Alfama Tour

This tour includes:

  • around Saint George castle. How it was when the Moors ruled Lisbon, and the man who put an end to it
  • Alfama’s narrow alleys, canary cages, clothes-lines and fado halls
  • great azulejo tiles: the colours of Lisbon
  • Miradouro Portas do Sol: the most famous view of Lisbon and the Tagus river

Belém Tour

  • You stand where Vasco de Gama set out to sea, not knowing where he was going. And you find out why Portugal turned Christopher Columbus down
  • The Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem. See with your own eyes what the gold from shipping trade could buy
  • “The caravel”, the great Portuguese ship. And what was so great about it
  • Enjoy Lisbon’s great parks, gardens and vistas – there is a a reason our President lives here!
  • Find out why people make a detour for the famous Belém pastries