Top 30 souvenirs to bring back from Paris


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If you’re visiting Paris and are wondering what are the best souvenirs to bring back from Paris, you need to read this article. Whenever one travels, they always want to bring some objects to remind them of the places they visited. The best souvenirs will be the ones you feel are the most appropriate and will awaken sweet memories of your stay in Paris. Today I want to tell you about my top 30 souvenirs to bring back from Paris. In my opinion, the objects I’m about to share with you are funny and typical of Paris.

Your friends and relatives will be thrilled to hear all about your experiences and adventures in Paris. To bring them some sweets or Parisians items is a great idea, it will let them know you thought of them during your stay! Small attentions definitely strengthen friendship and relationships! However, it is also important for you to bring some souvenirs back from Paris. People hold on to the moments of joy and discovery. By bringing items from Paris, you will always have a bit of the city with you! All the souvenirs and memories you will get from Paris will comfort you whenever you feel kind of “homesick” of Paris!

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A metro ticket to remind you of your trips through Paris


The metro is an important element in the Parisians daily life. While visiting Paris, you will travel a lot by metro, so it will be as important to you as it is to the locals! The metro will get you fast from one place to another. You will get to travel from the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Eiffel Tower in a matter of a few minutes! You will use many metro tickets throughout your stay in Paris, that is why I think it is a nice souvenir to bring back from Paris!

A cute Tour Eiffel miniature



It’s pretty cliché! But a cute Tour Eiffel miniature is definitely on my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris. I guess it’s probably the most bought souvenir, but it’s actually quite an obvious choice! One gets to take a much smaller version of the Iron Lady, the most symbolic monument of Paris! Despite the fact it is a very common souvenir, I find it pretty cool!

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Items from the bouquinistes


Bouquinistes are like little bookshelves that you will find along the banks of the Seine river. They are sellers of used and antiquity books, they also sell posters and drawings of Parisian scenes. You will love to walk along the Seine while watching at all the treasures bouquinistes actually have. It’s a real pleasure, because it gives such a unique charm to Paris!

Unique second-hand clothes

Unique second hand clothes

Also on my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris are second-hand clothes. If you appreciate fashion and always look for unique items to spice up your outfits, you absolutely need to go to the Marais neighborhood.

I love to shop in this area because there are plenty of vintage stores. They are all so great and propose a wide variety of vintage items. From pin-up dresses to seventies shirts, you will always find unique and original clothes. Each vintage item you’ll find in these stores has its own history. Getting one for yourself as a souvenir is a very creative idea.

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A good bottle of wine


Next on my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris is a bottle wine. Us, Parisians, we love a good wine! It’s relaxing. And it tastes even better accompanied by friends after a day at work! Wine is kind of important in Parisian culture and lifestyle, that is why I consider it to be a great choice for a souvenir of Paris.

Once you get back home, you’ll still have your bottle of wine to pretend you’re still in Paris! And in case you want to offer it to someone, I think it is an awesome gift! All around Paris, there are plenty of great places for you to buy good wine. For instance, the Nicolas stores are located all around the city. If you click here, you will also find a little guide to help you choose a good wine.

Then, I can also suggest you buy a bottle of wine from Montmartre vineyard. However, you should know that it is actually a very bad one! But it’s a pretty cool and original idea to own wine from grapes harvested in Paris.

Keep your museum entry tickets

Louvre Museum

Along with some of your metro tickets, you also could keep a few of yours museum entry tickets! More information about Museums here. I, for instance, have a little box where I keep all my museum tickets, all the tickets from the shows I’ve seen, and plenty more stuff. Whenever I travel to a new place, I try to keep everything I can from it.

A fancy beret

fancy beret

When a foreigner thinks about a Parisian, he imagines someone wearing a marinière, a little scarf, a beret, with a baguette underneath his arm. It’s quite a funny stereotype! The first mass productions of the beret started indeed in France in the nineteenth century, that is why this hand knitted wool hat is associated to France and to Paris fashion style. In my opinion, berets are actually very stylish and classy!

Truth be told, you won’t see many Parisians wearing berets. Because berets are actually being sold in souvenir stores. They cost between four and eight euros. So if you have some time and want to save money, you should go to several souvenir stores to compare the prices and see which one is more worth it.

