5 Best Techno Clubs in Paris


Paris has one of the greatest music atmospheres of the world, as there are tons of DJs, venues, and people who come to participate in the underground scene. You may know that techno is a big deal here, but do you know where to find it?

This article covers the five best techno venues in Paris, though the music is present in many places around the city. If you are into techno and the underground world, this article is going to tell you exactly where you need to go to find this kind of music and enjoy a night out in Paris.

1. Raspoutine

If you like to listen to techno in elegant settings, Raspoutine is the place to go. Located in the 8th arrondissement near the Champs Elysées, this sophisticated club is marked by the color red and hosts many high class Parisians.

Photo credits to RASPOUTINE Paris on Facebook

During Fashion Week, you’ll either need to look like a model or have a personal connection to be let in the door without reserving a table. The bouncers here are exclusive even during normal hours. Some people have trouble getting in and feel like the discriminatory bouncers are a disappointment. 

Photo credits to RASPOUTINE Paris on Facebook

Upon entering the club, you will be captivated by the striking red that covers the room and the pulsing music that plays loud enough to vibrate the walls around you. The interior is covered in red decor with gold accents from floor to ceiling.

Photo credits to RASPOUTINE Paris on Facebook

You may even go home to find out that a cute photo was taken of you and posted to the Raspoutine Facebook page by the professional photographers inside. Many people praise the deep house music that is played here, so if that’s your style, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Photo credits to RASPOUTINE Paris on Facebook

Raspoutine could be the best techno club in Paris. It is known for excellent music and ambience. At this club, there is no minimum spending price for a table, and the bottle prices are not outrageous. This is the place to go if you are looking to relax and dance with cool Parisians.

Practical information
address: 58 Rue de Bassano, 75008
Open: Thursday – Saturday: 11:30 am – 5 am
Entry fee: $80

2. Rex Club

Rex Club has an interesting setup, because it’s actually part of an amazing movie theater, but the club is underground. The venue gives an intimate vibe with its low ceiling and long, thin room.

Photo credits to @vercruyssenfrank on Instagram

Most people say that their experience here was a positive one, but they recommend that you go when there is a nice event scheduled for that night. Those who don’t like this spot complain about the 15 euro entrance fee and say that the staff can be rude and that the music quality is subpar.

Photo credits to @markandostin on Instagram

When you walk down the stairs after getting in the door, you’ll find yourself looking down the room at the stage on the other end and then at the bar to your right. The space is a dark environment and has tables lining the sides of the room, where some people are hanging out.

Photo credits to @ju_fge on Instagram

If you want to get closer to the performance scene, you can walk to the front and step up onto the dance floor, where you can get an intimate look at the stage and the DJ. Rex is a cool place to go if you want to experience a dark but intriguing atmosphere that draws you to the front to enjoy the music.

Photo credits to @juliemontel on Instagram

practical information
website: REXCLUB
entry fee: $33

3. Nuits Fauves

Techno clubs have a wide range of intensity, from soft house to deep underground vibes. Nuits Fauves leans on the underground side, so this place is for people who are really into dance music and less interested in the venue.

Photo credits to @ili_moira on Instagram

This venue is basically a long concrete box with a bar at one end and a stage at the other. The people who are attracted to this spot are usually experienced techno clubbers. It’s a good place to go if you really want to focus on the music, since the decor is pretty minimalistic. 

Photo credits to @f.balit on Instagram

This club features loud music and an industrial atmosphere. When in the midst of this crowd, you will feel fully submerged in the underground music world. Unfortunately, there have been several reports of pickpocketing incidents here, so it is important to be aware of your belongings here as in any other nightclub. 

Photo credits to @astridsmeers on Instagram

There are usually a lot of people packed in a large space during an event, and if you get through the bulk of the people, you can climb into a metal cage and dance to the music from above the crowd.

Photo credits to @siminagrigoriumusic on Instagram

Overall, Nuits Fauves is the perfect place to go if you enjoy the underground world or if you want to see what it’s like. The venue is situated on the Seine, adjacent to the next club on our list, Wanderlust.

practical information
address: 34 QUAI D’AUSTERLITZ, 75013

4. Wanderlust

This outdoor spot also sits by the Seine in the 13th arrondissement. With lights above your head in the large, open-air space in front of the stage, you might feel like you’re at a beach club. But Wanderlust is actually in Paris, playing hip-hop and house DJ music.

Photo credits to @wanderlustparis on Instagram

If you like the idea of having a touch of rap music mixed in with your techno outing, this is an ideal spot. The club plays electronic music but also includes some more international influences, with tunes from places like Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa and South America.

Photo credits to @wanderlustparis on Instagram

Wanderlust has both an outdoor terrace and a stage inside a big green tube. If you show up before midnight, you can skip the entrance fee to watch the sunset and start ordering drinks and snacks from the booths.

Photo credits to @wanderlustparis on Instagram

Another cool thing about this spot is that aside from being a nightclub, it’s also a space for daytime events like yoga classes. If you’re interested in more than just nightlife, make sure to check the Wanderlust Paris Facebook page for upcoming events.

practical information
address: 32 QUAI D’AUSTERLITZ 75013
entry fee: free

5. La Machine du Moulin Rouge

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Moulin Rouge, Paris’ most famous cabaret since 1889. But did you know that today it doubles as a nightclub? Just next door to where the cancan dance was invented, there is now a popular spot for techno music.

Photo credits to @lamachineparis on Instagram

Unlike the traditional Moulin Rouge cabaret, this nightclub is a four-story building that hosts contemporary DJs and a lively audience. Each floor has a different interior, ranging from club spaces to a terrace bar and a rooftop space. The main room is the largest, called Le Central, and features popular DJs in concert.

Photo credits to @lamachineparis on Instagram

The Chaufferie is located in the former boiler room and is another space for partying with friends. There is also a champagne bar where you can enjoy drinks throughout the night.

Photo credits to @lamachineparis on Instagram

The venue plays mostly house music (dance and techno), as well as some popular hits. Entry usually costs 15 to 20 euros. Be sure to dress nicely enough to impress the bouncers and expect to pay 10 to 15 euros for a cocktail.

Photo credits to @lamachineparis on Instagram

practical information
address: 90 BOULEVARD DE CLICHY, 75018
Website: La Machine du Moulin Rouge
entry fee: $22

La Machine du Moulin Rouge was created in January 2010 when the famous cabaret bought the space next door to them. It is a great space for dancing and after-work drinks. Another unique characteristic of this concert hall is that it also hosts formal balls, for those who enjoy dressing up and celebrating in style.

No matter which of these venues you visit, you’re sure to have an amazing time. And if you’re really into techno, you should try to visit all five. Why not? When in Paris, it’s a good idea to see as much as you can.

Each of these nightclubs plays techno, but some of them also include their own twist with other genres like rap and hip hop.  Hopefully, this article has exposed you to the opportunity for some of the most fun nights in Paris.

Again, Paris is a really exquisite place for techno. There are many nightclubs that play it and many people come to hear it. If you’re in Paris and you’re into techno, you’re in luck.

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