Top 5 Jewish Bakeries in the Marais and What to Order


The neighborhood of le Marais exists on Paris’ Right Bank near the city centre. The 4th arrondissement in these parts was once the major location of Paris’ Jewish Quarter, with community buildings and businesses comprising the landmarks of this district.

Today, le Marais still retains remnants of the village it once was. The rue des Rosiers is still one of the most recognizable parts of Jewish Paris, and the old synagogue still calls this road home.

Boulangerie Murciano – by Boulangerie Murciano – Uploaded by them

Le Marais is also houses the Museum of Jewish Art and History, which is the largest collection of this kind of art in all of France.

Thanks to the extensive influence, kosher dining is still widely available in these parts from cafes and restaurants right through to the longstanding bakeries. Here are the top five Jewish bakeries to find in le Marais.

1. Sacha Finkelsztajn – La Boutique Jaune in Le Marais

27 Rue des Rosiers

Situated on the bustling road mentioned earlier, Sacha Finkelsztajn is a recognizable part of le Marais whether one knows it as a Jewish bakery or not.

The bakery is small, cramped and almost always sporting a long line of excited customers out in the streets. The exterior is what makes it so widely known in these parts; the walls are bright yellow which makes for an interesting contrast to the beige streets that surround it.

Sacha Finkelsztajn – by Sali Sasaki – Wikimedia Commons

This bakery has been in business in le Marais since 1946. The free guided walking tours of le Marais love coming past here to catch a glimpse of the history and perhaps indulge in a pastry or five.

Sacha serves up almost every Jewish treat you can imagine along with a variety of other traditional French baked goods. There is also a deli for anyone looking for a more hearty lunch meal.

What to order: Cheesecake

2. Boulangerie Murciano in Le Marais

16 Rue des Rosiers

Just a short walk from Sacha, on the same road, the Boulangerie Muricano is another old school Jewish bakery that has been part of this neighborhood since the beginning.

Sometimes the chaotic popularity of Sacha Finkelsztajn leaves Muricano in the shadows. Those that venture here in search of kosher threats are usually left more than pleased by what they find.

Boulangerie Murciano – by Jesús Gorriti – Wikimedia Commons

Again, this bakery serves up every Jewish baked good you can imagine. Amongst the French treats you’ll find a selection of croissants and apple tarts; I have formed a bit of a love affair with their almond croissants myself.

This is also a great bakery to visit if you’d like fresh baked breads in the mornings. Take note that in alignment with Jewish culture most of the kosher bakeries in le Marais take Saturdays off, Boulangerie Muricano included.

What to order: Apfelstrudel

Florence Kahn in Le Marias


Unlike the other bakeries, Florence Kahn won’t leave you hanging on Saturdays — they break on Mondays and Tuesdays instead.

This bakery is more of a brunch deli, and while sweet treats are available most people come here to enjoy a more savory meal anytime after 10am, which is when Florence Kahn opens. 

Florence Kahn – by Guillaume Speurt – Wikimedia Commons

Florence Kahn has gained much popularity recently due to their latest menu addition: bagels! Perfectly chewy and topped with fresh ingredients, the locals and tourists of le Marais are making this a priority lunch spot instead of what would usually be the renowned L’As du Fallafel across the street.

Whether you are eating from the deli or the bakery, all the foods at Florence Kahn are worth a visit to this part of town. Consider taking your order as a take away and walking the few blocks east until you arrive at the Place des Vosges; a beautiful public plaza where you can enjoy your food outside .

What to order: Potato Pancakes

Korcarz in Le Marais

29 Rue des Rosiers

Korcarz is open daily between eight and eight, except for Saturdays.

This is a largely overlooked Jewish bakery in these parts due to the overwhelming popularity of its competitors further up the street. Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and care that is clearly put into every pastry that comes from Korcarz.

Korcarz in Le Marais – by Korcarz – Uploaded by them

Despite being a tiny establishment, the back of the bakery has room for roughly twenty people to sit while they dine. There is also some street seating which customers can make use of if the weather permits it.

The staff are wonderful and will assist anyone who isn’t able to communicate properly in French. This is always tricky with bakeries in Paris, especially when you need to inquire about certain ingredients in the food or attest to allergies.

What to order: Linzer torte or cloud meringues

Moskovitch et Cie in Le Marais

16 Rue Rosiers

Moskovitch et Cie is a tiny Jewish bakery on the same street as the rest, however with far less foot traffic coming through the doors.

Despite being a distinctly kosher bakery in these parts, Moskovitch has been seemingly unable to keep up with the quality and demand of traditional Jewish baked goods in this area.

Challah – by Aviv Hod – Wikimedia Commons

Their pastries are simply just not up there with the quality and flavors of the afore mentioned establishments. What gets them on this top 5 list, is their bread!

The breads at Modkovitch are baked daily by some sort of bread guru. The doughs and crusts are always baked to perfection, and it costs almost nothing to purchase some of these goods.

You’ll pay €0.90 per baguette, which is largely unheard of for le Marais.

What to order: Challah

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