Top 10 Bakeries in Le Marais and What to Order


Lining up for fresh baked bread on a Saturday morning is about as Parisian as it gets. The abundance of bakeries in the city center is a big part of what makes living here so worthwhile.

Le Marais is the trendy neighborhood on the Right Bank of Paris’ 4th arrondissement. If you want to feel the true essence of Paris you need only walk through these streets.

Comme à Lisbonne in Le Marais – by Comme à Lisbonne – Uploaded by them

The streets of le Marais are filled with bars, cafes, bookstores, thrift shops and more bakeries than probably necessary. Here follows ten of the best and exactly what you should order from each.

1. Boulangerie Murciano in Le Marais

6 Rue des Rosiers

The free guided walking tours of le Marais will take you right down the famous rue des Rosiers. This is the busiest street in the district, and also marks the once thriving Jewish quarter of Paris.

You’ll still find many kosher restaurants and synagogs stemming from this area. The Boulangerie Murciano is one of the remaining kosher bakeries in le Marais. A small, family run establishment with delicious pastries by the dozen.

What to order: Apfelstrudel

Boulangerie Murciano – by Boulangerie Murciano – Uploaded by them

2. Au Petit Versailles du Marais in Le Marais

1 Rue Tiron

This bakery is in the south of le Marais near the Seine river. There are many Airbnb apartments situated here and guests love walking down to Au Petit Versailles every morning for their croissant fix.

They are famous in these parts for their perfectly baked croissants. There are a variety of flavors and fillings to choose from. They open at 7am, try get here early as stock tends to sell out.

What to order: Pistachio croissant

3. Boulangerie Heurtier in Le Marais

2 Rue de la Verrerie

The menu at Boulangerie Heurtier is simple. It’s a place you can stop by for a quick sweet treat and a cup of coffee between sightseeing in this district.

The menu is also reasonably priced with coffee starting at just €1.

What to order: Chocolate croissant

4. Florence Kahn in Le Marais

24 Rue des Ecouffes

L’As du Fallafel is the renowned falafel restaurant in le Marais. Just across the road is the bakery of Florence Kahn; and the two establishments juggle patrons between sweet and savory eats.

Florence Kahn only starts the business day at 10am, so early morning baked goods aren’t an option. Brunch and lunch foods are more of the specialty here.

What to order: Potato pancake or a bagel

Florence Kahn in Le Marais – by jean melis – Wikimedia Commons

5. Carré Pain de Mie in Le Marais

5 Rue Rambuteau

This bakery is a short walk south from the Museum of Hunting and Nature in le Marais and is truly a hidden gem of the area. It is run as a Japanese/French baked goods hybrid.

The speciality here is freshly baked breads. You’ll enjoy different recipe combinations that combine the baking techniques of both cultures. The bakery is slightly pricy but worth experiencing at least once.

What to order: Japanese soft bread

6. Aux Désirs de Manon in Le Marais

129 Rue Saint-Antoine

Aptly named “a desire to moan”, this bakery gives customers many reasons to do just that. Everything here is good; from the cakes to the pastries to the savory sandwiches.

The bakery is situated just off of the rue de Rivoli that runs through le Marais from the 1st arrondissement. This is a popular shopping street with multiple Parisian landmarks along the way .

What to order: Cheesecake or brownies

7. Paul in Le Marais

89-91 Rue Saint-Antoine

Paul is a bakery franchise found throughout Paris and in other major cites around the world. This bakery tends to be more popular with tourists than it is with the locals.

The menu spans between baked goods all the way to pizzas (which are surprisingly good). If you’re ever craving Portuguese treats such as pastel de natas, you’ll find them here too.

The Paul’s in le Marais is my favorite in Paris followed by the one inside of the Louvre Museum.

What to order: Nutella donut

Paul in Le Marais – by Paul – Uploaded by them

8. Comme à Lisbonne in Le Marais

37 Rue du Roi de Sicile

A bakery near the Seine river that also specializes in both French and Portuguese baked goods. For pastel de natas you’d be mistaken to go anywhere else! They open at 11am, get there early and buy in bulk if you’d like to have for the rest of the day — another item that sells out really quickly in this area.

Also on the menu is a wide variety of tarts and light meals.

What to order: Pastel de natas of course!

Comme à Lisbonne in Le Marais – by Comme à Lisbonne – Uploaded by them

9. Miss Manon in Le Marais

87 Rue Saint-Antoine

While en route to visit the Place des Vosges in le Marais, stop by Miss Manon and pick up a takeaway baguette to enjoy while lazing in the plaza.

Getting your goods as takeaway is a good idea at Miss Manon as there is an extra charge for all orders made to eat in.

This bakery is one of the earliest to open in le Marais. Service starts at 6:30am, with most other bakeries in the area only opening their doors at 7am.

What to order: Veggie baguette

10. Mireille in Le Marais

133 Rue Vieille du Temple

Mireille has been an intricate part of le Marais since 1945 when Miss Mireille herself would bake for the community every morning.

The bakery today reflects an antique, historic vibe with a distinct Parisian flair.

You can enjoy a full sandwich lunch here for under €5. Their homemade quiche goes for just €3.

Mireille is a short walk from the Picasso Museum. They open from 8am daily and only close at 7:30pm so you can stop by both before or after your museum trip.

What to order: French Meringues

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