The Best Cafes in Lisbon for Fruitarians


For a country so rooted in cured meats and seafood, Portugal has embraced the health and plant food movement with open arms. Lisbon has numerous vegan/vegetarian/gluten free based cafes aimed at travelers and locals alike.

Fruitarians, however, take dietary restrictions to the next level and find it increasingly difficult to eat out especially when in foreign countries.

Frutaria in Lisbon – by Frutaria – Sourced from their Facebook

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, a fruitarian is an individual who consumes only fruit. There are proven health benefits to this lifestyle and many are finding relief from chronic illness and other human conditions through the power of fruit plants.

While I wouldn’t say Lisbon is abundant in options for people with these dietary requirements, there are enough to sustain you during your time in the city. Here’s where to go for your fruit fix.

Bowl Lisboa in Lisbon

Travelers who make their way to Bowl Lisboa all express the same frustration: why is there not one closer to the city center?

Bowl it situated in the far west of the city, nowhere near the Alfama or neighborhoods in which one would expect to find such a cafe.

As the name says, Bowl is a restaurant that specializes in, well, bowls.

You’ll find options for both sweet or savory, breakfast or lunch. Early dinner here is also an option considering the cafe is open until 7:30pm.

Bowl Lisboa – by Bowl Lisboa – Uploaded by them

Fruitarians love Bowl because of their fruit based options available throughout the day. Substitute the granola toppings for extra fruit and you’ve got a health bowl worth the ride into the far west.

Bowl will also happily give you a side of sliced avocado as an add on; not the kind of fruit you top a smoothie bowl with, but good for you nonetheless.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 9am to 7:30pm
ADDRESS: R. Francisco Metrass 34B, 1350-162 Lisboa, Portugal

YAO Pressed Juicery in Lisbon

After a free guided walking tour through the Alfama, one usually finds themselves close to the southwestern edge of Lisbon, near the Tagus. Here there is the Miradouro de Santa Catarina, one of the most popular viewpoints in the city boasting incredible views over the water and rooftops.

YAO is just behind the viewpoint. It’s a professional cold pressed juicery that deals only in fresh fruits and a few select veggies.

YAO Pressed Juicery in Lisbon – by YAO Pressed Juicery – Uploaded by them

Drinking your fruits is as good as chewing them. Pressed juices actually tend to contain double to triple the amount of produce that one would typically consume when eating them off of a plate.

YAO also offers smoothie blends and milk alternatives for those looking for something heavier.

It’s not a dine in space so you’re better off taking your orders up to the view point to enjoy!

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm
ADDRESS: Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 4-B, 1200-153 Lisboa, Portugal

Bowls&Bar in Lisbon

Almost 30 seconds from YAO is Bowls&Bar, another bowl based cafe this side of the city.

What’s on offer? Breakfast, brunch, lunch and early-dinner bowls that are hearty enough as a full meal but light enough to enjoy even in the raging summer heat.

As a fruitarian you’ll come for the fruit based bowls, again substituting the granola and/or nuts for alternative fruit toppings. The cafe is only too happy to cater for your dietary requirements.

Bowls&Bar in Lisbon – by Bowls&Bar – Uploaded by them

Pari your bowl with one of their fresh juices.

The name “Bowls&Bar” also refers to the bar that the cafe offers throughout the day. They make specialty cocktails and mixed drinks, creating a festive afternoon atmosphere.

It’s not often that fruit eaters get to enjoy cocktails in the same vicinity.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 9am to 6pm
ADDRESS: R. de São Bento 51, 1200-815 Lisboa, Portugal

Nicolau Lisboa in Lisbon

On the western boundary of the Alfama is a Lisbon gem .

Nicolay Lisboa is the favorite health food cafe for locals and unsuspecting travelers to Lisbon who happen to book an Airbnb or hostel near this spot. No one eats at Nicolau Lisboa only once.

Another cafe serving up food between breakfast through to early dinner; their menu is extensive and caters to individuals of all dietary requirements.

Nicolau Lisboa in Lisbon – by Nicolau Lisboa – Uploaded by them

Fruitarians love Nicolau Lisboa as they have the choice of bowls, smoothies, fresh pressed juices and fruit plates all under one roof. Be sure to specify with your server what they can do to optimize your fruit meal — they are only too happy to.

Because of the popularity of this place you’ll need to ideally get there before 9am if you’d like to have breakfast or brunch without waiting in line.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 8:30am to 8pm
ADDRESS: R. São Nicolau 17, 1100-547 Lisboa, Portugal

Frutaria in Lisbon

The name of this cafe is like following the north star through Lisbon.

Frutaria doesn’t solely specialize in fruits, but they do have ample fruit based meal options for fruit eaters to enjoy. The rest of the menu are the health meals you’ll find in every other trendy Lisbon cafe: avocado toast, quinoa bowls, burgers, pancakes.

Frutaria in Lisbon – by Frutaria – Sourced from their Facebook

Frutaria are very accommodating to fruitarians; they are used to many of them walking though the doors having seen the name of the cafe online and assumed they’d be a fruit based establishment.

They do great açaí. Occasionally a bit too icy but the taste is always spot on.

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OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 9am to 8pm
ADDRESS: R. dos Fanqueiros 269, 1100-232 Lisboa, Portugal