“Nine out of ten people like chocolate; and the tenth person is always lying”. Like lots of people and probably like you, I am incredibly fond of chocolate, and forgive me for my chauvinism, but I have to say that French chocolate is still one of the best. Whether you prefer black, white or milk chocolate, or more unusual flavours such as Earl Grey tea or raspberry chocolate, you’ll always find what pleases you in the French capital. Here is a list of the best chocolate makers in Paris.

Pierre Marcolini


The best chocolate makers in Paris

Among all of Paris’ best chocolate makers, Marcolini has to be my absolute favourite. Although it can get a bit pricey (not the kind of store you will walk out of with a very heavy bag!), it is incredible just to taste some of their delicious pralines, truffles or chocolate bars. Pierre Marcolini is also one of the only ones following the ‘bean to bar’ concept, meaning that he takes care of the whole transformation of the cocoa bean into chocolate himself. My personal favorite? Their white chocolate with vanilla from Tahiti!

Address: 89, rue de Seine, 6th arrondissement, but you also have other shops in the 1st, 7th, and 9th arrondissements.

La Maison du Chocolat


Next up in our list of the best chocolate makers in Paris is La Maison du Chocolat: with its 9 stores scattered all around the city be sure you’ll have some very good chocolate next to you at all times! And besides the fact that their chocolates are absolutely delicious, they are also very fond of fashion, or more precisely, edible fashion: they are especially famous for the chocolate haute couture dresses they have created for various events such as the Parisian Salon du Chocolat.

Address: 225 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 8th arrondissement

A la Mère de Famille

A la Mère de Famille

When I was a kid, the district of the Grands Boulevards, with its passages and the proximity of the Opera and the Musée Grévin. But what I loved most of all was going to La Mère de Famille: this is easily one of the best chocolate makers in Paris, and also the oldest – it was created in 1761! Plus, they don’t only make chocolate there: lots of Parisians love it also because they still make old-style French sweets and cakes like the ones people used to eat in the 1950s.

Address: main shop is at 35 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9th arrondissement, but you will find nine of them scattered all around Paris.

Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger likes to identify himself as a ‘chocolate artist’: he is indeed very famous for his chocolate sculptures of animals which can weigh up to 180 lbs. But don’t worry; you don’t have to buy one of his full scale hippopotamuses to be able to have a taste! Patrick Roger also makes ‘normal’ chocolates that you can find in one of the six boutiques he owns all around the city – today they are seen by a lot of people as some of the best chocolates in Paris.

Address of the main shop: 2-4, place Saint Sulpice, 6th arrondissement.

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