The iconic Macarons


Correct me if I’m wrong, but when people come to Paris: to try macarons is always in their “to do list”! Especially the iconic Ladurée macarons. We all long for macarons. So, bring back home some macarons for your dear ones, they will be more than thankful! It’s a great gift and it will allow them to enjoy a tiny bit of Paris! Or, you can also just take some for your own pleasure and enjoy them a little longer!

These colorful and delicate look alike mini sandwiches have conquered our taste buds! You can try the delightful macarons at Ladurée. Their first store in Paris is located at 16 rue Royale that you can check during our Paris Landmarks free walking Tour. This store and its decoration are simply one-of-a-kind, so charming and typically Parisian. I also recommend you to try Paul’s macarons which are great and delicious as well!

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Delicious chocolates


You will find so many great “chocolateries” in Paris! It’s a great gift for many reasons and a great option for a souvenir from Paris. A box of chocolates will extend your stay in Paris a few more days! As you will be back home while eating your chocolates, you will be able to remind the moments spent in the city of Paris.

I love the fact that, usually, when people open a box of chocolates, the chocolate kind of look the same on the outside. But when people start eating, they quickly realize it’s actually an explosion of flavours, all very different from one another. People love to eat chocolates and try to guess the ingredients! It’s very fun! It’s love at first bite!

If you want top-quality chocolates, you can try the Alain Ducasse ones. There are only a few stores in Paris. There’s one near the Marais neighbourhood, located at 40 rue de la Roquette, and another one is located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, at 26 Rue Saint-Benoît. These chocolates are exquisite!

You can also try the Jeff de Bruges ones. There are five different stores in Paris! They are delicious as well and less expensive. Another great “chocolaterie” is the À la Mère de Famille store. It can be found in the Montorgueil neighborhood, at the 82 rue Montorgueil. You can find our list of chocolate makers here and read more about chocolate on our blog.

Don’t throw your transports map out


Another item I think is kind of cool to keep is your transports map. It is part of my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris because each city is unique and they all have different types of public transports and organizations of lines. It’s interesting to keep the transports map to be able to compare it with other cities. Read more about Parisian metro.

Buy a newspaper

Buy a newspaper

Another souvenir I like to bring back from the cities I visit is a newspaper. During your stay in Paris, you should definitely buy a newspaper. It is a great way to see which were the headlines the time you visited the city of Paris and what was going on throughout the world at that moment.

The sweet Carambars


Carambars are on the market since 1954! Carambars are chewy caramel candies that are extremely delightful and addictive! I’m not sure but I think these candies have only been sold in France! Basically, you will only find Carambars in France, that is why I had to put in my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris.

These sweets are truly awesome and a great edible souvenir! Every time I go to France, a friend of mine always asks me to bring him a bag of carambars! Plus, inside each wrapper, you will find some jokes in French but they are not really funny. In fact, in France, if you tell a joke and someone refers to it as a “blague carambar” (carambar joke), it’s because it was a very bad one!

Tasteful cheese


Cheese had obviously to be in this article about the best food to bring back from France! There are more than 400 different types of cheese in France, so you will have plenty of choice! If you’re not sure about which one to buy, you should ask help from the “fromager” or even from the locals. They will give you the best advice depending on your tastes!

Whether you like strong flavours or softer ones, you will find the perfect cheese to take back home with you! In my opinion, La Fermette in the rue Montorgueil is a great “fromagerie” for you to choose the cheese that will best suit your preferences! More information about cheese and more advices to choose a good cheese.

Elegant French lingerie


French lingerie is elegant, sexy, classy but still comfortable. Brands like Passionata and Aubade present delicate and fancy collections that will enhance your body and curves. And in case you’re looking for a present for your lady, I think she will be very pleased with this idea.

Lingerie is quite important in a woman’s life. If I feel comfortable and elegant, I am much more confident. There are plenty of lingerie stores in Paris. You will definitely find a set of lingerie that will suit your style and tastes, and you will always remember your romantic trip to Paris.

