Discover Paris’ most iconic view at night

Paris at night is something completely different. It’s absolutely stunning! You can enjoy it in many ways, but probably the best as a foreigner is to take a night walking tour.

Paris is known as the “City of Lights” because of its illuminated buildings you can see at nightfall, but if you want to enjoy the best view of Paris by night, you must go to a very specific place. Read on to find out how to enjoy Paris at night and let me tell you about one of the best spots to enjoy a view in Paris.

On the Left Bank of the River Seine, an ugly gray skyscraper faces the elegant Eiffel Tower as if it was competing for the domination of Paris. This lonely building disturbing the peaceful and harmonious landscape of Paris is the Montparnasse Tower. You can get there by taking the metro and stopping at Montparnasse Bienvenüe metro station. Parisians have hated it since its creation, but some of them are now discovering its benefits, which is to view Paris at night! And I can assure you this is one of the best angles to fully enjoy a view over Paris.


A 360° view of Paris

Paris at night the best spot to enjoy a view

You can climb up to the very top of the building for a price of 20 euros and 15 euros for students and young people. You can buy tickets directly at the ticket office or you can buy them online.

In only 38 seconds using one of the fastest lifts in Europe that goes up to 60 km/h, you will reach the top of the tower. There, you have the choice between staying at the 56th floor with large windows to enjoy the view of Paris and climbing the stairs to reach the roof with the amazing 360° view of the city.

On the roof, special areas are dedicated to the best photos you can take of Paris. And if it is not rainy you may see at 40 km away. You also have some telescopes that enable you to see the sky of Paris. A friend of mine managed to see the rings of Saturn on top of the Montparnasse Tower!

A great view with no line

The Montparnasse Tower is far from being as popular as the Eiffel Tower, so the line is much smaller. Moreover, the roof is quite large, and so is the 56th floor, so many people can climb it at the same time.

Plus, it is also the only spot in Paris where you won’t be seeing the Montparnasse Tower! The ugly building destroys the views from anywhere else. You will be at the only place where you don’t see this gray and sad skyscraper. So, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower and without any disturbing element.

French writer Maupassant, who personally hated the Eiffel Tower, used to have dinner every day at its first-floor restaurant, arguing that it was the only place in Paris where he could not see it. Well, I recommend you to do the same but for the Montparnasse Tower.

A restaurant and a bar at the top of the tower

Paris at night the best spot to enjoy a view


On the 56th floor, you also have the highest bar and restaurant in Europe, providing another great way to enjoy Paris at night. The bar is opened till 1 am, so you can remain there even when the visit hours of the tower are over. If you want to enjoy the evening with locals, book our night tour. Our local guides will make sure you enjoy the best of Paris at night.

The restaurant of the Montparnasse Tower serves very good gastronomic food, but you need a reservation to go there. Both the bar and the restaurant enable you to have a nice drink or food while enjoying the most delightful view of Paris.

You can also enjoy Paris at night from one of these rooftops.

Special recommendation: the sunset

Paris at night the best spot to enjoy a view

The Montparnasse Tower is open from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm during the summer, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day. Though, I especially recommend going there for the sunset, when you can enjoy a changing landscape with bright colors before seeing all the lights of the city progressively lit.

My article about Paris at night and the best spot to enjoy a view is now over! You now know how to spend a different kind of night in Paris, admiring all the beauty of the city. When one comes to Paris, they want to create the best memories and keep it preciously as best as possible. And going up the Montparnasse Tower is a must if you want to take the best shots and memories of Paris with you because it may be kind of ugly from the outside but the most amazing view over Paris is guaranteed.

Not everyone remembers to go there so you won’t have to queue as long as you would at the Eiffel Tower. If I were you, if you happen to be coming to Paris for a short amount of time, I would definitely go to the top of the Montparnasse Tower instead of the Eiffel Tower! See you soon at the Montparnasse Tower!

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