and original style nothing like what you’ve seen before. Its various salons offer a great variety of services of hairdressing, esthetic, and nails. Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros is a clean, shining and very spacious place.

The company has been in the beauty industry in Portugal for more than 30 years and its quality has not dropped since its foundation. 

Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros has a great variety of visitors from many countries. You can see German, Italian, Latin America, Spanish, American and Asian people speaking all types of languages. For this reason, no matter what language you speak, you will surely somehow manage to understand the staff.

Find it on Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 108

It is near the emblematic Praça de Espanha, west of Lisbon.

8. Melu Beauté & Esthétique

Melu Beauté & Esthétique has a small and very cute surrounding. Its intimate atmosphere gives us unique comfort and safety; you will feel like a child again. 

Melu offers us the possibility of a complete section of manicure, pedicure and facial treatment all-in-one in a day for a moderate price. Most of its clients are loyal and visit the store every week religiously. For that reason, be sure to make a reservation for the specific services you want. 

Many visitors say they feel a connection with the workers of Melu Beauté & Esthétique. This is a space where you can talk about anything with your manicurist; they will listen to you as friends.

Melu Beauté & Esthétique is located in an easy to reach central location at the R. do Loreto 37 at Chiado, Bairro Alto

Note that payment by card isn´t accepted so you must carry cash.

7. GI Cabeleireiro

GI Cabeleireiro is a hairdresser with a very good quality/price ratio. It is not an inexpensive place but its prices are excessive neither. So it is accessible to the average tourist.

Like Melu, it is a small, intimate and comfortable place where you can disconnect from the world for a while and enjoy a different day. Its owner, GI, is versatile in all types of beauty areas but also has a professional team dedicated to a specific activity such as hair, nails or skincare.

Find it at Av. Visconde Valmor 3

It is surrounded by a shopping area with all kinds of restaurants and business in the center of Lisbon.

 6.  WIP Hairport

WIP hairport

WIP hairport, sourced from Flickr

WIP Hairport is a fairly popular place among tourists who visit Lisbon frequently. Here you can find everything in the beauty area: hairdresser, cosmetics, beauty products, makeup artists and many more. It is directed by Silvia, a professional with a career of many years in Spain and an interesting story that you will surely want to hear.

A frequent review that users give about Hairport is related to kindness without forgetting the professionalism of its work team. Those who visit this site feel at home and they recommend it a lot on social networks.

Find it in the south of Lisbon on R. da Bica de Duarte Belo

The prices are a little expensive but the quality of service makes up for it.

5. Anton Beill HairDressing

Anton Beil Lisbon

Anton Beil Lisbon, sourced from their site

The first thing that catches our attention is the attractiveness of its interior, which can leave any visitor speechless, an almost magical experience. 

What distinguishes Anton Beill Hair Dressing from other hairdressers is that all the ingredients used in their cosmetology, and makeup services are natural, materials friendly to the environment. Curiously, their slogan is natural c’est fantastique!

Anton Beill Hairdressing is an excellent store where you can find any natural products for women. We invite you to visit their page and check their catalog because it is also an e-shop that offers many types of payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

As if that were not enough, the team feels happy to reveal the secrets of beauty, so the store also becomes a school of stylists. 

Find it at R. Castilho, 57 when you visit Lisbon

Many users have said that they frequent the place to learn different beauty techniques.

4. Barbearia O Corvo

I could not miss the space for male beauty in this Top 10 places for a haircut in Lisbon, For a tourist coming to Lisbon. The most successful and extravagant barbershop in Lisbon is without doubts, Barbearia O Corvo. 

Barberia O Corvo is inspired by American barbers from the ’20s to 50’s decades. It is the favorite place of all men who love getting old-school style haircuts.

In addition to cutting our hair, we can listen to classic rock and admire works of art that adorn the place. Do not be surprised if you see musicians, bohemians or artists entering or leaving the hairdresser.

Barbearia O Corvo has become a barbershop where artistic freedom is present without any limits. The extravagance is evident in this place and many tourist visits it attracted by the interesting stories that employees often tell their customers.

Barbers are very friendly and curious people, striking for their tattoos and rebel style. However, all of them are professionals capable of making all kinds of haircuts, even the most eccentric tastes and products of the imagination of the tourist.

Paulo, the owner is a very kind person with a long experience with visitors from all over the world, so he can make even the most difficult haircuts for the men at a price somewhat high but worth it.

3. Facto Hair

Facto Hair in Lisbon

Facto Hair in Lisbon, sourced from their site

Facto is probably the hairdresser most popular in Portugal. Antony Millard is the owner and creative director of this place. He has been revolutionizing the way of cutting hair in Portugal for 20 years and plans to continue doing so for a long time.

Antony Millar has been on many occasions on national TV and radio (He is the official hairdresser of MTV Portugal television) and his business has won many awards throughout his career, for example, the 1st world place in the prestigious Wella Trend Vision Award.  He is a rockstar in the beauty industry and the inspiration for all the Portugal young that want to make a career of stylists, barbers, hairdressers, etc.

Find it at R. do Norte, 40-42, at Bairro Alto

Facto is the most expensive place of the Top 10 places for a haircut in Lisbon, with the simplest haircut costing around $34.

