Are you enjoying Paris?


Are you drinking wine while reading french poetry? Do you want to bring home some wine? Or just to buy some for dinner tonight? Are you wondering “where to buy wine in Paris”? Here are all your answers.

The first thing you have to ask yourself before wondering where to buy wine in Paris, is ‘am I eighteen years old or more’?

If yes you can continue, the French legislation forbids alcohol consumption to people being less than 18 years old. So now that you’re aware of that, where to buy wine in Paris?

Where to buy wine in Paris wine-in-glasses

In pretty much every grocery shops, the big ones (Franprix Monoprix…) and the little ones open all night long.

In the big ones you can find many different type of wine but you have to know what you are buying because there is no seller dedicated to wine, so you may not have help to chose and you may buy a terrible and disgusting wine (because it exists).

My only advice would be to never buy a wine under 5 euros and to prefer great appellations and wine “mis en bouteille au château / au domaine”, and if you can find organic wine it is even better. I also always chose a wine with a pretty label, but it’s not mandatory.

There is also the app “vivino” which may help you to know if the wine is more or less good: you scan the label and you have a description of the wine in English.

My second advice would be to avoid buying wine in a 24/24 little grocery shop, except if you’re desperate for a sip of wine, wine there is expensive and often not very good.


According to me the best place where to buy wine in Paris are wine merchants shops/cavistes. These are shops only dedicated to wine, people working there are wine lovers and will ask you what you prefer to find you the best wine you can afford.

Of course the wine there can be very expensive but you can also find many bottles of cheaper wine; sometimes they can also let you taste some wine, but one thing is sure: they don’t have bad wine.

Some wine shops are chains, and some people working there are less dedicated to their work than in small wine shops where people have studied wine for years, I really recommend you choose a little wine shop.

If you’re looking for good advice on great wine and food, I recommend our food and wine tour, you will be in the company of a Parisian guide who will make you taste wine and food.

So now that you know where to buy wine in Paris, I can only recommend that you don’t drink and wine!

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