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Get antique treasures at a flea market

flea market

The unique French charm at a flea market is not to be missed. It is heaven for the one looking for a unique, vintage gift, from furniture to jewellery. You absolutely need to go to a flea market because you will find the most marvelous objects! And I think it can be a great option for souvenirs to bring back from Paris!

Prepare to time travel and to bring back home objects full of Parisian charms, such as Parisian vintage clothes from the 60s and furniture from the seventeenth century. I’m confident you will be very pleased because in Paris we have the world’s largest flea market. It would really be a shame to miss it! Book a guided tour.

Get a marinière sweater

mariniere sweater

Next on my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris is the marinière sweater. The marinière sweater is a classic of Paris fashion. Many Parisians actually own one. If you love the Parisian style and feel inspired by Parisian fashion, you should get a marinière for yourself. You can get one in vintage stores, and also in the GAP stores, where the marinière turns out to be one of the basics.

A good champagne

good champagne

As a souvenir, you can also buy good champagne. The French love champagne. Whenever there’s a celebration, champagne is always served. Parisians have good tastes, they love to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne, spend time with friends and have fun. Champagne is sophisticated and sparkling just like the Parisians. That’s the reason why I had to mention it as a good souvenir from Paris.

A frame to hang your most beautiful picture


During your stay in Paris, you will be taking plenty of photos. When one visits Paris, they want to capture all the beauty of the city and make sure the best moments last forever. You could go to BHV Marais, a department store located in the Marais neighborhood. It is a unique mall where you will be able to find goods that suit all tastes. The mall heave with furniture, jewelry, fashion, household products, childrenswear, and much more stuff!

At the mall, pick the photo frame you most prefer. Because once you get back home, you will be able to print your most beautiful picture that best represents your trip and frame it in a Parisian photo frame.

A painting from Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre

When in Paris, visiting Montmartre is a must! It is one of the most charming and artistic neighbourhoods of Paris. And as you will be walking Montmartre, you will probably reach Place du Tertre, where plenty of artists draw and paint all day long. They actually earn a living through the art they manage to sell.

If you’re looking for an original souvenir to bring back from Paris, buy a painting at Place du Tertre. You may find some paintings for a cheaper price in the nearby souvenir stores, but don’t fool yourself. The paintings sold in these stores are fake and actually harm Place du Tertre artists business.

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A souvenir from your favorite Parisian café


Some Parisian cafés are willing to sell their china cups, such as the Café de Flore in the Latin Quarter. So if you happen to have a favorite café in Paris, try to negotiate and buy a china cup from them. It’s a rather nice and one-of-a-kind souvenir, that will allow to remind you of your trip to Paris whenever you drink from it.

Bonus: Twelve more souvenir ideas

Some foie-gras for Christmas


Around the period of Christmas and the end-of-year season, you will probably get to try foie-gras while in Paris, because it is one of the main delicacies of the festive season. This French specialty is duck or goose liver that can be eaten raw, half-cooked or cooked.

It is one of the French customs to eat it on Christmas’ eve. So, if you want to take a little taste of French-inspired Christmas with you, foie-gras might be a good idea. Plus, you will enable your relatives to taste it as well.

A Classic French Scarf

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Parisian strolling around the city without a scarf come Autumn. This is one of the simplest and most popular French accessories, and one that’s great to bring home as a souvenir of your time in Paris. Plus, scarves are super versatile, with a fabric and style to match every season – and every outfit. These also make great gifts! You can find scarves for sale just about anywhere in Paris, from newsstands to designer stores – so the choice is up to you. The BHV Marais and Galeries Lafayette are two department stores with an excellent selection to fit any budget. 

A Parisian perfume


If you’re looking for a sophisticated and fancy souvenir, you can get a perfume! In Paris, you will find numerous famous perfumers. Whether it is a home fragrance or a perfume for personal use, getting perfume as a souvenir is an awesome option. Each time you will use it or smell it, you will be able to get back to Paris and remember your time in the city, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Some Vintage Postcards

While postcards are probably one of the most popular souvenirs you can find in any city, Paris has something special to offer in this department. If you stroll along the Seine riverbanks, you’ll pass by dozens of dark green bookstands, or bouquinistes. They sell much more than just books though, and many of them sell vintage postcards from Paris or around France. Some date back to the turn of the century and are even filled in with the original owner’s note, while others are blank. Up to you to find your own little piece of history to bring back home. 

