Discover the new Middle Eastern restaurants in Paris you need to try

Paris is full of outstanding Middle-Eastern restaurants and canteens that are guaranteed to leave you enchanted and satisfied. Whether I am looking for something fresh and healthy or a hearty and decadent meal, Levantine restaurants are a long time favorite of mine. They just seem to work for any occasion, whether it is an original and unforgettable date or just a night out with friends and family.

Paris’ bustling culinary scene has been following up the global renewed interest for Middle-Eastern cuisine, and new and delicious restaurants have been flourishing in the capital these past years. I have selected my top 6. Craving a falafel or shawarma pita in Paris? Wondering where to eat Paris’ best hummus ? Read on.

1. Litani

Litani bar Paris – Source: Litani official facebook page

At the heart of the 10th arrondissement, Litani is an incredible Lebanese bar and restaurant opened by Thomas Codsi. The restaurant is pricier than the average (cocktails at 12€, mezza between 5€ and 7€, meals between 12€ and 14€), but the cocktails are unique in Paris, and the food delicious and fresh, at the crossroads of Lebanese and Syrian cuisine.

Paris is full of average tasting Lebanese restaurants, but Litani is not one of them – it is guaranteed to make you feel as if you are spending the evening at a refined bar in Beyrouth.

120 Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
75 010 Paris

Opening Hours :
Tuesday to Saturday 6 pm to 12 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday.

2. Daily Syrien

The Daily Syrien is to mind the best Middle-Eastern restaurant in the reasonably priced range. The atmosphere with blue tiles and newspaper everywhere will make you travel instantly.

Everything is prepared in front of your eyes by the chef, so you might have to wait longer than you are used to, but it is worth it: every Syrian delicacy they serve you is full of flavors. If you are looking for a place to taste the iconic Levantine yoghurt Labne, look no further: it costs 3€ there and it is delicious.

Le Daily Syrien
55 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis
75 010 Paris

Opening Hours :
Monday to Saturday 9 am to 12 pm
Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

3. Sheffa

Sheffa is the new slow-food canteen of well-known chef Chloé Saada, who offers a hearty and abundant cuisine. The menu changes every day according to the availability of products; and I find the pricing really low for the quality of food they serve you: 12.5€ for a two-courses meal. I recommend you do not leave before tasting her pistachio carrot cake – it might me one of my favorite desserts to get in Paris.

40 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle
75 009 Paris

4. Miznon

Miznon Pita – Source: Miznon Official facebook page

Ever since its opening, Miznon has instantly become a staple of iconic Israeli cuisine in Paris. I would best describe it as a chic fast-food, pricier than the rest but oh-so worth the go. Everything they serve is freshly prepared in front of your eyes and mouth-watering.

Israeli chef Eyal Shani and his team have become well known for their hearty pitas, brimming with flavors, always accompanied by a grilled cauliflower to be shared and eaten with your hands.

The quality of the meals they serve make the restaurant always crowded, so I would strongly recommend you call them beforehand to reserve your spot, or take your meals to go. The neighborhood is full of hidden spots where you can sit and enjoy, and some local Parisians are even giving tours to help you discover them – check them out here.

22 rue des Ecouffes
75 004 Paris

Opening Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12 am to 11 pm
Friday from 12 am to 3.30 pm
Closed on Saturday

5. Tavline

One of Tavline’s Creation – Source: tavline official website

Open in 2017, Tavline has been crowded ever since. I strongly advise you make a reservation, because the restaurant is victim of its success. It serves higher end cuisine that draws inspiration from Israeli, French and often Moroccan cuisine. The chef masters the navigation between traditional Israeli cuisine and modern savors and presentation, and each of the meals is almost like a creation of its own.

Their homemade focaccia is a personal favorite. Count between 6 and 8 euros for an entrée, and 16 and 18 euros for a main dish. Tavline means spices in Hebrew, and illustrates the motto of the house – fresh and modern cuisine bursting with flavors.

One last note: the restaurant’s room is quite small and tables are very close to each other, so if you’re looking for an intimate setting, this might not be the one for you.

25 rue du roi de Sicile
75 004 Paris

Opening Hours :
Tuesday to Saturday 12 am to 2 pm and 7.30 pm to 10 pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

6. Yafo

Looking for Paris’ best hummus? To my mind, Yafo comes very close to perfection. This Israeli Deli serves incredibly tasty declinations of hummus for prices ranging from 8€ to 10.50€. They accompany their creations with fresh salads (starting 3.5€), hot pittas, fresh lemonades, and Levantine deserts (from 1.50€ to 3€).

Yafo salad – Source : Yafo Official website

They excel as much in the simplest recipes (traditional homemade chickpeas hummus with its olive oil) than in the most creative ones (hummus with roasted caramelized cauliflowers heads, homemade jalapenos purée and fresh parsley).

Bonus Point: they make really good cardamom coffee. However, beware, their opening hours are limited and often vary: it is best to call or check on their website beforehand. If you find it closed, this list features two other incredible Levantine restaurants in the same neighborhood (10th arrondissement), so we have got you covered!

96 rue d’Hauteville
75 010 Paris

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 12 am to 2.30 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday


There you have them – my top 6 Middle-Eastern restaurants to try in Paris. The above restaurants price ranges spawn from affordable and street food (le Daily Syrien and Yafo) to pricier but excellent quality (Miznon, Tavline). Paris is well-known for its Middle-Eastern and Levantine addresses, so I strongly recommend you do not leave before trying one of these out – they are too mouth-watering to be ignored.



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