Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon


The food market culture is growing in Lisbon. Here we give you the top 5 food markets in Lisbon and areas to eat when you will be visiting. From traditional food to international cuisine and fusion, you can find a bit of everything in Lisbon.


The best one: Time Out Mercado da Ribeira


This is the most famous food market in Lisbon, so it’s obviously on our top 5 food markets in Lisbon. Located in the city center by the river and near both the train and the subway, it hosts different stands of renowned Portuguese chefs. You can try different traditional specialties as well as food from different corners of the world.

This place was launched by the Time Out Magazine in 2014. They offer people the opportunity to try the best food from the best chefs, the trendiest and newest recipes. If your business is good it goes on the magazine. If your business is great, it goes to Mercado da Ribeira. Mercado da Ribeira only gathers the best of the best.

I love to go there during the afternoon for a snack and eat a “bolinho de bacalhau” (a little codfish cake) or a different kind of tapa while drinking a “fino” (a pint). It gets very crowded during meal times so I recommend you to avoid rush hour by going a bit earlier. From here, you can go out to Bairro Alto or Pink Street after dinner. You can also join a Portuguese Food and Wine Tour in Lisbon (find more information on Viator).

The quiet one: Mercado de Campo de Ourique


In our top 5 food markets in Lisbon, you will find Mercado de Campo de Ourique. It’s not as famous as the previous one, but, it’s also a great one. It’s less busy than Mercado da Ribeira, and you can still enjoy an amazing meal. From handcrafted beer to the best little diabetes-inducing sweets, it’s a great market to visit. In a more reserved area of the city (Campo de Ourique), you can reach it by bus from Marquês de Pombal or by taxi.

The fun one: Martim Moniz



In this top 5 food markets in Lisbon, I’m leaving you with three areas which are not actual food markets because we’re still growing that culture. But you can still have amazing food experiences in these areas. By the slopes of St. George’s Castle, you can find the square of Martim Moniz.

This is the ethnic center of Lisbon, where the first immigrant gathered and it is a melting pot of cultures. With its international nature, there are many festivals and initiatives which take place to promote the cultural integration. Several food festivals are organized in this square and celebrations from other cultures, such as the Chinese New Year that takes place there. Not being a food market, it’s still an area in Lisbon where you can have great food experiences!

The popular one: Bairro Alto


In this top 5 food markets in Lisbon, I’m suggesting you Bairro Alto especially for dinner and drinks. Have dinner in one of the amazing restaurants that have popped out in the last few years. Now, you can find amazing, high-quality restaurants in Bairro Alto where you can have a great meal with your friends or your partner.

Alternatively, you can head to Bairro Alto after dinner for a drink. Beware: Portuguese people eat late, so we start our nights late. If you go to Bairro Alto before 11 pm, you’re very unlikely to catch it at its peak. For a full experience, go for drinks starting at 11 pm. This is the typical Lisbon nightlife happening in Bairro Alto. Come and enjoy it with us!

The traditional one: Rua Augusta


Finally in our top 5 Food markets in Lisbon is an area downtown where you will find the best traditional Portuguese food: Rua Augusta. This street connects Praça do Comércio to Praça Rossio. Here, you’ll find restaurants that will serve you great grilled sardines (in the summer) and great meaty traditional dishes. You can also find as many desserts as you can eat in one year and I’ve got to tell you: they are delicious! For traditional food and a rested lunch, take a rest in Rua Augusta.

After eating, I can also suggest you go up the Rua Augusta’s arch. The arch was built to celebrate the reconstruction of the city after the 1755 earthquake. Plus, since 2013, the arch that leads to Praça do Comércio has been open to the public. Which means you can now go up, and take the most amazing photos from the top of this historical arch, especially as the sun sets. Rua Augusta is one of the main streets downtown. And it is closed to traffic, which makes it even greater!

Here are a few honorable mentions

The modern one: Mercado de Algés

Opening hour during the week: 10 am – Midnight
Opening hours during the weekend: 10 am – 2 am

Mercado de Algés is located at Rua Dr. Manuel de Arriaga, near the train station Alges, which is the best way to get to this Lisbon market. It opens at 10 am and closes at midnight on the week days and at 2 am during the weekends.

Although Mercado de Algés is a lot smaller than the other markets in Lisbon mentioned in this article, it has a lot to offer.

Mercado de Algés is a renewed space from the old “Mercado“, preserving its former historical and architectural structure as well as its traditional and distinctive roof tiles, but with a new look on the inside.

Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon 10

© Tiago Pais / Observador

This amazing market is well organized, modern and with a great variety of food and drink stands. The motto of this market is “Comer, Beber e Amar“, which means “Eat, Drink and Love” and can be seen in big lettering on the wall when you get inside.

Where to eat?

Some of the food shops you can go to in this Lisbon market are Peixe Ó Balcão, Chicken All Around, Atalho do Mercado, Atalho Burguer House, Sushic, Walkamole, Weeel, Artisani, O Mercado dos Bolos, NaTábua, A Banca do Petisco, Pizza ao quadrado and Mister Pig

Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon 11

© Onde Vamos Jantar?

Where to drink?

As many other markets in Lisbon, all drinks must be bought in a separate specific area. This system works well in this kind of environments because it keeps you from waiting in long queues if you only want to go grab a coffee for instance.

Enjoy live music!

Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon 14

© Tiago Pais / Observador

Mercado de Algés also has Live music!

Yes, this amazing market in Algés has an elevated platform, in a mezzanine with a stage right above the food stands. So you can enjoy a great show while you hang around with friends and get something to eat.

This unique feature makes this market one-of-a-kind when it comes to markets in Lisbon.

The most typical: Mercado de Arroios

Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon 12

If you are looking for a more traditional type of Lisbon markets, the Mercado de Arrois is the perfect place for you!

Located at Rua Ângela Pinto, the easiest way to get there is by train! You need to get down at Arroios train station.

Founded in February, 28th of 1942 and renovated on September of 2017, this place offers everything you will need in terms of food related products. The building itself is huge and has an amazing architectural structure that will leave you astonished once inside.

Fresh vegetables, fish, meat and fruit arrives everyday from local farmers who sell their products themselves. So you will actually get to meet the people that actually brings food to you. Isn’t it great?

Top 5 Food Markets in Lisbon 13

© Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

So where should you eat?

Around Mercado de Arroios, you will also have some variety of restaurants but not as many as in the markets in Lisbon that were mentioned above. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Há Tapas no Mercado
  • A Tasca do Mercado
  • Solar dos Cortadores
  • A Avó tinha Arroios, for traditional Portuguese food
  • Bem-me-quer, for vegetarian food
  • Pastelaria Lido, which is a bakery in case you want to try some “pastéis de nata

Since you visit this area, you might as well just go and visit Parque Eduardo VII which is a ten minutes walk from the Arroios Market. In there, you will find a huge Greenhouse and a beautiful park and the access is free!

You now know my top 5 food markets in Lisbon! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article and that it has been useful to you. One understands a lot about a country’s culture and lifestyle through its food and customs! I hope you will manage to go to one of these food markets and share with us your experience! Alternatively, you can join a food tour in Lisbon and get a taste for the local cuisine (check pricing & availability on Viator).


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Enjoy your trip to Lisbon!

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