A jewel from Satellite


You will find many jewel designers around the city of Paris. One of my favourites is the Satellite company. Their jewels are so delicate and unique. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery, bohemian-inspired, Satellite may be the perfect store for you.

There are only nine stores in Paris, check their website to see their locations. In their creations, you will definitely get to understand the designers’ inspiration. In 1986, Satellite was born out of the love for travelling of a couple, Sandrine and Ouaki. Inspired by the time they spent in America, Asia, and South Europe, they created a whole collection of jewellery and the company never stopped growing since then.

I love their creations, they give a special touch to any outfit!

A set of delicious Parisian mini desserts


You cannot come to Paris and not try the delicious pastries you will find in the bakeries around the city. From éclairs, millefeuilles, Paris-brest to tartelettes aux fruits, find out more about the excellent pastries of Paris here.

Bakeries and pastry stores around Paris offer a great variety of these cakes, sweets and delicacies. They propose the regular-sized desserts, but mini ones as well. A box of mini desserts from Paris can be a great souvenir and will make your stay last a little longer while getting accustomed to being back home.

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A Parisian fridge magnet


It may be quite mainstream and basic, but a fridge magnet is actually a nice idea! Your souvenir from Paris will be in a room you use everyday and will turn out to serve a purpose. You can pin your grocery list, your to-do list to the fridge with your magnet. Everytime you will use the fridge, you will remind of your stay in Paris and all the beautiful places you’ve visited and experienced!

A set of exquisite tea


© O’bon Paris

For the tea connoisseurs, Paris is the perfect place! Indeed, the production of high quality teas is not reserved to the British. The most reputable tea houses are also found in Paris. Don’t hesitate to get a set of extra flavoured teas as a souvenir, whether for you or your family!

The Mariage Frères is the store I recommend you to visit to get some of the best teas ever!

A few madeleines for the afternoon snacks


To go with your tea, why don’t you get a box of madeleines? These are the favorite children’s snack, and I have to admit that grown ups also love them! These distinct shaped cakes are internationnally known thanks to Marcel Proust’s novel Du côté de chez Swann. Getting madeleines for yourself or to offer them to some relatives means sharing the childhood memories of many French people.

The madeleines cakes are part of the childhood of most French. If you want to get some, I suggest you to go to the La Cure Gourmande at 194, Rue de Rivoli but you will also find them for a cheaper price in any grocery store.

Scratch tickets

An item I think is great as a souvenir is a scratch ticket or even several ones! Go to a tabac and buy a few scratch tickets. When you’re back home, you will be able to scratch them and see if you’ve earned a prize. If you did, you will have to return to Paris to claim it! :D

A simple object of decoration


A simple ashtray, a mug, or a tablecloth are seen as a common objects, but when they come from Paris they gain a whole lot of meaning. Buy one of these and whenever you look at it or use it, you will remember your stay in Paris. It is such a simple and nice souvenir to have from Paris!


top souvenirs to get from france

Marshmallows by Smith609 from Wikimedia Commons

Every area of France has its unique specialities, and this statement is true not only for the various foods but also for desserts. You may find all of these delicacies while you are visiting Paris.

There is a wide variety of sweets available, including Violettes, Berlingots, Caramels, Guimauves, and Roudoudous. These treats will transport you all around France.

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top souvenirs you can get from France

Bubble tea France by Léna from Wikimedia Commons

France is the ideal location for anyone who likes to consume tea or infusions. Indeed, making fragrant teas is not only a British tradition. There are wonderful tea houses that will tempt your palate. So don’t think twice about giving some to your loved ones.

A French knife

top souvenirs from France

Opinel by Ashley Pomeroy from Wikimedia Commons

Purchase an Opinel knife if you’re looking for a practical, French-made present right away. These Savoie-made knives with hardwood handles are a representation of the “Made in France” movement. Having one will come in handy while you are at home as well as when you are out in the great outdoors for a picnic or camping.

Beauty products

top souvenirs you can get from France

l’Occitane café by Nobuo Danjou from Wikimedia Commons

Many distinctive skincare items and soaps that are loved by foreigners but are unavailable in their native countries may be found in France. Avène, L’Occitane, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay.

