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Why Lisbon is so magical and magnificent to shop at

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is located on seven hills in the wide open “mouth” of the Tagus river, 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean. Hills ledge down to the river, so this is why Lisbon has so many stairs, cable cars, elevators and “miradouro”  – viewing terraces.

The historical center is made up of the most picturesque and interesting quarters of Lisbon, located in the southern part of the city – Rossio, Baixa, Chiado, Bairro-Alto, Alfama and Lapa.

Where to begin?

Most of the boutiques of famous brands, as well as shops of local designers and artisans, are located in these old quarters, so shopping can be easily combined with sightseeing and the main tourist and historical sites of Lisbon.

Start your walk at the Santa Just Elevator on the “golden” Rua do Ouro street in the Baixa district. The upper part of the elevator is a city viewing platform. There is a rather nice and cozy, but always crowded cafe.

After drinking fresh juice in a cafe on the viewing terrace and admiring the beauty of the city from above, go down to Rua Do Ouro, looking at local jewelry stores along the way. You will find yourself on Commerce Square which is located on the banks of the Tagus.

This spacious and elegant square in its present form has appeared thanks to the efforts of the Marquis Pombal. From the square, there is an amazing view of the river, with its blue and open space resembling the sea bringing the atmosphere with its fresh breeze.

You can return to the city center along the “silver” street Rua da Prata. But it is better to do this by the pedestrian route along Rua Augusta street, passing through the Triumphal Arch.

Diving from the open and sunny “Trade Square” in the cool shady due to the nearby Rua Augusta buildings, you will find yourself in a favorite place of street artists, mimes, musicians. Here you can buy paintings with views of Lisbon and quite nice jewelry made of beads and leather.

Then a series of stores of famous and mass-market brands begins its “journey”. These famous brands could be found throughout the world: Zara, Mango, Intimissimi, Stradivarius, H & M.

As well as many shops of local shoemakers: Foreva, Godiva, Lisbonense Sapataria E Chapelaria Lord. Be sure to check out Miss Pepper youth clothing store, where among amusing bag designs, the creators of which were clearly inspired by the best models of Braccialini and Gilli, you can find some really unusual accessories – cherry earrings, doll pendants, belts with multi-colored buckles.

Everything is rather cheap and affordable. Also, do not pass by the Pedemeia store – it’s not often in one place that you will find so many socks of all colors of the rainbow and with any pattern you could ever imagine.

Via H & M, go to Rua do Carmo, where you will find shops Stradivarius, Zara, Lacoste, Springfield, Women’Secret, and turning left, go down to the large shopping center Chiado.

Turn right at Rua Garret, there are boutiques Cartier and Hugo Boss, as well as Gardenia, where the collections Kenzo, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier are represented.

If you go further down the Rua do Carmo, you will find yourself in a very quiet part of it among the many vintage bookshops. Not far away is the Karma monastery, that was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake back in the past.

On Rua do Carmo, in house number 87, there is a shop of one of the most famous Portuguese designers, Anna Salazar (Ana Salazar). The daughter of the artist and architect Oscar Pinto Lobo who creates very unusual and sophisticated Portuguese clothing.

At nearby Rua do Norte, El Dorado is the first vintage clothing store in Lisbon (in existence since 1950). He is the most famous and the best you could ever find in Lisbon.

Rossio Square, or Pedro IV, is the main attraction of the city. It contains a sculpture of Emperor Brazil Pedro IV, two fountains, made in Paris, and the Theater of Mary II, built in 1840 on the site of the former Palace of the Inquisition. A lot of cars, crowds of people – this is how the area looks now. And in the XVIII century, there were bullfights and public executions.

In the 19th century, philosophers, and artists gathered in numerous cafes around. Now both locals and tourists like to sit in these ever-crowded cafes. On sunny days, tables are carried out on the street in order for people to catch the Portuguese sun. Check out the Nicola and Cafe Gelo cafés, where the Portuguese love to buy sweets.

We go to Liberty Avenue, leaving behind Rossio station with a strange gate in the form of a horseshoe and the Restoration Square.

On the avenue, there are boutiques Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Montblanc, Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Gant, Tony Miranda, Adolfo Dominguez, as well as multi-brand stores like Stivali, which mainly represent Italian brands, for example, Jalouse (RED Valentino, Moschino), Rosa Teixeira.

If your dress has a past – doesn’t that make it even more charming and special?

Be sure to go to A Outro Face da Lua (Another face of the moon)vintage shop.

Since in Portugal it is considered as a very modest design and the selection here is simply wonderful. The prices are so affordable as “almost for free”. There you can find two shops that are opposite to each other. In one, there is a cafe, more democratic, and in the second vintage clothes, but also a little more expensive.

Some speculations have already started with vintage attires. You should always understand that in 99% of cases these clothes are purchased in containers, from which different agents then choose clothes for their stores. In bulk, every rag costs almost nothing.

