10 Great Things to Do in Paris at Night


Updated by Farah in April 2022

There are so many things to do in Paris by night! Check out all the best things to do, such as visiting museums, Paris by night walking tours, bars and shows, among other things. Paris by night is sublime!

Paris is called the “City of Lights,” and it is because Paris is more beautiful at night. You feel like Paris is one of those cities in the world where you can do almost everything you want!

Read our new article and learn how to blend in with the Parisian crowd at night. Discover where the best night spots are in Paris, while avoiding tourists traps. Read on to find the 10 best things you can do!

1. The Romantic Route

romantic Paris

First of all, if you’re in Paris for a romantic trip, I truly recommend you to go to the Ile Saint-Louis. In Paris, the islands are the places where everything about Paris began. Nowadays, the islands are very quiet and peaceful places. On these islands, life seems very different and the restaurants are too.

The restaurants on Ile Saint Louis are very nice and traditional. You’ll find a very good one called Le Saint-Regis, at the corner of the street Jean du Bellay, in front of the bridge linking the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint Louis. There, you can eat typical French dishes with good service. From its pavement area, you can admire a beautiful view of the core of Paris. If you want to learn more about the heart of Paris, you can join our tip-only walking tour of Notre-Dame and the Heart of Paris.


Usually, when I leave a restaurant in Paris, I don’t want to go back home directly and take a stroll around the restaurant. Just behind Ile Saint Louis, you can stay in the same district and have a walk on the banks of the Seine. The banks are a romantic or friendly place. There, you can meet people and when it’s sunny, youngsters come with their guitars to play music and the atmosphere is really joyful.

2. Going to a Show

Paris at night: how to enjoy the city of lights

In winter, when it’s cold, you might prefer to enjoy entertainment indoors. Finding something that you would like in Paris is not complicated. If you want to go to a ballet, a classical concert or an opera, you will obviously find something that would satisfy you. The district around the Opera is very nice, there are a lot of typical French restaurants in which you could go after the shows!

But there’s more than just the Opera. If you want to listen to music in Paris, around the metro station Pigalle, there are a lot of concert halls. The most famous concert halls are: Le Divan du Monde and the Bus Palladium. They are dedicated to rock’n’roll and blues. Listen to good music live and enjoy it cheap, only around 10 euros for a ticket.

A comedy night in Paris

If you don’t like music nor Opera, you will probably like French humour. You know, they say that Parisians may behave strangely. If you want to learn how to behave like us, a French humorist called Olivier Giraud performs a show entirely in English. It’s called “How to become Parisian in one hour“. Learn more about us Parisians in this article!

During the show, he derides Parisians and their habits with a very caustic humor. If you want to learn how to make fun of the Parisians and enjoy some laughs in Paris, this is the place to go. The show happens at Le Théâtre des Nouveautés, at the metro station Grands Boulevards, every Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 6PM.

In the summer season, the show from Wednesday to Saturday at 8 pm. Find and buy tickets online for this excellent show. Our advice? Don’t miss it!

Discover Walks turns your vacation into a celebration

3. Art & Culture by Night


Paris has some world famous museums and we’re lucky to visit them at night. Some museums close their doors late once a week in order to let people visit during the evenings. For instance, the Louvre closes at 22pm every Wednesday and Friday and the Orsay museum closes at 9.45pm every Thursday. On the other hand, Centre Pompidou closes at 9pm everyday. You can find the best tips to visit Paris museums in our article here.


Nighttime is my favourite time to visit the museums because you can really experience something new. In the evening, museums are very quiet and the visit can be peaceful. Also, young local guides are running night tours starting from the Louvre almost every day and crossing the Seine river to the St Germain neighborhood. It’s a great way to enjoy the city when it’s more calm and beautiful.

Learn more about this 90-minute walking tour from the Louvre to Saint-Germain, the best experience to enjoy the city of light when tourists are gone.

4. A Night Cruise along the Seine River

Another great way to experience Paris at night is to take a river cruise. Have a great night on the river by booking an evening cruise along the Seine River, which is especially popular during the warmer months. You get to see the city’s tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame, which are beautifully illuminated. A beautiful experience you get to take home!

Seine river cruises can be with or without dinner depending on your preferences and budget. You can choose to have a bite or relax with a glass of champagne or just take in the sights. Check out our article on the Best River Cruises that offer a range for different budgets and routes.

5. Epic Views of the Eiffel

Terrass Hotel Rooftop at night- Terrass Hotel Website

The Terass bar is conveniently located on the 7th floor of the Terass hotel in the heart of the quaint Montmartre neighborhood. It’s a perfect spot for a night out where you can chill and relax in a great atmosphere. Most visitors here are fashionably dressed and are young professionals. Terrass offers the perfect escape from a stressful work week and you as a visitor can do some people watching as well as enjoy an unparalled view of the city of lights, love and the Eiffel tower. Go for dinner here and stay for drinks, it’s open until 12.30pm Tues-Saturday. You won’t regret it! Check out some more rooftop bars in the city here.

