If your appreciating the thousands wonders of Paris you may want to bring some home, and now only one question is burning on your lips: ‘where to buy cheese in Paris’?

Well, the city is big, and you can find many places to buy cheese, but not all are equals in terms of prices and quality, but if you want to buy some at any price you can find cheese pretty much everywhere. So now we are going to list all the places where to buy cheese in Paris.

Grocery Shops


One of the most common place where to buy cheese in Paris are grocery shops. You can find cheese in EVERY grocery shop in and out of the city, in every town and village of France. Even if the quality is not the same than in a cheese shop, cheeses are also cheaper and well packed (which could be nice if you don’t want your bag to smell cheese forever).

The cheese in grocery shop is often less tasty and smelly, pasteurised and in general less good. And by grocery shop I mean Franprix, Monoprix and every other big name, but also every little grocery shop open all night long that you can find pretty much everywhere in Paris.

In some big groceries you can find a “cheese corner” a kind of little cheese shop where people cut cheese for you, and can advice you.

Where to buy cheese in Paris

Fromageries / cheese shops

These are the best places where to buy cheese in Paris, seriously. These are shop entirely dedicated to CHEESE, (like heaven but smelly), as a cheese aficionado these are the places I buy my cheese. People working there are more often passionate about cheese, and will be very happy to help you, and let you taste cheeses. But in those places, cheese is a bit more expensive, but if you want to buy good (very good) cheese this is where you have to go.


Planches de fromages / fondues / Raclettes

If you don’t want to bring cheese home but you really want to eat cheese, or just to taste before buying, or just to taste cheese specialties, you have two possibilities:

  • Cheese plate. Many café and pubs offer “planche de fromages / cheese plates” some places offer you very good cheese (especially wine bars) and some pretty bad cheese (which is actually what happens most of the time) I recommend you to do that in a restaurant or in a wine bar.
  • You also have restaurants dedicated to cheese, these are fondue and raclette restaurants, it consists essentially on melting cheese. For the fondue you dip some bread in melted cheese, for the raclette you melt cheese to pour it on potatoes, but to do that you need special equipment you may not have at you renting place.

Best fromageries


Finally here is a little list of the best fromageries/cheese shops in Paris (because we DO have cheese competitions in France: Meilleur ouvrier de France/MOF)

1.) La Fromagerie de Paris 229 rue de Charenton, Paris XII

2.) Fromagerie Quatrehomme 62 rue de Sèvres Paris XII (and two other shops)

3.) Fromagerie d’Auteuil 58 rue d’Auteuil Paris XVI

4.) Laurent Dubois Paris XV (and two other shops)

So now that you know where to buy cheese in Paris, I can also recommend you to book one of our food tours, our guides are real Parisians and food lovers who will provide you the best advices to buy cheese. You will also be able to taste cheese and other French specialties.

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