Everything you need to know about Parisian fashion


Today I will be telling you everything you need to know about Parisian fashion. Parisian fashion is quite unique, so it obviously needed a whole article to be written about it. In terms of fashion, the city of Paris is a reference. Parisian fashion has its own unique features, and there are some items that never miss in a Parisian wardrobe.

The city of Paris is one of the capitals of fashion. Like Milan, London, New York and Berlin, Paris also hosts several Fashion Weeks every year. However, one has to admit that many of the most famous fashion designers are from Paris. I’m thinking about Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Jean-Paul Gaultier that have challenged fashion standards and have established all-time trends. Parisian fashion is pure elegance and very inspiring.

In my opinion, fashion is an extension of ourselves. It is through fashion that one gives the first impression. It is also our first expression towards the world. We dress, act and present ourselves, we show tiny bits of our thoughts and personality. So, you can actually learn a lot about a culture and its mindset if you take a closer look at its fashion.

Paris is a fascinating city and so is its fashion. It can reveal a lot about what the city stands for! Read on to discover everything you need to know about Parisian fashion!

How come is Paris considered the capital of fashion?

Paris is the city of Light and the city of Love, but it is also known as the capital of Fashion. How come? All the greatest trends of Fashion history were born in Paris. The most outrageous, shocking and influential trends have started in Paris. So it was inevitable for Paris to be considered the capital of Fashion. Under Louis XIV, the Sun-King, Fashion was already extremely important and was already influencing the rest of the world.

Louis XIV the Sun-King

In Versailles, the King thought that appearances were crucial to intimidate the rivals and the enemies. It was essential for him to maintain a luxurious and elegant look. He expected his court to do the same, so he used to summon the best tailors for them to dress the nobles of the court. Everyone had to look flawless and outstanding. It was one of the Court rules. The way people dressed was to show the world how successful they were in life. This established French sense of fashion forever.

Haute Couture fashion house

In the nineteenth century, the first Haute Couture fashion house was created. Guess where? At Rue de la Paix. The House of Worth was founded by Charles Frederick Worth, an English fashion designer. He is the one who started labeling clothes and introduced runway shows and the principle of exhibiting collections. That is when Paris witnessed an increasing popularity in terms of Fashion. All fashion designers wanted to get their fashion houses and headquarters in Paris.

Paris fashion week

Since then, Paris kept on growing and became the most influential city for Fashion. It was and still is the birthplace of many trends. For example, the concept of fashion week began in Paris. The last of the big four Fashion Weeks (Paris, Milan, London, New York) is held in Paris. In my opinion, to save the best for last! In fact, you don’t exist in the Fashion industry until you get your collections exhibited in Paris Fashion Week.

What are Parisian fashion features?

Parisian fashion features

Everything you need to know about Parisian fashion is also about discovering and trying all the Parisian fashion features. As soon as you spend some time in the city of Paris, you will quickly come to realize that Parisians have specific fashion features. In the middle of a crowd, a Parisian always stands out, maybe it’s for the way he dresses or for the way he carries himself.

First of all, Parisians love simplicity. You will never see one wearing too much jewelry. Less is more. Parisian fashion is about picking the right statement item to complete the outfit. Instead of wearing plenty of jewelry, choose one item that is worth many ones. For instance, to go with a nice and simple outfit, you can simply add a few delicate jewels and an elegant scarf. It will turn out to be much more eye-catching and intriguing. A bag or a hat can also be great accessories to look cool without exaggerating. You will also see that the women of Paris wear very little makeup. They always look fresh and natural. Parisian fashion is about authenticity and being yourself! Moreover, you should also know that Parisians don’t usually wear labels, unless they are discreet ones, like the Chanel logo.


Secondly, we’ve all come to notice that Parisians are naturally sexy. One doesn’t know exactly the reason, but there’s something about their attitude. If you make friends with Parisians, you will see that many of them manage to look sexy even when wearing their oversized sweaters! Sexiness is actually about your attitude and how you carry yourself, not your outfit. So you really don’t need to wear tight clothes. Sometimes when you wear clothes that feel kind of tight, you don’t feel comfortable and at ease. This can affect your behavior and take a tiny bit of your charm away. Just because you like some item does not mean it will look good on you. You have to know what fits you good and wear it with pride!

Thirdly, another Parisian fashion feature is the element of surprise. You have to be unpredictable and surprising. For instance, an oversized t-shirt with some jeans and a pair of stiletto shoes. If worn properly, it can look pretty cool and very stylish. Always look chic and relaxed at the same time. Comfort is key to perfect your outfit! You have to feel comfortable in your shoes to be effortlessly chic.

What are some of the essentials of Parisian fashion?

Parisian wardrobe

There are some pieces that happen to be in every Parisian wardrobe! These are what I like to call “the essentials”, also known as the “basics”. Basics, or essentials, are items that one couldn’t live without. They are timeless and look good with almost everything you own.


To fully understand everything about Parisian fashion, you need to know which items are essential and the most significant of Parisian fashion. So here it goes! You can ask any Parisian you want, they will tell you these are definitely their essentials and that they work with any outfit! For starters, every woman in the whole world should own a “little black dress”. Since Coco Chanel made it popular, it has become a must in every woman’s wardrobe. From casual days to classy dinners, a little black dress is always appropriate. It is trendy and classy. When you don’t know what to wear, just pick the little black dress, and you’re good to go!

Another item that every Parisian woman owns in her wardrobe is, at least, one pair of elegant and sophisticated stiletto shoes! It goes well with anything, may it be a trouser suit, some cropped jeans or a fancy dress.


Then, there are some basics that all Parisians, men or women, only swear by! Such as a trench coat, a white shirt, a blazer, a marinière sweater, a leather jacket, and a bootcut jeans. These pieces are timeless and classic. That is why they definitely are a must in any wardrobe!

I’ve now told everything you need to know about Parisian fashion! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been inspiring to you! Just keep in mind that the best way to be stylish and original is to be yourself. The most authentic act of freedom is to stay true to yourself. Each person is unique.

See you soon in Paris!

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