The 5 Best Restaurants in Belem, Lisbon


West of Lisbon’s city centre stands a historic neighborhood that once held fortresses that protected the main harbor from attack.

Belem is now a lively neighborhood in the Portuguese capital. Visitors from far and wide choose this district as their base of choice when coming to the city.

Firstly, its proximity to the Tagus river makes for a seemly ever-sunny experience while in town. Secondly, the street and nightlife of Belem are hugely entertaining with a wide variety of cuisines and drink options to suit every taste.

Darwin’s Cafe – by Darwin’s Cafe – Sourced from their website

To get a proper sense of what Belem is all about there are free guided walking tours around the main streets throughout the day. Informed guides will take you through the history of the space and how it came to be what it is you are experiencing today.

Most of the iconic Lisbon museums are based in this part of town as well. When necessary, the Alfama is just a short metro ride east. And when it comes time to eat, Belem caters to all. Here are the five best restaurants in Belem right now!


1. Darwin’s Cafe in Belem, Lisbon 

Av. Brasília Ala B

If there is one place in Belem to see or be seen at the moment it’s Darwin’s Cafe.

Situated right on the Tagus, the restaurant offers waterfront dining in a very trendy space. The locals of Lisbon are calling this spot one of the hippest places to be.

At Darwin’s you’ll be able to dine both inside and outside. The inside is spacious and airy so either way you’re never cooped up.

Darwin’s Cafe – by Darwin’s Cafe – Sourced from their website

Darwin’s shares its piece of the shore with the Champalimaud Foundation. This building is an architectural wonder of Lisbon and brings in many visitors per day. In spite of the tourist influx, the restaurant is never over crowded or lacking in table availability.

I probably don’t need to tell you that sunset at Darwin’s would be the most preferable time to dine. The view of the day ending over the Tagus while sipping something cold is worth the trip into Belem on its own.

Average cost: Under €30

2. Feitoria in Belem, Lisbon

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

Michelin star dining is a must at least once while visiting Europe. Restaurants with this rating pride themselves on their service and cuisine and treating oneself now and again is necessary, especially when in Belem!

You’ll find Feitoria on the Tagus shorefront just like the afore mentioned spot. In the road directly above Feitoria there are three great Belem based museums and the Lisbon Planetarium that are all open daily. This would be the idea spot to drop into for a meal after a day of viewing art or the stars.

Feitoria in Belem – by Feitoria – Sourced from their website

Dining at Feitoria won’t be easy on your pocket. The chef, João Rodrigues, has poured his life’s work into the menu and this comes at a fee. I recommend doing the tasting plates for the set fee, this gives you a chance to taste everything that he has worked on and saves you the trouble of selecting a single dish.

The restaurant also boasts an impressive wine list and cocktail menu. All in all, this is the place to eat when you are open to splurging and receiving a lot of quality, wholesome food in return.

Average cost: Under €150

3. O Navegador in Belem, Lisbon

R. Bartolomeu Dias 121

To change things up a bit we head slightly north over to a restaurant called O Navegador. To summarize, this is the most well locate and well priced place in our line up with food that will bring you back for more.

O Navegador serves up traditional Portuguese food in a very basic, “no frills” kind of space.


The Tower in Belem – by Alex Paganelli – Unsplash


You can reach the restaurant by walking north from the Tagus until you’ve crossed the main road. If you were wanting to try a traditional steak, egg and chips while in Lisbon this is your time to do so!

O Navegador does not open on Sundays or for dinners, so head through anytime during the week for early or late lunch instead!

Average cost: Under €15

4. Vela Latina in Belem, Lisbon

Doca do Bom Sucesso

Seafood deluxe right on the shore overlooking the Tagus. Vela Latina brings the best of the sea into a vibrant dining space that resembles somewhere between a 1950s cabaret mansion and beach bar.

In the center of the Vela Latina restaurant is a miniature, built in restaurant called Nikkei; a Peruvian/Japanese fusion space that changes the entire cuisine dynamic of the space.

Vela Latina – by Vela Latina – Sourced from their website

Essentially Vela Latina is a two in one experience unlike anything else in Belem — or Lisbon for that matter.

Book in advance as this place is in high demand year round!

Average cost: Under €40

5. Nosolo Italia in Belem, Lisbon

Av. Brasília 202

Another gorgeous yet simple and affordable spot, Nosolo Italia is also situated on the water and offers diners the option of eating both indoors or outdoors.

Typical to Italian cuisine, the food is great, portions are huge and service is fast. You’ll come for the pasta but leave clinging to the remnants of the gelato that followed your meal.

The Praça do Império is a central attraction to the town of Belem and is located a minutes walk from Nosolo Italia. Take a tour of the area if you have an hour or two to spare before dining.

Average cost: Under €20

Museum in Belem – by Annie Spratt – Unsplash

Belem, Belem, Belem — where to begin? A sit down meal in this historic area is one way to do it. One of the few heartbeats of the sunny Lisbon city, Belem has something for everyone.

A good way to discover Belem is by joining a walking tour. You will see the city like a local and see the best attractions in Lisbon.

I’ll see you on the shore!