10 Things to Eat in  Montparnasse

If there is something we can admit about the Montparnasse neighborhood, it is that it is not the most popular place to eat out in Paris. The good addresses there are rare, which makes them even more valuable. Are you looking for the best restaurants in Montparnasse? Or for a quick bite before you take the train?

I have selected my top 10 things to eat in Montparnasse. Italian, Japanese, Thaï, Lebanese or quintessentially Parisian, read on to discover my selection!

1. Kapunka

Kapunka Thai delicious dishes – Source: Kapunka Official Instagram

Kapunka is one of my favorite Thaï restaurants in Paris. This famous canteen serves delicious Thaï food with a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options (but I recommend you visit it even if you eat meat and gluten). The balance of flavors in each dish is close to perfection.

All the food is fresh and mouth-watering – I think it is a must-visit if you are in the neighborhood. The cuisine is not traditional Thaï though, more like modernized dishes. I strongmy recommend the daily curry which changes everyday.

(And if like me you adore Thaï cuisine, you can check my post about the top 10 best Thaï Restaurants in Paris in 2019)

32 rue Delambre
75 014 Paris

2. Les Cèdres du Liban

Les Cèdres du Liban famous Houmous – Source: Les Cèdres du Liban official website

Les Cèdres du Liban has been around for more than 40 years, and serves traditional Lebanese food. It is a family owned business that does not care about originality : the dishes are traditional, hearty and delicious.

Houmous, Eggplant caviar, tabbouleh salad, all kinds of mezza and grilled meats – they serve all the iconic dishes of Lebanese cuisine, and an excellent mint tea.

Be careful – the restaurant is tiny and the decoration is not ideal. You go there for the flavors, not the atmosphere!

And if you are a fan of Lebanese cuisine, you can check my top 10 Middle-Eastern restaurants in Paris in 2019.

Les Cèdres du Liban
5 avenue du Maine
75 15 Paris

4. Toritcho

Toritcho sushi Paris – Source: Trip Advisor

Toritcho is an institution on the Left Bank. It is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants of Paris, and serves precise and excellent sushi. The cuisine there is not sophisticated, it is rather popular and efficient, with exceptionally fresh fish and great quality ingredients.

The restaurant is often crowded, and you will hear a lot of Japanese conversations – which may be a testimony to the quality of its food.

Toritcho Paris
47 rue du Montparnasse
75 014 Paris

5. La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac

Lemon Meringue Pie by Cyril Lignac – Source: la Pâtisserie de Cyril Lignac official website

After these detours by Japanese, Thaï and Lebanese cuisine, back to something absolutely French: pastries! Cyril Lignac is one of the most famous pastry chef in France, and he opened his own pastry shop in Montparnasse.

Now, the prices are definitely on the higher end (count 6 euros for a pastry) but each of them is a creation of its own. It is the pastry equivalent of gastronomic cuisine. Cyril Lignac is really famous for his Equinox (a velvety cake composed of a soft almond biscuit, a lotus crunch, and salted caramel ganache).

My personal favorite pastry is the lemon meringue pie, so if you have to taste only one, I recommend you go for it!

La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac
55 boulevard Pasteur
75 015 Paris

6. Mad’Eo

Did you know that Montparnasse is the “Breton” neighborhood of Paris? Brittany is a region in France famous for its crepes, salty and savory. Mad’Eo is to my mind one of the best crepe places of the 15th arrondissement.

It is one of my favorite places when looking for a satisfying and typically French dish. Everything they serve is delicious and homemade, and if you have never had it, I strongly recommend you accompany your crepe with a bowl of their incredible organic cider.

14 rue de Cadix
75 015 Paris 

7. Il Forno di Napoli

Il Forno di Napoli famous Pizza – Source: Trip Advisor

Il Forno di Napoli is another institution of the Montparnasse neighborhood. Some consider it one the best Napoli Italian restaurants of Paris. They are most famous for their delicious and hearty pizzas (count between 10 and 16 euros for a pizza).

Il Forno di Napoli
162 boulevard du Montparnasse
75 014 Paris

8. Le Ciel de Paris

Le ciel de Paris view – Source: Le ciel de Paris official website

Le Ciel de Paris is probably the restaurant in Paris where you get the most impressive views on the French capital – because it is located at the top of the Montparnasse Tower.

Its prices of course go alongside the incredible view, but if you are willing to spend an evening you will not forget, this is the way to go.

Le Ciel de Paris
Tour Montparnasse
56th floor
75 015 Paris

9. Toyo

Toyo Paris – Source: official Toyo website

Toyo is in another price range than the other restaurants mentionned in this list : their menus start at 39€. They are however one of the most famous gastronomic Japanese restaurants of Paris so I could not not include it in this list.

The cuisine is not traditional but rather sophisticated and modernized, served in a quiet and elegant bar with dimmed lighting.

The chefs pay meticulous attention to each element of the dishes they are serving, turning each one of them into a unique composition.

I would definitely recommend Toyo for a romantic date or a special night out of celebration.

Toyo Paris
17 rue Jules Chaplain
75 006 Paris

10. Des gâteaux et du Pain

Des Gateaux et du Pain famous Tatin pie – Source: Des gateaux et du Pain official website

Des gâteaux et du pain (in English, Pastries and Bread) is another iconic pastry shop of Montparnasse. This one if for if you are looking for a memorable experience of Parisian gastronomic pastries. You can count 6 euros for a pastry.

Claire Damon’s creations are unique in France, and known nationally to be amongst the best pastries available. She has built her compositions around fruits and raw high quality products.

I adore all her pastries, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Pomme Tatin au sirop d’érable: an apple pie garnished with maple syrup-flavored ganache, an organic caramelized apple and garnished with salty caramelized pecan nuts. Need I say more?

Des gâteaux et du Pain
63 boulevard Pasteur
75 006 Paris

And there you have them, my best restaurants and things to eat in Montparnasse ! I have to admit that my favorite pick of all the list is the pastry shop Des gateaux et du pain, it is what I would usually offer to someone I love to celebrate – that is, if I am feeling fancy and have 6 euros to spare in a pastry, of course.

Exploring Paris by neighborhoods is my favorite way to navigating my city, because it allows you to truly get the feel of it. If you are looking to discover the hidden gems of your favorite neighborhoods of Paris, some local Parisians are giving free tours in their neighborhoods – click here to discover!

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