We meet outside metro station porte de Clignancourt (line 4) at street level outside the McDonald’s.

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Every Sat. & Sun. at 10.45am

Metro station

Closest metro station: Porte de Clignancourt (line 4)

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Average time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Average number of guests 9
Ends in the Paris Flea Market

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Paris Flea Market

the insider's tour

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90 min / €24
10.45 am only Sat. & Sun.

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What's in our tour?

This Paris Flea Market walking tour introduces you to the world’s largest flea market – 15 markets, 2,500 shops, and everything French art ever produced, from 1960’s vintage clothes to refined 1600’s furniture and religious art of 800 years ago.

We meet outside the closest metro station, at a short distance from the flea market, at the spot where everything started. We discuss the 150 (some say 800) year history of the flea market.

Stroller or shopper? The guide inquires about everyone’s interests, and crafts the tour accordingly. She hands you a map of the different markets, and signals what markets and what stores are likely to carry the products and style you are looking for.

We visit several markets – eclectic Vernaison, high-end Biron, hip Serpette, cozy Dauphine, street-style Malik, poor man’s Jules Vallès, or over-the-top l’Entrepot, it depends what the group wants to see.

Our Paris Flea Market tour aims to introduce you to a range of markets – to each their own, each market is different in products, prices, and style.

We discuss how to shop – how do you tell an authentic from a copy, how do you negotiate price, and what else do you negotiate besides?

On occasion we interview some of the vendors – they know our guide, so they are more friendly and forthcoming. We learn what it’s like working at the Paris Flea Market as an antiques dealer.

The tour ends in the heart of the Serpette market, next to the eateries. The guide gives orientations to each guest – one catches the bus back to Notre Dame, others walk back to the metro with the guide, and most linger on in the market for an afternoon of shopping.


  • in less than 2 hours, get a comprehensive overview of the 15 markets
  • learn to sniff bargains and to negotiate Paris-style
  • meet market dealers and hear their stories
  • a balance of shopping tips and good stories so everyone enjoys the tour
  • very small groups so the tour is tailored for your interests and you get your questions answered
  • an experience unlike any other in Paris

Where and when?

Paris flea market walking tour runs on market days – Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine. In English.

Tour starts on time at 10.45am on Saturday and Sunday, and lasts a leisurely 90 minutes.

Closed on Dec. 24 & 25 and from August 1 to 15 (Market is closed)

Why take this tour?

Bargain-hunters, if you want to find French chandeliers, a 1920’s brooch, or a vintage Vuitton purse, this is the tour for you.


Paris Flea Market Tour is €24/adult (or US$27) discounted to €15 for kids 18 and under. Children under 7 come for free.

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Groups of friends, families, and school groups looking for an opportunity to share private time together often reserve a private guide.
A private tour is €125 or €240

Privatize this tour