Fun and Cheap Hostels in Lisbon


Hostel accommodation is unlike anything you’ve probably experienced before. If Lisbon is going to be your first time staying in a hostel, you’ve got a lot coming your way.

Partying is usually a central theme in hostels across Europe. They are affordable places to stay that center themselves around making connections, having experiences and getting out and about as often as possible.

While some Lisbon hostels are closer to hotels in terms of setting and cleanliness, others can be more questionable. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers? Hostel living must be embraced; from the shared bathrooms to the 2am rowdiness.

Lisbon Calling Hostel – by Lisbon Calling Hostel – Sourced from their website

Since there are so many fun and cheap hostels in Lisbon to choose from I’ve taken the time to breakdown the five best (in my professional, hostel dwelling opinion).

Top tips before booking your space at any of these places: first, leave your dates open ended if you can; Lisbon is the kind of city where anything can happen and extending one’s stay is never too far fetched. Second, where available, request private rooms with en suite bathrooms. You’ll pat yourself on the back later on for it, I promise.

To the hostels we go…

GSpot Party Hostel in Lisbon

Tv. do Fala-Só 24

GSpot Party Hostel is great because it is close enough to the Alfama to keep you within walking distance of all the necessary attractions yet still far enough out that you can escape the madness when you need a break .

Not that you can really call the GSpot Party Hostel much of an escape. It has made a name for itself as the top party hostel in the city.

GSpot Party Hostel – by GSpot Party Hostel – Sourced from their website

The hostel prides itself of having a never-ending list of things to do or be part of within the hostel’s communal space. There are “family” dinners each evening, pub crawls, games nights and themed breakfasts every day to soak up the hangover from the night before.

The hostel is a few minutes walk from the historic Avenida da Liberdade area. There are over 200 drinking spots in this neighborhood alone.

The slogan for the GSpot hostel is “you’ll want to come again’… I think that says it all.

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon

Praça do Duque de Terceira

As far as hostel style accommodation goes it doesn’t really get better than the Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon. The space is actually award winning and known for being one of the best hostels in Europe.

My favorite thing about this hostel would be their rooftop pool that is open at all hours of the day; a midnight swim is always on the cards. There is also a bar on the roof to keep the fun flowing.

Sunset Destination Hostel – by Sunset Destination Hostel – Sourced from their website

Every evening at the Sunset Destination Hostel there is a barbecue hosted by the hostel chef, all guests are invited to join and mingle amongst other travelers.

Since the hostel is right on the shore of the Tagus you’ll be able to choose between the pool and the beach. Getting into the Alfama from here is simple, the hostel is built opposite a main metro station that will take you in and out of the center.

Old Town Hostel in Lisbon

R. Ataíde 26A

Near Barrio Alto, in an old 18th century building, is this beautifully cosmopolitan hostel that opened to Lisbon back in 2007.

If you’ve yet to explore the gorgeous Barrio Alto then a free guided walking tour is definitely on the cards! It’s the best way to connect with these historic streets of Lisbon while learning a thing or two in the process.

Old Town Hostel – by Old Town Hostel – Sourced from their website

The hostel is fun and cheap without being as overbearing as some of the other party hostels nearby. This one values alone and quite time. Guests are invited together each morning for a free and enjoyable breakfast.

The hostel is also one of the cleanest in terms of upkeep between rooms, public spaces and facilities.

Once you’re calm, collected and ready for the night out; Lisbon’s nightlife district is just a few minutes walk away.

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel in Lisbon

R. Tomás Ribeiro 8

Staying with the relaxed theme, the Hub Hostel in Lisbon embraces chill vibes and calming outdoor spaces. In terms of rooms, you’ll be able to choose from mixed or female-only facilities.

My only tip would be to bring your own towel, as this is something the hostel charges extra for.

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel – by Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel – Sourced from their website

The hammocks at this hostel will serve you many hours of kicking back and regrouping before your next Lisbon street excursion. The communal spaces are big and most guests spend more time here than anywhere else, making this hostel a great place to make friend if you are traveling solo.

The location of this hostel makes both day and night activities around the city very accessible; you’re a short walk or metro ride from most main attractions.

Lisbon Calling Hostel in Lisbon

Rua de Sao Paulo

The Lisbon Calling Hostel is (aesthetically) my favorite fun and cheap hostel in Lisbon. It is situated inside a 250 year old building in Old Town Lisbon.

Everything here is bizarre and mismatched. The rooms are all mixed and each is designed to a different theme. There is a vintage vibe through the communal spaces and feeling the heart of Lisbon’s Old Town is never far from reach.

Lisbon Calling Hostel – by Lisbon Calling Hostel – Sourced from their website

There are no meals provided but the kitchen facilities are open to all guests to make use of. I would recommend this hostel for maturer travelers who aren’t looking to party 24/7. You’ll connect with likeminded individuals for fun around Lisbon. It is the best hostel for couples, too.

Hostel living need not be an experience that makes your skin crawl. Lisbon is filled with competitive hostel spaces that value customer experience as much as they do affordability and fun.

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