However, the quality and attention make the experience worth living. When you go to Lisbon you have to meet this character and ask for an autograph.

2.  &SoWhat

The interior design of &SoWhat is simply admirable. The luxury site shines and exposes professionalism wherever you look. It is always busy because it is located in the center of Lisbon, specifically at R. Nova da Trindade.

The experience of every visitor of &SoWhat is a sense of tranquility that no person has complained about.  Like an apart world, excluding of all the problems and stress of daily life.

They sell all kinds of products with biodynamic methods. The purpose of this company is to provide people with beauty products that are not toxic and have the necessary nutrients for the hair, the skin for an affordable price. Its beauty treatments include Intensive Mask, Hydro-Dhara Therapy and others. 

&SoWhat is always reinventing itself by incorporating new biodynamic methods and is committed to the health of its users. This natural initiative is something truly revolutionary.

Few in the beauty industry care about the effects of certain chemicals on people’s health. This company has been the focus of numerous interviews and has appeared in several TV shows and numerous magazines. Undoubtedly, this is a project with a lot of future that brings benefits for everyone.

1. Dez Studio Hair & Nail Bar

hairdresser in Lisbon

hairdresser in Lisbon, sourced from their site

Dez Studio Hair & Nail Bar has the first place in the Top 10 places for a haircut in Lisbon, For a tourist coming to Lisbon, because, in addition to addressing virtually all beauty services, such as Eyelash Service, Hair Stylists, and Day Spa, it offers us an inexpensive price for everyone.  Stress and tension don´t exist in this place. 

Users reveal that peace is breathed in the spa salons and is a momentary escape from the daily routine, so it is on the weekend agenda for many executives, students, athletes and even famous personalities of Portugal.

Those who visit Dez Studio Hair & Nail Bar and intend to return at some time. It has become the favourite hairdresser of many people inside and outside Lisbon. This includes men and women of all ages, who feel comfortable with the attention of their owners.

Its reputation among users is impeccable; they ensure that Dez Studio is synonymous with relaxation. Sandra’s company has all the technology that provides the comforts of a spa, is quite large and has a lot of professionals who attend wonderfully.

R. Dona Filipa de Vilhena

5 Popular Hair Stylists In Lisbon

5.Alexandra at Moscow Beauty Bar (Estrela)

A hairdresser working on a Woman's hair

A hairdresser working on a Woman’s hair – by congerdesign -Pixabay

Alexandra is well known for her amazing hair cutting abilities, skillfully cutting hair of every texture. She gives each client at Moscow Beauty Bar a dash of Hollywood glitz. What makes Alexandra unique is her ability to create hairstyles that not only accentuate your best features but also radiate carefree sophistication using high-end materials and elegant Russian techniques.

Whether you choose a stylish pixie cut, beautiful bob, or sophisticated layers, Alexandra makes sure your hair transformation is nothing short of amazing.

Clients leave her chair feeling beautiful and confident, ready to show off their gorgeous new appearance to the world, thanks to her careful attention to detail and unwavering commitment to perfection.

4.David Noa at Conceito Hairdresser

In addition to being a hairstylist, David Noa is a visionary in the hairdressing industry and an artist with scissors. His creative cuts and skillful layering techniques draw attention from everyone. Clients looking for a bold and artistic approach to haircuts comes to him.

David’s Instagram page, which features a kaleidoscope of colors and avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of traditional hairdressing, is a monument to his endless innovation.

David’s artistic ability guarantees that your hair will become a work of art that reflects your distinct personality and style, whether you’re going for a sleek modern look, an edgy undercut, or a funky asymmetrical bob.

3.Diana at Hair & Company

Image by Shameer Pk from Pixabay

Diana is a master curl specialist at Hair & Company, where she promotes the beauty of natural hair textures and highlights the distinctiveness of curly and coily hair. Diana offers hope to those who are having trouble finding a hairdresser who actually understands their hair.

Diana offers skilled cuts and style methods that highlight the inherent bounce and definition of curls using the DevaCurl method, giving clients a mane that is both healthy and manageable. With Diana’s deft hands and profound knowledge of the needs of curly hair, clients can bid frizz a fond farewell and welcome to lush, well-defined curls that confidently embrace their inherent beauty.

2.Inês at WIP Hairport

WIP Hairport is home to Inês an eco-conscious salon that specializes in organic beauty. With a strong commitment to preserving the environment and hair health, Inês makes sure that every hair makeover is a tasteful fusion of sustainability and style.

She is a master colorist who specializes in adding dimension and sparkle to hair without sacrificing its integrity through natural-looking highlights and treatments.

Knowing that Inês places a high value on using natural and organic products that are kind to both hair and the environment, clients may indulge in pampering without feeling guilty. Sustainable beauty and flawless style come together at WIP Hairport to give clients hair that feels wonderful from the inside out.

1.Ricardo at Jean Louis David Chiado

The best hairstylist in town is Ricardo at Jean Louis David Chiado for a dash of classic elegance and Parisian flair. Ricardo is the epitome of French-inspired hairdressing, with years of experience and an impeccable attention to detail that results in timeless cuts.

Not only do patrons of Jean Louis David Chiado receive flawless service, but they also leave the salon with a sophisticated and charming haircut that makes them feel as though they’ve just stepped off the streets of Paris.

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