Top 10 gifts from Paris


What to bring back from Paris? Here is our top 10 gifts from Paris, because I guess that in your great kindness you are willing to bring back a little something to the people who are staying at home, working, while you are enjoying holiday in our beautiful Paris. In order to help you, here is a little top 10 gifts from Paris. Then, you can also read this article if you want to bring souvenirs for yourself!

Number 10 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Candles (Durance, Diptyque, Ladurée)

Top 10 gifts from Paris candle-gift

In France we are making our own candles. Of course you can also find Yankee Candles, but maybe you can bring a macaron scented macaron candle from Ladurée? Or one from Durance or Diptyque, both produced and designed in France. The cheapest is Durance and you can find in their shop, candles smelling like Provence. I’ve recently bought tomatoes smelling candle, I wasn’t disappointed! I feel like I’m dancing in a great pool of gazpacho every time I light it!

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Number 9 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Eiffel Tower key-chain


It’s a must have, cheap and small it won’t cost you an arm and you can put it in your suitcase because it weights so little. You can bring one to your cousin, the neighbor who took care of your cat, and to your colleagues!

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Number 8 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Bottle of wine or champagne


One of our top 10 gifts from Paris is: a classic and classy bottle of wine or champagne. Well of course you have to be more than eighteen in France, and to be allowed to drink in your country too. You can use our guide to choose wine in Paris to make your choice! You will also find the following articles interesting:

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Number 7 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Magnet


It is the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower keychain, but for your fridge. So the people you will offer it to won’t have to carry it always on their keys: they can hide it somewhere and stick it on the fridge when you visit them!

Number 6 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Clothes


Paris is not only the “capital of love”, but also the capital of fashion, so you could bring back clothes. It goes from the classic (and expensive) Hermès Carré (more expensive French brands) to the male underwear. Seriously, we have a French brand of male underwear with French colors on it, called “le Slip Français” and even if the world famous brands are very expensive, you can find little French brands less expensive and very pretty too.

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Number 5 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Chocolates


Belgium doesn’t have the monopole of chocolate! We have some very good chocolate too! We also have many little kinds of treats, just go for a walk in the Marais, and around the Rue des Archives, you may find happiness. Moreover almost all of those shops will let you taste their treats!

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Number 4 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Cheese (if you don’t leave by plane)


If you’re not taking the plane to come home, and if you’re very good at packing or not afraid of smelling cheese forever: bring cheese! My advice would be to use our guide about cheese, which explains where to buy it in Paris.

> Check our top 5 fun facts about French cheese.

Number 3 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Perfume or Make up


Despite all the clichés, we smell good! And according to all the clichés we are pretty! That is all true and that is thanks to our Parisian beauty secrets and perfumes. We’re good at it; you should offer some to your friend. Read this article to help you choose good products and discover the best tips.

Number 2 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: PSG Jersey


For football lover, you can also bring a football jersey back! Of course, as you are in Paris, it is logical to come back with a PSG jersey! Read more about our successful football team on our blog.

Number 1 of our top 10 gifts from Paris: Bouquinistes


If you walk by the quay of Seine, you should find some second-hand booksellers. In those little shops, you will find postcards, posters and old French books, the prettiest things to decorate your apartment or to offer!

This top 10 gifts from Paris is over! But there are still a few articles you will enjoy if you want more suggestions and ideas, such as top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris and best food to bring back from France. Feel free to share your own recommandations. What are the most representative items of Paris you’ve found during your stay?

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