Something is being taken by shops like Humana – this is a very inexpensive second-hand, where you have to rummage. There is a lot to see at chain stores like Beyond Retro. These are boutiques for picky buyers that are ready to choose the most valuable and unusual findings like vintage silk scarfs from Cartier or Chanel.

The final price is considered by the seller, but if you try to negotiate you could get a real deal. For example, just recently I found a very beautiful Chanel scarf which had the tag with the price of 45$. However, the seller decided to initiate a discount and sold it to me for 7$. Which proves that in Lisbon everything is possible!

On the Internet, you could find dresses of the 50s for both $ 200 and $ 50. There is a wonderful store on where vintage is the New Black. The owner can always decide that her clothes deserve a better price.

Hipsters used to love Urbanoutfitters who completely “lost” their conscience by selling vintage jackets without any brand name for 300 $, and dresses for 150 $. This is a “robbery” and if you also think so, get over here to Lisbon vintage and thrift stores.

Many people like the vintage theoretically, but the idea that someone already wore it before you is considered sickening for some people. Perhaps old clothes are suitable for those who need to emphasize their uniqueness and unusual individuality. This is for those who appreciate the style of a certain time, which went into the “archive” only because modern fashion has very strict rules nowadays.

By recognizing vintage, you understand one more thing – there is just an incredible amount of clothes in the world: new, cheap, expensive, old and vintage. These were the clothes that someone once loved or even the clothes which decided someone’s fate.

Flea Market Feira da Ladra

The flea market has existed in Lisbon since the 13th century,  in the Alfama area, near the walls of the National Pantheon of Portugal. Its name translates from Portuguese as “the market of a thief,” although it is of course not accepted to trade with stolen goods.

Here they sell vintage clothing, antique dishes, antiques, and rare books. After lunch, when sellers disperse, you can find unclaimed goods in the square. Usually, these are old clothes, torn shoes, and other unique “trash”.

It will be interesting to everyone! If you are a lover of history, fashion, old cinema, music, art, vintage things, maybe you collect coins, appreciate antiques or just are curious, you will definitely like it here! Feira da Ladra flea market in Lisbon is the way to go! It is located in the historic center of Alfama near the national Pantheon.

Its history began in the 13th century as it has been stated above! At this place of the market has been alive for more than 130 years.

This is the place with which you can “build” your house from scratch in two cases: if you have a lot of money and if you have very little money! In any case, after going to this market, your home runs the risk of becoming a palace or a fashionable loft from the weirdest designer!

Here you can see old Portuguese porcelain, bronze items: candlesticks, mirrors, interior items, antique weapons and toys, handmade leather goods, polka-dot dresses from the 50s, vinyl records of any musicians, medals, paintings, beautiful vases and figurines, stamps and coins and more. You walk between the rows like in a museum, but you can buy anything at a very nice price.

This is a separate line of antique shops with its luxurious furniture, furnishings, silverware, and decorations.

My own tips as a fashion stylist:

Lisbon has become a fashion gem of Europe whether your budget is low or high. I would highly suggest visiting Lisbon’s vintage and thrift shops as you never know what to expect there.

Most of the time the sellers themselves have absolutely no idea what they are selling, so you get a pretty high chance of getting a really good bargain. By a real deal, like getting a high-quality silk or cashmere things of worldwide known brands such as Cartier, Burberry, Chanel, etc.

However, if you like a specific style and prefer to shop at thrift stores it is advisable that you also watch the prices of mass-market brands like Zara or Mango since the assortment could be matching and the prices, especially during the sale season, could be significantly lower.

Therefore, if you are a real fashionista and you like to wander through the hidden roads to discover Portuguese vintage and thrift shops that would be a great idea for you to check out things for men. Regardless of your gender, you could find something completely new and untouchable. If you are a woman and would like to mix and match different pieces of clothing and are not afraid of showing the world who you really are, try wearing really nice men’s shirts.

Portuguese thrift shops like Humana are full of a great choice when it comes to things for men. Shoes, suits, trousers, jeans, T-shirts, and shirts are all at your disposal. Do not hesitate to check them out at the fitting room which is also available at all Humana stores.

If you are traveling to Lisbon and were planning to stay a couple of days walking around in order to enjoy the city and get a thing to remember that you could show your friends this is the way to go. My favorite Humana shop is located in an area that is called Ajuda/Intendente. 

This is a “Klondike” of vintage and thrift store of Lisbon. In one location you can find several Humana shops and vintage boutiques. I would specifically stress on Retro City Lisboa that is located right near the old Lisbon area with a train stop.

You will definitely be mesmerized with the wide selection that they offer: all kinds of costumes and outfits. Whether you need a Sovietic army hat for a costume party or photoshoot or a Burberry trench that had been preserved in a very decent condition.

Whatever you chose – you will always remember that unique thing from Lisbon city! Whenever you need any advice feel free to drop a line to a fashion stylist from Lisbon at FilosoFashion and get professional help whenever it’s a vintage or luxury preference that you have. A personal stylist and a personal shopper at FilosoBeauty will always be a great idea if you have no idea where to start.

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