Where to Eat an Amazing Raclette in Paris


A truly cheesy tradition stemming from the Swiss Alps, raclette is the ultimate cold weather dish. Invented by Swiss shepherds in the early 19th century, raclette consists of melted cheese drizzled over potatoes and cured meats. Exactly the type of dish to warm you up from the inside out!

Over the years, Raclette has become a national favorite of both Switzerland and neighboring France. Nowadays, people usually gather together to enjoy this dish during the cold winter months, and certainly during a good aprés-ski.

But if you’re not planning a trip to the Alps this winter, you can still enjoy this regional specialty in Paris. This article is all about where to eat an amazing raclette in Paris!


Pain Vin Fromages

Pain Vin Fromages – Uploaded by them

Located in the heart of the Marais, just steps from the Centre Pompidou is a little chalet-style escape in the middle of Paris. Pain Vin Fromages is a restaurant done up in true Savoyard style. If you had any doubts about what was on the menu, the name says it all; bread, wine, and cheese. And you’ll find a lot of it at this place.

You’ll enter the cozy space and be led downstairs to a stone cellar, reminiscent of a mountain cave. This place is famous for their fondue as well as their raclette, both delicious Savoyard dishes. Pain Vin Fromages has several different kinds of raclette cheese to choose from, so this is perfect if you’re looking for something a little out of the box.

Once you’re settled in and you’ve ordered, the raclette machine will be brought to your table, and you get to do all the melting and scraping yourself. Menus include the raclette: cheese, potatoes, a choice of meat, and of course, cornichons. This place does some of the best Savoyard food in Paris, and usually fills up pretty quickly. I recommend making reservations in advance, and dishes are hearty, so definitely come hungry!

practical information:
pain vin fromages – 3 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004
metro: rambuteau
open daily 19:00-23:00

Le Chalet Savoyard

Le Chalet Savoyard – Sourced from their website

There’s no doubt that Le Chalet Savoyard is one place you can eat an amazing raclette in Paris. Situated in the trendy 11th arrondissement, this is the spot to go if you’re looking for a little variety in your raclette. They offer 10 different types of raclette, from bleu cheese to smoked raclette, and even one with truffles!

Here the prices are calculated per person, and the minimum for a raclette two orders. While at first it may seem a little steep, the price includes as much cheese and potatoes as you can eat. The cheese is melted on a huge raclette grill this time, and it’s up to you to scrape all that oozy goodness onto your plate.

Le Chalet Savoyard’s cozy interior will bring you right back to an alpine lodge; complete with log cabin walls and a fireplace. The perfect setting to enjoy an amazing raclette if you ask me. So sit back, relax and tuck into a delightful (and copious) winter’s meal.

practical information:
le chalet savoyard – 58 Rue de Charonne 75011
metro: Ledru-rollin
open daily 12:00-14:30 and 19:00-23:00

Le Brasier

Le Brasier – Sourced from their website

Tucked away in the residential 15th arrondissement, Le Brasier is a restaurant that brings classic Savoyard mountain vibes to Paris. They specialize in traditional dishes from Savoie region; fondue, tartiflette, crozette, and of course, raclette. While the raclette is the star of this article, I just have to say that all of these dishes are delicious here and worth a try (if you have room).

What I like about this place is that it’s pretty affordable for Paris. For €25 you can have a set menu which includes a starter, a raclette (or other specialty), and a dessert. And to top it all off, the service is friendly and the portions are enormous. So make sure to arrive hungry!

practical information:
le brasier – 58 Rue Olivier de Serres 75015
metro: convention
open daily 12:00-14:30 and 19:00-23:00

Les Fondus de la Raclette

By J. Pertz on Wikimedia Commons

Our next stop for an amazing raclette in Paris brings us to the 18th arrondissement. Not far from Montmartre lies one of the must-try restaurants in the city – if you’re a fan of Savoyard cuisine. And my guess is if you’re reading this, you love these hearty, comforting dishes just as much as I do.

Les Fondus de la Raclette is tucked away on a side street, and brings all the comforts of home. Inside, you’ll find traditional alpine decor and of course, excellent raclette. This place is a local favorite due to the friendly service, great food and low prices.

Here you can tuck into a lunchtime raclette for just €13. If you want to try unlimited portions, it will only set you back €27. Depending on how much you can eat, that’s a steal! Another thing I love about this place is they offer a raclette sampler – basically you get to try a bunch of assorted raclette cheeses, and maybe even find a new favorite!

practical information:
les fondus de la raclette – 19 rue joeseph dijon 75018
metro: jules joffrin
open monday and tuesday 18:30-22:30
open wednesday through sunday 12:00-14:30 and 18:30-22:30

Well, now you know where to enjoy some of the best raclette Paris has to offer! And after a hearty meal like that, it’s good to get out and get a little exercise. So why not join on one of our guided neighborhood walking tours? They’re offered every day in areas like Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, and le Marais. Come explore Paris with us!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon in Paris!

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