Although it is not difficult to get these things in France, they are substantially more expensive elsewhere. Therefore, when you visit Paris, brag about taking advantage of such affordable costs and introducing your friends to some French companies.

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Herbs and Spices

You may get every spice or aromatic herb you can dream of in Paris to improve the flavour of your food.

Common examples are Bouquets Garnis, which is a combination of dried thyme, bay leaf, sage, garlic, and a few other herbs, Persillade, which is a mixture of parsley, garlic, and olive oil, Herbes de Provence, and other spices like Espelette pepper. These ingredients will give your food flavour.


top souvenirs you can get from France

Madeleines by Bernard Leprêtre from Wikimedia Commons

One of the most often consumed sweets at snack time is this. Since Marcel Proust mentioned them in Du côté de chez Swann (Swann’s Way), these little cakes with a distinctive form have gained widespread recognition. You will be able to share and make wonderful memories with your loved ones if you send some to them.

Paris keychain

whologwhy from Philippines, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Paris keychain is the ideal solution if you want your loved ones to carry your souvenir with them at all times. They are simple to fall in love with and are attractive and discrete. Deliver some of them to your house so the whole family can enjoy them.

The Eiffel Tower keychain is even more recognizable than the Paris keychain. A fantastic Parisian present idea. The great lady can fit in your pocket because of its little size and lightweight. Even better, add your initials or the initials of your pals to make it uniquely yours.

French cookbook

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you fall in love with French cuisine when visiting Paris, think about bringing home a French cookbook!  Learning the ins and outs of French cooking is undoubtedly a marathon rather than a sprint, but for the right individual, it’s undoubtedly a challenge worth taking on.

Also, a  piece of high-quality French cookware can be the best keepsake to purchase in Paris if you enjoy cooking at home! Of course, Le Creuset is a legendary option, but there are countless other fantastic cookware companies to choose from in France, including Staub, De Buyer, and Mauviel.

A box of Pierre Marcolini chocolates

M0tty, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Parisian Marcolini chocolate is underrated. You won’t even need to seek high-quality chocolate thanks to the name Pierre Marcolini, who is a well-known chocolatier. The owner of the same-named Maison, Pierre Marcolini, has spent more than 20 years perfecting the art of creating chocolate, from bean to bar.

He makes annual trips throughout the world in quest of the rarest cocoa to use in his creation of the finest chocolate. Marcolini chocolate is a great souvenir to carry back home. The place to buy in Paris, if you want to offer someone particular and distinctive chocolate, is PIERRE MARCOLINI Paris Seine Store.

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Museum Art Books

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Looking for the best souvenirs from Paris to take back home? The Museum Art Books are the ideal present for those of your friends who are envious of your trips to the Rodin Gardens, the Louvre, and the Musee d’Orsay. Each museum gift shop will have specific items based on the art and exhibitions at the museums. You may purchase a book or print from the museum’s gift shop to share a little bit of your museum experience with those you care about. 

Where to buy souvenirs in Paris? 

There are plenty of places to purchase souvenirs in Paris, in fact, you can find the more common items like Eiffel Tower keychains, postcards, scratch tickets and trinkets in just about any souvenir shop or corner Tabac.  But for more selection and less touristic options, check out the following places. 

Galeries Lafayette

This is a large department store in the centre of Paris, where you can find just about anything from clothes, to perfume, to home goods. There are really plenty of souvenir options! And I recommend you head to their rooftop terrace (free to access for the public) and create a souvenir of your own with a photo of the amazing panoramic view. 


Located in the trendy 11th arrondissement, Merci is a Parisian concept store brimming with cool stuff. This place has long been a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Merci is known for being trendy yet a bit quirky and off the beaten track. Here you’ll find clothes, shoes, homewares, gadgets, and all kinds of trinkets that make for excellent (and unique) souvenirs. 

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore

While this bookshop in the Latin Quarter is certainly well-known, it often tends to be overlooked when it comes to souvenir shopping. Not only does Shakespeare and Co. have thousands of books in multiple languages, but they also have tote bags and accessories, which would please any bookworm. 

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Well, you now know my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has given you some ideas! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! See you soon in Paris!

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