The Best Thai Restaurants in Paris in 2020

Paris is home to some excellent Thai Restaurants, but it is often difficult to distinguish average Thai restaurants from the outstanding addresses. To help you out, I have selected my top 8 best Thai Restaurants in Paris. I consider several of the restaurants in this list some of the best restaurants in Paris; to discover my selection, read on!

1. Street Bangkok

Street Bangkok salads – Source: Street Bangkok official website

More than a restaurant, Street Bangkok is a UFO of Thai food in Paris. The restaurant’s atmosphere incredibly reproduces the mood, smells and aspect of a street in Bangkok. This replica of a street food kiosk serves delicious and fresh Thai salads. Nothing fancy there, just a great atmosphere and incredible flavors.

The formulas (both lunch and dinner are at 10€) are ludicrously affordable and the chef (who used to be in charge of a prestigious restaurant in Thailand) cooks almost all the food herself. If you are feeling adventurous, come closer to nighttime: the Thai music blasting and the busy neighborhood will make you travel instantly.

Street Bangkok
3 rue Eugène Varlin
75 010 Paris  

2. Kapunka

Kapunka Thai delicious dishes – Source: Kapunka Official Instagram

Kapunka is a well-known canteen at the heart of the 2cd arrondissement for lovers of Thai cuisine. Do not expect traditional Thai cuisine there, but some excellent modernized versions of your favorites dishes.

They have four restaurants in Paris but my personal favorite is the most famous one, rue Saint Sauveur, tiny yet luminous.

I strongly recommend their daily curry (fresh and organic); they also have a lot of gluten free options for those who are looking.

Kapunka Montorgueil
51 rue Saint Sauveur
75 002 Paris

3. Silk & Spice

silk and spice thai dish served in a fresh coconut – Source: Silk & Spice official website

Now, Silk & Spice is really on the pricier side (with menus starting at 35€), but to my mind it is the perfect Thai restaurant for a more fancy or intimate date in Paris. The decoration and atmosphere are flawless and elegant, and the dishes refined and well decorated.

Now, if you are looking for traditional Thai cuisine in its purest form, Silk & Spice might not be it : the restaurants cuisine is somehow adapted to Western Taste – but I find it absolutely delicate and delicious anyway.

Silk & Spice
6 rue Mandar
75 002

4. Basilic & Spice

Basilic and Spice Thai dish – Source: Basilic and Spice official website

If you happen to find yourself in the 13th arrondissement (Paris’ Chinatown), this hybrid Thai and Cambodian restaurant is to die for, and one of my personal favorite. The dishes are traditional, bursting with flavor and really affordable (between 13-20€ for a lunch formula).

Be careful – the restaurant closes on Wednesday!

Basilic & Spice
88 avenue de Choisy
75 013 Paris

5. Bien Bien

Bien Bien Thai restaurant – Source: Bien bien official website

Another one of my all-time favorite Thaï adresses in Paris – Bien Bien is iconic in the 9th arrondissement and has been around for more than 20 years. The restaurant serves hearty and traditional Thaï cuisine.

Everything on the menu is mouth-watering, but what I recommend most are the different curry and their Crying Tiger (a marinated meat so delicious it can make tigers cry, according to the legend).

I think reservation is a must there – the restaurant is always crowded; and beware: it closes on Sunday.

Bonus Point – you can choose the degree of spice in your food, so if you are from the less adventurous, the chef has got you covered!

Bien Bien
30 rue Bergère
75 009 Paris

6. Chez Hu Thaï

Chez Hu Thai desert – Source: Chez Hu official facebook page

Now, Chez Hu Thaï is something else. At the crossroads of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Hong-Kong influence, they serve a very refined and delicate cuisine. Each dish is a creation that is guaranteed to make you travel, and the restaurant is known for its flawless revisiting of traditional dishes.

The restaurant is certainly pricey and fancy (dishes between 18 and 25€), so maybe it is more suited for a special occasion than a casual hang out. I have selected it in this list because to my mind, it might be the best Thai restaurant in Paris.

As many others on this list, Chez Hu closes on Sunday.

Chez Hu
21 rue de Turin
75 008 Paris

7. Holy bol

Holy Bol Thai Bowl – Source: Holy Bol official website

Holy bol is another gem in the 9th arrondissement. If you are looking for traditional Thai cuisine, it might not be the perfect address, but its modern and oh-so-fresh dishes have made it an institution in the neighborhood.

Holy bol’s concept is simple and resfreshing: you can compose your own dream Thai bowl by selecting your favorite ingredients. At lunchtime, it is not rare to find a queue in front of the canteen. Their deserts are excellent, both Thai and French pastries.

I recommend you come outside of rush hours since Holy bol is open all day – however, except on Thursdays, the restaurant closes at 7pm.

Holy Bol
23 passage verdeau
75 009 Paris

8. Prick Thaï

Who said that it was impossible to find a delicious Thai restaurant in the 14th arrondissement? Prick Thai is well known in the neighborhood. The restaurant is elegant, the dishes range from 16 to 19 euros. My favorite item on the menu is their famous shrimp pad thai (sautéed noodles with fresh seafood), but in my opinion, everything on the menu is worth the go.

If you are hesitant, do not hesitate to ask the staff about their suggestions – they are always very helpful and professional. Do not forget to taste either the Thai beers or the Thai digestives – really unusual and refreshing experience ahead!

Prick Thai
160 avenue du Maine
75 014 Paris

There you have them – my best Thai restaurants in Paris in 2020.

If you are looking for a walk to discover the neighborhoods you will eating in, I advise you to book one of our free tours – given by local Parisians, you will be able to discover hidden gems in your favorite Paris neighborhoods.

I hope that the article was helpful – the prices of the restaurants range from affordable to pricey, so there is surely one that will suit you!