6. Paris for Youngsters: Bars

If you want something more dynamic, Paris is also a big university town. As students, we don’t especially like going to the Opera with friends. Having drinks in bars is maybe the most favourite activity of French youngsters. In Paris, students go only to few districts to have drinks in cheap bars. One of the friendliest districts to find good bars is located around rue Oberkampf in the eleventh district.

Paris at night bars

Just behind the metro station Parmentier, on the third metro line, you can find a lot of bars and cafés very trendy like Place Verte. This area is where most Parisians students go to have a drink during the weekend with their friends because the atmosphere is very friendly and the drinks are not so expensive. I utterly recommend it to you because I know that you can spend a very nice evening there. Find out where to find the best lounge bars in Paris here.

6. Paris for Youngsters: Night Clubs

Clubbing in Paris Place verte

If you want to party all night, you can go to one of the numerous nightclubs in Paris. All over Paris, there are nightclubs which are famous and well-known by the locals. The must-do nightclub in Paris is Le Showcase. This is the very place where all rich youngsters and Parisians love to go. This is the place to be if you want to experience what is being a Parisian ‘party animal.’

To get in, you have to be trendy and smart. The entrance costs between 15-25 euros. It’s worth the price because the nightclub is just under one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, Alexandre III. There are other nightclubs in Paris but the Showcase is the one you should go to if you have only one night to spend in a nightclub in Paris.

If you want to go back late in your hotel or apartment, don’t forget to check the time for the last metro or the buses because catching a taxi in Paris might resemble a nightmare.

So Much to See in Paris…

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-> You don’t want to miss Paris’ main attractions

-> Your time is limited

-> Start with a free (tip-only) walking tour of Montmartre – it’s the best way to explore “the old Paris”.

Book your spot now for free (no payment needed). We just want to know how many people will join us! We run Montmartre tours every day.

7. Feeling Hungry? Try Les Halles

All this dancing or cultural activities are great, but after all that, you might feel a little hungry, right? There’s nothing worst than walking in circle for hours and finally ending up with a doubtful kebab sandwich and sad french fries.

In those very moment, all the Parisian foodies know exactly where to go. One area that is very popular and that’s where Parisians have been going for years is the Les Halles district.

Food in Paris at night

Situated in the center of Paris, “Les Halles” area is called that in reference to the big central market that used to be there until the 1950’s. It’s always been where the food was the freshest and the most tasteful. Well, traditions are strong in Paris and that is still where you will find the best 24/7 and good late night restaurants of the city! There are about five restaurants opened all night long in this district. The most famous is the restaurant Au pied de Cochon!

My personal tip is to go there only very late. Because that’s when locals go and therefore that’s when the best atmosphere kick ins. At 6.30 pm or 7 pm, it is definitely not the same!

8. Feeling Hungry? Try late night Montmartre restaurants & bars

Montmartre streets

Montmartre streets by albany tim – WikiCommons

No doubt dining out is one of the best experiences for a night out in Paris. Another choice is the Montmartre district which attracts locals and visitors alike due to its picturesque squares, hidden spots and delicious Parisian food. Try local restaurants such as the small but cozy La Part des Anges which is open until 2 am Monday to Friday and usually filled with locals. Always a good sign in Paris! This place specializes in South-Western French cuisine or Basque cuisine, with some Spanish influence.

For drinks, head to Le Chinon and relax and forget about your day! Located in the middle of the Montmartre district, it has a great outdoor patio too. They also have happy hour that lasts until 2am! Add a cheese platter along with your drinks to finish off your night!

10. Discover the Catacombs of Paris


The Catacombs of Paris (Catacombes de Paris) by Jorge Láscar – Flickr

A trip to the Catacombs of Paris shows you an eerie look at the history of Paris. You can discover the tunnels of the catacombs along with crypts by trying to go here later than usual. Visitors will discover an ossuary containing the remains of several million Parisians. The last entrance is at 19.30pm which gives you plenty of time underground to explore this interesting and eerie Parisian sight. It sits 20 meters underground and you’ll have to use 131 steps and to come back up, you’ll have to climb 112 steps. Try this creepy site as an alternative to the night time activities in Paris, especially if you like mysteries! Maybe you can even avoid the usual crowds this way!

Now, you know how to fit in the Parisian crowd and how to enjoy Paris by night! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful to you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! Paris is pretty gorgeous at night, with all its enlightened landmarks. Paris is quite special during the night. You will love to experience it! 

See you soon in Paris!

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