Things to do in Paris at night


Going to Paris and visit the city during the day is simply the best, but you can’t go to Paris without seeing it at night! Paris at Night is even more fabulous than Paris during the day. Everything looks so different and the atmosphere is sometimes much more pleasant. All the landmarks are illuminated. The Seine river is even more stunning. It is during the night you really understand why Paris deserves its title of City of Lights. This is why I made a list of things to do in Paris at night for you!

Enjoy a panoramic view of Paris


Every day the Eiffel Tower, Arc of Triumph and Montparnasse Tower are opened during the night. Most of them are until midnight. You can’t miss the beautiful view up these landmarks! It’s really one of the best things to do in Paris at night! This is truly a fairy tale and pretty romantic when you see Paris all shiny and enlightened.

To be honest, the Montparnasse Tower is not a beautiful building. Most Parisians hate it, but it is actually the best place you can go to if you want to enjoy the most amazing view over the city. You get to see all the landmarks without the Montparnasse Tower in the picture!

You can also have a Walk in Montmartre, and enjoy the view from the top of the hill! It is totally worth it and so romantic! Most of the time, there are musicians playing French classics songs, such as “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf, for instance.

Watch a movie at night in the most stunning movie theatre in Paris

Le Grand Rex - Theatre

Going to the movies is romantic and relaxing. It is definitely one of the things to do in Paris at night. Parisians love going to the movies and go several times a month. In Le Grand Rex, the audience can enjoy films shown in their original version with subtitles in French. Plus, you get to enjoy the most stunning movie theatre in Paris. You just have to check the cinema’s website and go to the “Films dans la grande salle” category. “Grande salle” means “big room” in English. This famous “grande salle” is simply the most outstanding theatre room I’ve seen in my life. If you want to go to the movies while in Paris, go to Le Grand Rex, you won’t regret it. Get ready to live the best cinema experience ever! Just make sure the movie you want to see is being screened in the “grande salle“.

Swim over the Seine River

Things to do in Paris at night josephine_baker

If you are a big sports fan and you like new experiences, you can swim over the Seine River! In summer, Paris is really hot, so what wouldn’t you go for a dip in a swimming pool? Josephine Baker swimming pool, located in the thirteenth arrondissement (Quai François Mauriac), is opened every Thursday until 11 pm. You’ll enjoy a huge swimming pool on the River Banks. Moreover, since the swimming pool is equipped with an opening roof, you will also be able to enjoy it during the colder days. There are also a sauna, a hammam, and a Jacuzzi! It’s a great place for sports and relaxation!

If you prefer a bike ramble, you can rent a Velib! It is a Paris renting bike service. You rent one in the numerous bike stations (the first 30 minutes are free of charges) and then you put it back in any bike station. You can do this as many time as you want during 24 hours for 1,70 euros, and for 7 days for the price of 8 euros. You will just be temporarily debited with a deposit amount of 150 euros, so you need to pay with a credit card. This is a cheap and great way to visit Paris while enjoying the views. It’s the best thing to do in Paris at Night if you want to discover the city differently!

Taste some French food specialties


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy French food specialties while in Paris, you have to read this article. After reading this article, you will know where to go to taste traditional French cuisine, such as Steak-Frites, mussels, Steak Tartare and onion soup. Just pick the one that looks the most mouth-watering to you!

Party with the locals


Every night, but especially on weekends, you can party on the River Banks! This is a typical Parisian thing to do in Paris at Night! People buy wine or beers and get together in the banks of the Seine river. Some of them bring their instruments. They play, sing and dance together. It’s a cheap and fun way to spend the night in Paris. It is definitely a good way to be immersed in a special Parisian atmosphere and to meet new people!

Have a night out

Have a night out

Our guide Victor wrote an article about the best bars in Paris according to him, you can read it here. Whether you want to enjoy a casual drink in a quiet atmosphere or if you want to dance the night away, there’s a bar for every taste in Paris. You just have to pick the one that best suits your interests!

Have a boat cruise at night

boat cruise at night

Having a boat cruise is an amazing way to look at Paris. To see Notre Dame, the Islands, the bridges and hundreds of other details that will make you love Paris even more is one of the best experiences you’ll enjoy while in Paris. Plus you get to be seated during the whole trip, enjoying the Seine River, the landmarks and taking the best photos of your stay in Paris!

You should also know that at the end of each of our Free Paris Walking Tours, you’ll be handed a Perks Package. Inside the package, you’ll find many discounts that will make your visit to Paris even more special and unique, including discounts for the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf boat cruises.

You now know some of the things to do in Paris at night! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful to you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. As you will be walking Paris, you will soon realize that there are plenty more things to do in the wonderful city of Paris. But I don’t want to spoil all the fun because the best way to discover a city is by getting lost and roaming its neighborhoods! See you soon in Paris!

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